Month: January 2012

Iwc Launches Iwc Aquatimer Rose Gold Chronograph

The new Aquatimer series launched by IWC in 2009 has a new evolution. In addition to the case slightly enlarged to 44mm, the chronograph inner ring that was originally on the outermost periphery of the dial has also been replaced by a striking rotatable bezel. There is also a more advanced super-luminova coating and a convenient quick-change system for the strap. The wearer does not need tools and can easily replace the chain or rubber strap by simply pressing the buckle inside the strap. Both have deepened the practicality of the aquatimer series. The aquatimer rose gold chronograph is the most luxurious new one this time. It breaks the established impression of the sports watch and uses 5n rose gold material. The texture of the precious metal is self-evident. On the bezel, the chronograph scale of the first 15 minutes is also highlighted with a strong contrasting red text on a white background, which is clear at a glance. There are also a large number of luminous coated indexes and hands, plus a waterproof depth of 120 meters, which are in line with the requirements of sports watches. . IWC Aquatimer rose gold chronograph
IWC Aquatimer Chronograph Rose Gold
Model: IW3769
Case: 18K rose gold
Dimensions: 44mm x 15.5mm
Mirror: Sapphire glass
Table bottom: sapphire glass bottom
Water resistance: 120 meters
Movement: IWC caliber 89360 self-winding movement
Vibration frequency: 28,800 bph
Kinetic energy: 68-hour power reserve
    Sports models are made of precious metals such as rose gold to quickly enhance the texture of the watch, and the redesigned rotating bezel is also eye-catching due to the color contrast.
    Of course, the movement is also a major focus. This model is equipped with the cal. 89360 automatic timing movement launched by iwc in 2007, which is a breakthrough for the brand in the past century. It not only improves the original woodpecker winding system, so that the winding chain has no dead ends. In order to improve the winding efficiency by 30%, the coaxial 12-hour and 60-minute counters are designed at the 12 o’clock position of the dial, which is a visual feature, especially the movement also has a high six sigma with a very low defect rate. Industrial specifications, which is even more valuable in sports watches.

He Created A World-renowned Watch Virtual Country With A #

A feature that social networking is hard to replace is that everyone has the opportunity to be heard at the same time and even create their own influence—if you persist and can resonate with others. Friend Andy is a person who loves watches. He not only loves, but also collects. In addition to collecting, he will bet on sharing his love for watches. He created #LANGENATION (lange country) on Instagram. He started out of his love of Lange and has become the most popular tag on Langstar on Instaram. Private collectors organization. This time, the uncle asked him to talk about how this magical journey started. Written by: Andy Z. In fact, Instagram has invisibly controlled the information and taste of most watch enthusiasts around the world. This is an undisputed fact in the industry. An interesting feature in this platform is the ‘#’ tag, commonly known as hashtag. As long as you use this hash sign plus the word after it is posted, various updates related to this word will automatically be aggregated into a group by calculation. , And then every day you will see updates from around the world related to this tag. (End of popular science) At the beginning, Lange did not have an official social platform account, nor did it have an official club or the like. This brand was originally extremely low-key and high-cold. At that time, the three Australian heavy collectors and I often posted photos of each other on Instagram and talked about Lange. In the end, I could n’t help it. The heroes cherished each other. They had to meet the netizens. So they flew from Melbourne to Sydney. Said at the beginning, I talked about how Lange’s famous work, DATOGRAPH, is classic, but everyone is very distressed and overly low-key is also uncomfortable. Who does n’t want their Lange to share with the world and tell everyone how good this watch is (laughs ). My wife has always been a famous genius. Before the party, she said casually: ‘You love Lange so much. It’s better to build an organization. What kind of club is too vulgar. Since it is a global organization, what is it called LANGENATION? I mean, global. ‘I immediately told him to kneel and lead wisely. So on my proposal, the four of us started to formally form #LANGENATION, and customized the pure gold tail ring with Lange font, and started to take photos of wearing Lange watches on Instagram every day without eating. At the same time, with the Lange label we created, I smirked at the fans’ praise every day for four years. Because the four of us also have more than 100,000 fans, many friends learned of the #LANGENATION news (of course, I also privately told collectors in the US, Japan, Italy, Germany, Singapore and other collectors) and started to get all Unlimited support from friends of world collectors. #LANGENATION has only 35 photos updated from the beginning, but soon this exclusive label began to get the recognition of Lange cousins. Later, as long as they like it, or have friends of Lange When publishing photos of their watches, they began to add this exclusive hashtag habitually. Everyone also found like-minded friends and a sense of belonging to Lange in this virtual country. I am also very pleased to see that everyone has so many resonances and ideas for the watches and brands they love. Finally, we have successfully created a country of our own, a free and passionate country. After 4 years of accumulation, the current #LANGENATION has more than 6,000 daily updates and posts, which is currently one of the most well-known watch brand labels on Instagram. (OS: Yes, we succeeded, and mothers no longer have to worry about nobody seeing my Lange.) In April 2018, the country on this social networking site once again completed its transformation, from the virtual world to the real world. . Lange headquarters (It is said that Mr. Wilhelm Schmid, the CEO of Lange, also frequently checks the related updates of #LANGENATION himself) sent an email, hoping that we will go to Melbourne together and hold the first official event with the industry’s famous media person SJX! Then the key point comes, we do n’t need to wear our own watch, Lange will send their top products from the headquarters in unprecedented history (note that it is not an entry for cabbage), let us try it on for two weeks, and then invite us to fly to Melbourne to participate in this event To show importance to #LANGENATION. This plan has created the history of the Australian watch industry, Lange has never tried to put the flagship product on collectors for so long before. So, I received two Lange’s complex styles from the headquarters, which were not expensive and added up to more than 2 million yuan (dull). . . The moment I got the 1815 platinum perpetual calendar chronograph chronograph and the honey gold Zeitwerk owl self-sounding watch, I realized that our #LANGENATION is no longer just an interest group of international collectors, Lange officially officially recognized the world we. On that day, the event in Melbourne was extremely successful. Both promotion and sales of Lange products far exceeded expectations. The happiest thing was that they were supported by many young collectors (because half of our event interviews didn’t hold my heart) Hot, asked the brand a lot of sharp questions, and answered the doubts of many cousins). Afterwards, I heard that a conference was held in Berlin, which required all regions in the world to study #LANGENATION. . . (OS: There should be applause here!) As our friend and well-known media person SJX said, LANGENATION actually interprets two emerging forces that affect the importance of today’s watch industry. One is the rising young generation (not only It’s Asia), they dress smartly, forge ahead, pay close attention to online information, and have the ability to pull the trigger to take prey at any time; another force is that social media now has a strong influence on people’s watch tastes and choices. Inject new style into your lifestyle. I’m very fortunate and honoured. With a lot of blood and countless watch photos, an interest group has transformed into an organization that can hold events with the brand and is officially recognized by the brand. I recently returned to Shanghai for business reasons. I believe this ## The legend will continue to expand, and you are welcome to join, join this extremely vibrant, enthusiastic and free country together! LONG LIVE LANGENATION!