Month: March 2012

Model Of Fine Watchmaking Technology 2017 Girard-perregaux New Products Summary

At this year’s Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show (SIHH), as one of the founders of SIHH, Girard Perregaux returned with a new masterpiece of timepieces. The planetarium three-axis tourbillon watch combines complication and precision parts, the Neo-Bridges watch connects the past and the future, the WW.TC world time watch with the crown on both sides becomes an iconic timepiece, the complete Laureato series is born … … Girard Perregaux’s actions this year cannot be underestimated.
Girard Perregaux planetarium three-axis tourbillon watch

   The prestigious Girard-Perregaux high-speed three-axis tourbillon has ushered in two attractive and sophisticated parts, which are carefully sketched with miniature painting technology: a rotating globe that displays day / night and an accurate moon phase display device. This watch inherits the representative technology and aesthetics of GP Girard-Perregaux watches, presenting its complex structure in the iconic classic design.
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  GP Girard Perregaux’s Neo-Bridges titanium automatic watch adhering to the forward-looking movement design of the 19th century, with new and unique structural aesthetics, has brought unprecedented innovations to future mechanical watch technology. The Neo-Bridges titanium automatic watch combines vintage and futurism, practises a forward-looking vision of watch technology, and implements the traditional aesthetics of the brand since 1791.
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  The ‘1966 WW.TC’ watch has a movement independently developed by the brand, plus additional components developed independently, with a 46-hour power reserve. In addition to fine polishing, the time and reference city can be set in both directions. This watch has a slim case with a polished bezel and a creamy dial, as well as the iconic leaf-shaped hands. See through the see-through case back for sophisticated watch components. Girard Perregaux ‘1966 WW.TC’ watches are available in two models: one with rose gold and a black alligator strap, and the other with stainless steel.
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Girard Perregaux Laureato Tourbillon

Girard Perregaux Laureato 42 mm

Girard Perregaux Laureato 38 mm

Girard Perregaux Laureato 34 mm
   The Laureato Tourbillon, Laureato 42mm, Laureato 38mm and Laureato 34mm follow the legendary watchmaking skills of GP Girard-Perregaux and write a new chapter in the design of GP Girard-Perregaux watches . Made of stainless steel and gold, this model is precious, simple and elegant, and never out of date, perfectly highlighting the unique value of all Girard-Perregaux watches.
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SIHH presents us with a beautiful and unique visual feast. The above is the latest SIHH 2017 information brought by the staff of the Watch House. Next, the Watch House will offer more for everyone. Wonderful content report, please stay tuned.

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Winter Is The Season Of Tough Guys Men’s Watches Need To Be Rhythmic And Deep

The summer of beautiful men has passed, and winter is the season of tough guys. At this time, changing to a ‘tough guy’ watch, it not only looks deep, but also shows the rhythmic quality of life. Detonate the charm of men.

 The watch you choose can inadvertently reveal your personality, and you want to give it a more man and tougher impression. Perhaps you should change to a watch. Speed ​​or passion, camouflage soldier or great detective personality, all depends on your choice.

 Fiyta: The depth of the photographer

 In shape, the designer cleverly used some inspiration elements of the retro camera. For example, the bottom cover of a watch comes from a camera lens. In the design of the bezel and the hollow, you can also find the same effect as the camera: the gear-shaped watch bezel is matched with the threaded crown. The two phases complement each other and complement each other. The heavy mechanical sense is interwoven with the designer’s originality. exquisite.

 Hermès: Men’s Rhythm with Variable Speed

 Hermès Cape Cod variable-speed chronograph watch, elegant dial design, sophisticated mechanical structure creates a unique rhythm of this watch. The oval gear structure directs the operation of the hour hand. The gear drive system allows the hour hand to accelerate or slow down, while the minute and second hands move at a constant speed. On the dial, the digital hour markers cooperate with the score of the variable-speed timepiece to increase or decrease the space between the positions of the hour markers.

 Grand Mercure: Speed ​​and Passion

 The famous racing handsome male movie ‘Speed ​​and Passion’ gave French luxury brand Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS a unique design inspiration, using an original advanced racing dial design, equipped with a golden starry sky window, a precise chronograph ‘CHRONOGRAPH’ function and extended chronograph hands And the accurate speed measurement ‘TACHYMETRE’ function, with a new racing concept to create a men’s exclusive speed and passion watch.

