Month: February 2011

Patti Smith And John Kyle Reunited

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment, the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art specially invited Patti Smith and John Cale to gather in Paris. Both artists have had a profoundly transformative impact on rock and roll, and each has written a strong stroke in the history of the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art. In the name of ‘Reunion’, this wonderful concert presented the audience with an unforgettable night of poetry and rock.

  Patty Smith and John Kyle Reunited Concert

  On June 15, 1990, the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art celebrated the opening of an exhibition in honor of Andy Warhol with many artists, including four members of the original Velvet Underground. Lou Reed and John Kyle performed ‘SongsforDrella’, MaureenTucker and Sterling Morrison came to the stage on the spot Joined the show. This performance is the first reunion of the legendary band in the 20 years since its dissolution. It is also a turning point for the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art: Since then, the foundation has been committed to working with those creative contemporary musicians for a long time. Since then, music has also become an important part of the foundation’s projects, especially the innovative artistic expression ‘Nomadic Nights’ founded in 1994 and the 2007 exhibition ‘Rock 39-59’ Rock’n’Roll 39-59).

  Visitors to the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art in 2008 had the opportunity to see Patti Smith’s visual art practices, including photos and video footage taken with her old Polaroid Land250 camera, as well as her and French literary masters Record of close friendship. Since then, Patti Smith has hosted a series of unforgettable concerts at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, and regularly returns to this Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, designed by Jean Nouvel. In the building, share her exploration of music and poetry with everyone.

  To celebrate the 30th anniversary, the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art reviewed these two important moments in history, inviting Patty Smith and John Kyle to perform on the same stage, and presented an unprecedented feast of music. Smith’s debut album, Horses, was co-recorded by both and produced by Kyle. The album made a splash in New York’s punk music scene in the late 1970s. At the ‘Reunion’ concert, American rock poet Smith and Welsh music explorer Kyle will join their music companions to bring an unprecedented musical experience and passionate night.

Patty Smith

Patti Smith was born in Chicago and grew up in New Jersey. In 1967, a rebellious girl, she moved to New York with her passion for Rimbaud, where she met Robert Mapplethorpe. In 1969, Patty and Robert moved to the Chelsea Hotel for a short stay and met Sam Shepard, Brice Marden, Allen Ginsberg, and William Bar Artists and poets such as William Burroughs. She is immersed in performance and poetry, and is inspired by it, combining improvisation, politics and rock music. In 1974, she released her first solo single, ‘HeyJoe / PissFactory’, and with the help of ‘Television’, she launched a massive Protopunk movement in the legendary rock club CBGB. She released her first album, Horses, in 1975, with her iconic portrait on the cover by Robert Maplesamp. The album has received worldwide recognition and received many awards, including the 1975 Grand PrixdudisqueCharlesCros Award.

In 1977, Patti had to start long-term healing due to a serious accident, during which she concentrated on poetry, and published a collection of poems ‘Babel’. In 1978, her paintings debuted in New York and were exhibited in the Robert Miller Gallery. Later, Patty also released the album ‘Easter’, and the single ‘BecausetheNight’, which was co-authored with Bruce Springsteen, is also included in this album.

In 1979, Patty left New York and temporarily suspended her career, moved to Detroit, Michigan, and married the rock band MC5 member Fred SonicSmith. The two had two children and co-recorded the album ‘Dream of Life’, which included the hymn ‘People Have the Power’. After her husband died prematurely in 1995, Patty and her children moved back to New York and reappeared in public.

In 2005, Patty Smith was awarded the French Knight of the High Order in Literature and Art by France. In 2007, she won the highest honor for contemporary musicians and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Patti Smith and Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art

In 2008, Patty Smith held the ‘Land250’ exhibition at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art: an important solo exhibition of Polaroid photos, paintings and films, showing Patty’s rich spiritual world and outstanding poetry Artistic talent. In 2011, she participated in the exhibition ‘Mathematics, ABeautifulElsewhere’ and recited a poem with David Lynch’s accompaniment. The recording of this recitation was played from October 25, 2014 to February 22, 2015 in the ‘The Inhabitants’ installation of the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art.

Patti Smith has performed many times in the VividMemories exhibition to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, including celebrating garden bats with Cedric Villani Night, and performances in honor of three successful filmmakers, ArtavazdPelechian, artists Joan Mitchell, and James Lee Byars.
John Kyle

JohnCale, like the late LouReed, was a founding member of the VelvetUnderground, which is his best known identity. He is one of the most influential artists in the history of rock music. He is also the most versatile solo artist, producer and band leader who has published a large number of works. Cooperation with many artists has also made Kyle’s identity more diverse.

Kyle was born in Wales in 1942 and has been a music wizard since he was a child. He received scholarships to study music in New York with the help of Aaron Copland and Leonard Bernstein, and in 1963 Moved to New York. Kyle was fascinated by avant-garde art, and participated in the early minimalist abstract art creations surrounding the dream of LaMonteYoung’s DreamSyndicate. Other members of the band include Tony Conrad and Terry Riley and others. Later, he quickly incorporated these repetitive monotonous humming into his new rock band, VelvetUnderground. Kyle incorporates the most experimental musical elements into the band’s first two albums, TheVelvetUnderground & Nico and WhiteLight / WhiteHeat: The monotonous, low-pitched viola was added to VenusinFurs and Heroin, and white noise was added to SisterRay. In 1968, shortly after the release of the ‘White Light / White Fever’ album, Kyle left the band.

In 1969, two very different John Kyle albums had a huge impact: the icy Nordic dark style of Nico’s ‘The Marble Index’ and the junk punk-style harlequin choir ( TheStooges). Over the years, Kyle has become a number of artists and producers of albums, including classics such as Patty Smith’s Horses and Modern Lovers’ debut albums.

In 1970, Kyle released his first solo album, ‘Vintage Violence,’ but his elegance and graceful genres were amazed by many of his fans. Kyle’s orchestra ‘Paris 1919’ (Paris 1919), released in 1973, is also very amazing. This set of orchestral music and his trilogy of Fear, SlowDazzle and HelenofTroy in the mid-1970s are perhaps the most prestigious of his personal musical career. s work. During this time, he also collaborated with Terry Riley, BrianEno, Nick Drake, Kevin Ayers, and many other artists .

Kyle entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Underground Velvet Band in 1996 and was awarded the British Empire Officer’s Medal in 2010. Kyle co-authored on behalf of Wales with artists, filmmakers and poets at the 2009 Venice Biennale, and his work focuses on his relationship with Welsh traditions.

John Kyle’s never-satisfied and exploratory vision of music is still a shining pearl in the music world. His latest album, AdventuresinNookieWood, released in 2012, is regarded as one of the best albums in an extraordinary musical journey. Kyle has just completed an unprecedented creation that uses a mechanical monotonous repeating bass to bring a refreshing experience to the listener. And now he is preparing for the upcoming new album to make it perfect.