Month: February 2012

2015 Basel: Arnold & Son Tbte Elegant Tourbillon

Reflecting the British watchmaking tradition, Arnold & Son launched the TBTE tourbillon watch, which is equipped with the hand-finished A & S8503 movement and the skip seconds complex function. This classic Royal watch combines classic styling and leading technology. The tourbillon movement is one of the most elegant and sophisticated watchmaking techniques in the world, and has played an important role in the history of Arnold & Son. John. Jarno is an outstanding watchmaker and he is actively involved in the most extraordinary cooperation in the field of innovative watchmaking. Indeed he and Mr. Baodi worked closely together, and they shared their knowledge and passion for watches. The proof of their partnership is that Breguet’s first tourbillon ever was installed in John. Arno’s Caliber 11, this watch can be seen at the British Museum in London today.

 Arnold & Son’s new TBTE tourbillon watch is equipped with Arnold & Son’s exclusive tourbillon movement A & S8503, limited production of 28 pieces

TBTE is not only equipped with a tourbillon function, it also has a seconds jumping mechanism. Jumping seconds is a traditional complication of the Arnold & Son watch and is regarded as the precise timekeeping required for navigation. Unlike traditional mechanical watches, the seconds-jumping movement needs to measure the time of the whole second, instead of relying on the fraction of the balanced frequency. This watch is intended for John. A watch produced by Arno and his son pays tribute to the first marine timepiece they developed that could be mass produced at a reasonable price. These technical advantages and the widely used timers reflect the commitment of Arnold & Son to the pursuit of superior accuracy, and also solve the problem of determining longitude at sea.
In keeping with this tradition, Arnold & Son’s watchmakers are passionate about creating sophisticated watches with complex movements. The TBTE watch is an example of this, a truly innovative, technical and constructive achievement. The center hand on the dial fully displays the seconds jumping mechanism, while the mechanism itself is located on the back of the movement to show its beauty. Therefore, the tourbillon is placed on the dial surface, so that the movement has admirable complications on each side. Making the jumping seconds complication more pleasing is like a Celtic Tomahawk jumping seconds bridge and an anchor-like lever, designed to pay tribute to the maritime achievements of Arnold & Son.
From an aesthetic perspective, the distinctive feature of the new TBTE tourbillon of Arnold & Son is its extraordinary British design; the main pivot element of the movement is mounted on its bridge, the classic hollow triangular tourbillon, Power bridge. Multi-layered bridges and open motherboards create incredible depth and three-dimensional effects, giving it a modern look today. Unique Arnold & Son design elements and three designed gears can be seen in the tourbillon cage and the open motherboard. The decoration of the main board is the same as the case of an Arnold antique pocket watch. The main board in the barrel and tourbillon cage is hollow, so you can see the watch through the movement.
Compared with the more traditional tourbillons today, the TBTE model can be said to be ‘subversive’, meaning that most of the visually interesting technical elements and functions can be seen on the dial side; other tourbillon watches will only be hidden in the The back of the movement. Other classic British technical specialties can even win the most demanding watch connoisseurs, such as the symmetrical movement layout that needs to overcome multiple technical challenges, so the spring locking device and the cage of the tourbillon also follow the watch. The vertical axis is placed; if you look closely at the gear train, you can find a traditional structure, which uses a bevel gear to improve power transmission efficiency and make the watch more elegant. Each carefully decorated watch includes hand-carved craftsmanship. The movement is manually polished by the watchmakers of Arnold & Sons. The edges and chamfered bridges are added to add a more glorious and temperamental decorative element to the tourbillon movement.

Introduction To Jaeger-lecoultre Watches With Astral Display Focus

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication watch is focused on astrological display. It uses the most advanced technology to display traditional and complex watchmaking techniques (three questions, relative tourbillon and perpetual calendar-based astrological display). ) Integrated into one. Although the relative tourbillon is not a new game, but Jaeger-LeCoultre uses the stellar map substrate to create a peculiar ‘flight’ effect. Makes the entire watch extraordinary. The tourbillon rotates around the dial that displays the northern hemisphere astrological chart, but it is not the official timepiece displayed on other watches, but the stellar time. The former is based on the sun, while the latter is based on more distant stars.