Month: July 2010

Panarai Sponsors The First ‘art News Asian Art Contribution Award’

On the first anniversary of the launch of the Chinese version of ‘Art News / Chinese’, the world’s premier art publication The Art Newspaper, on May 13, 2014 (before the opening of Art Basel in Hong Kong) in Asia The Hong Kong Center of the Association held the first ‘THE ART NEWSPAPER ASIA PRIZE’. The awards dinner was sponsored by Officine Panerai, an internationally renowned watch brand.

The ‘Art News Asia Art Contribution Award’ is dedicated to promoting the spread and development of Asian culture and art on a global scale, and is established to promote the research and exchange of Asian art. The award is mainly given to those who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion and development of arts in the field of arts through the forms of funding, research, education, communication and exchanges, promoting the development of arts, and protecting and inheriting cultural heritage. . The awards recognize outstanding annual exhibitions, galleries, publications and restoration projects, as well as individuals who make special contributions.

‘Art News / Chinese Edition’ is based on annual surveys and reports, and draws up the areas that receive the most attention each year for selection. The 2013 ‘Art News Asia Art Contribution Award’ will focus on the selection of influential areas of contemporary art in Greater China.

In recent years, China has built many art galleries, both in the form of state and private funding. Contemporary art projects, exhibitions and activities have become more and more active, and private collections have gradually become popular. However, to date, no art museum in mainland China has been involved in Chinese contemporary art. There are more complete and systematic collections. How to construct a more benign art ecology? How to encourage the education and creation of contemporary art and create conditions for its display, dissemination and communication? The first ‘Art News Asia Art Contribution Award’ will focus on art funding agencies and individuals who have promoted the development of contemporary art in Greater China since 2013. The award is divided into three categories: (1) annual art plan; (2) annual art institution (3) Outstanding Person of the Year.

The academic committee of this year’s ‘Art News Asian Art Contribution Award’ is composed of museum directors, artists, art critics and collectors, including founder and president of The Art Newspaper International Edition Anna Somers Cocks, contemporary art critic Karen Smith, etc. , And is chaired by Mr. Shao Zhong, President of Modern Communication Group.

Shao Zhong, President of Modern Communication Group, said: ‘I hope that the’ Asian Art Contribution Award ‘issued by the professional art media’ Art News ∕ Chinese Edition ‘can set a real industry benchmark in Greater China and promote the construction of the art ecology And sustainable development, encouraging more non-governmental forces to participate in the research, education, exchange and inheritance of art, and at the same time, promote mutual understanding between China and other countries and regions, and promote the development of art in China and Asia. The ‘National Spirit Founder’s Honor’ awarded for six consecutive years is awarded to those outstanding people who have created the splendor of life with ‘will, strength, and dreams’ and used their creativity to create the spirit for contemporary China. Modern communication is based on the industry characteristics and influence of the media, and participates in all aspects of the process of promoting social development, especially in the arts and culture. ‘

The awards dinner was sponsored by Officine Panerai, a well-known Italian high-end watch brand. Since its inception in 1860, Panerai has been known for its fine brand tradition, superb Italian design, and outstanding Swiss watchmaking skills. Between 1930 and the 1940s, the first Panerai watch immediately became a brand classic. This time, Panerai presented the ‘Art News Asia Art Contribution Award’ in cooperation with ‘Art News ∕ Chinese Edition’, showing that the brand is committed to promoting art culture, and its cooperation with top international designers and artists is even more prestigious.

Officine Panerai CEO Angelo Bonati said, ‘I am very honored to work with Hyundai Communication Group to bring you the first ‘Art News Asian Art Contribution Award’. Panerai inherits Italy’s profound culture and design, and it is increasingly important for Asians Passionate and appreciative and very pleased. ‘