 Movado: A Different Life Taste for Men

 Movado CONCERTO Concerto Automatic Watch, this watch made of pure stainless steel, modern elegance without losing the determination of men, will undoubtedly become an indispensable accessory for men in modern life, showing a different Life taste. The 40 mm polished round case is equipped with a built-in crown, a date display window at 6 o’clock, and the classic ‘sun’ recess design at 12 o’clock.

 Earl: The Fortitude of Polo FortyFive

 The dial is equipped with a fluorescent hour marker, 45 mm in diameter. Sapphire crystal transparent caseback, equipped with Piaget 880P ultra-thin self-winding mechanical chronograph movement, and equipped with a second hand, date display and second time zone display. Not only is the atmosphere resolute, but also unique taste.

 Hamilton: Adventure Hollywood

 When it comes to Hamilton, he has to talk about his style in many Hollywood blockbusters. Of course, we all know that Americans pay attention to their own brands, and Hamilton’s cooperation with many Hollywood movies is not unrelated to this. The adventure Ventura series is Hamilton’s iconic style. The first adventure was born in 1954. It is the world’s first battery-powered watch. Electric drive coupled with a unique triangle shape allows the adventure to win the Hamilton brand. A lot of good reputation.

 Hublot: Battlefield Camo

 The watch case and strap are made of Nomex’s professional man-made fiber and ceramic materials. They are fire and temperature resistant. Huber President Biver boldly accepted the design inspiration of netizens and developed and designed battlefield series watches. The white camouflage strap, white, green, and black camouflage dial and the same tone adjustable strap fully demonstrate its wild temperament. Most people can’t hold it.

Audemars Piguet Rides The Wind And Waves To Success

Audemars Piguet rides the wind and waves to success. Recently, Audemars Piguet invited some of their friends to join the famous Grand Hotel Park in Gstaad. The Le Brassus manufacturer has two happy things to celebrate: the launch of the Royal Oak Offshore Ladycat chronograph and the opening of a new specialty store in this hotel.

   The connection between the launch of a new product and the opening of a new store is less clear. However, there is something in common, and that is the best female sailor, Dona Bertarelli Späth, who leads a team of female crew Ladycat to participate in the Challenge Julius Baer sailing competition. Since 2002, the name Audemars Piguet has been associated with the Alinghi sailing team. The company was then attracted by the project of Ms. Bertarelli Späth and soon decided to support their team.
   Audemars Piguet not only hopes to provide technical support, but also desires to convey the message that Bertarelli Späth has always wanted to convey: Sailing is a sport that combines perseverance, agility, precision and coordination. All these qualities are expressed in women. It was very full. Continuing this belief, Ms. Bertarelli Späth is pursuing two goals: to fully demonstrate the incomparable skills of female crew members in the race, on the one hand, and to awaken the public’s awareness of women’s cardiovascular disease. The famous Grand Hotel Park in Gstaad also joined the Audemars Piguet, sponsoring the gorgeous Décision 35 Ladycat (SUI10) catamaran, and with the opening of a new specialty store, the two partners have further strengthened Synergy between the two parties. The exquisite eight-square-meter window of this new store is the brand’s smallest display case, but the architect successfully integrated the unique features of Audemars Piguet, through logs, Jurassic rocks, glass and wengé planks, etc. The use of materials creates an elegant and subtle overall atmosphere.

   Audemars Piguet created a chronograph specifically for the women’s sailing team, using the fuchsia and black representing their catamarans. Royal Oak Offshore Ladycat is a limited edition series with a total of 150 pieces. It has a true athletic descent and is designed for fearless women. It is a combination of diamond and rubber, but also a combination of elegance and sport.

Royal Oak Offshore Ladycat chronograph

Reference: 26266SK.ZZ.D069CA.01

Stainless steel case: 37 mm diameter

Limited production of 150

   The producer’s full funding was motivated by Dona Bertarelli Späth, who used these athletic competitions to support the ‘Go Red for Women’ campaign, which was designed to draw public attention to women’s cardiovascular disease. Georges-Henri Meylan, CEO of Audemars Piguet, is closely involved in the project: ‘We are very excited to work for the Ladycat team, which has been working hard to remind people of the number one killer of women: cardiovascular disease. Women in today’s society are facing increasing demands. Their lifestyle has changed and they must now often switch between multiple roles such as mother and professional. This makes them more vulnerable to cardiovascular disease. We will be like this It is very necessary to convey the information to the whole society. ‘