Month: July 2011

Nomos Launches Tangente Taiwan Ocean And Sky

There is always a group of German fans in the world of boutiques. The German design symbolizes meticulousness, quality assurance, and unwavering taste. Because of this, a watch made entirely in Germany has recently brewed a new force in Taiwan, and a limited edition of ‘Ocean and Sky’ Haitian series launched by NOMOS has set off a new wave of fashion for players.
Super Perfect Timeless Classic
Known as the ‘German National Treasure’, NOMOS comes from Glashuette, a city of German watchmaking. This small town surrounded by mountains is famous for producing high-quality watches in the 19th century. The NOMOS brand is derived from Greek and has the style of simple chain washing in the German Bauhaus era. The movement is designed with a three-quarter clip, Triovis precise fine-tuning, stop-second performance, and easily recognizable Glashuette on the ratchet and the wheel Ribbed ripples, exquisite ring-shaped texture on the plate, 300-degree baked blue steel screws and a crown that adorn the sun’s rays, and 100% Glashütte’s ultra-high standard technology also enables NOMOS to compete with high-priced watches. Paragraphs go hand in hand.

In the early days, the NOMOS movement mainly consisted of self-made hand-wound movements, which continued to evolve into self-made automatic movements and tourbillons, and was branded with ‘NOMOS GLASHǕTTE’ to show that it was produced in Germany. ‘Ocean and Sky’ Haitian series limited edition movement also has a pink plum blossom that represents the spirit of the Chinese nation, which can make people feel its pure and proud and persevering elegance.

The most famous NOMOS model is the Tangente series. A thin case, a dial with a round and three-pin harmonious design, and a breathable Canadian high-quality original horse belt. It combines classic and modern design aesthetics, simplicity. The timeless and persevering German style, coupled with unparalleled accuracy, swept the fans of mechanical watches in Europe. This model in Taiwan has already received “yes” support from savvy players, so NOMOS has specially launched a limited edition of “Ocean and Sky” Haitian series tailored for Taiwan.
Blue and white sea sky mood

NOMOS Tangente Taiwan Ocean and Sky series limited edition / one set of two (blue and white dial) / mechanical mechanical movement Alpha (? / Three hands, small seconds / stainless steel case, diameter 35mm / sapphire crystal glass, Transparent back sole / Waterproof 30m / Horse leather strap / Limited edition of 100 sets worldwide, priced NTD128,000

This limited-edition design is inspired by the ancient legend of Formosa (that is, Taiwan), a beautiful island surrounded by the sea. According to legend, only in the horizon connected to the vast ocean and the vast sky, human life can be eternal. The German craftsman uses the concept of sea and sky to add the NOMOS flagship series Tangente to the background elements of the ocean and the sky. The blue dial model represents the sea and the white dial model represents the sky. The hands are prominent red, as if time passes. Set off a timeless mood, it seems that in addition to the fast-changing life disturbances, still maintain a free sea and space time and space. Two sets of blue and white faceplates, with two special sundial-using the concept of light projection time in ancient times to design a timepiece rich in modern fashion, a fashion boutique that combines tradition and modernity. Collection value.

Each marine limited edition paired with two exquisite sundial is of great value.

Due to the small global production of NOMOS, the collection market in various countries is almost in short supply. Therefore, the limited edition of ‘Ocean and Sky’ Haitian series has not been listed. Players frequently ask, which will set off a wave of hard to find!