Month: April 2012

Who Is The Most Valuable Watchmaking Brand In 2017?

Recently, Kantar Millward Brown released a report on the ranking of world-renowned brands based on valuation. Kantar Millward Brown, as the industry’s leading international market research institution, has published a full report.

 Among KMB’s most valuable luxury brands in the world in 2017, Rolex won the fifth place and is the only pure watchmaking brand on the list.

This report shows that Rolex is the fifth most valuable luxury product in the world and the only brand in the top ten that only sells watches. From the first to the tenth, LV, HERMÈS, GUCCI, CHANEL, ROLEX, CARTIER, BURBERRY, PRADA, DIOR, and TIFFANY & Co. In this list, Rolex is the only brand that only sells watches, and PRADA is the only brand that does not produce watches. Of course, the representative products of other brands are not exclusive to watches, so it can be seen that Rolex’s watchmaking strength has been greatly affirmed. It is worth mentioning that although the key products of other brands except Rolex are not necessarily watches, they are still standing on the list, which shows that watches have been highly popular as fashion accessories in recent years.

Cartier’s performance is not inferior, and Cartier, who started from jewelry, is equally brilliant in watchmaking results.

Looking back at the brands on the list, we can also find that in addition to Rolex, Cartier’s good performance has also attracted much attention. Although Cartier is famous for jewellery, its watch business is also very strong. Cartier is the third-best-selling watch brand in Switzerland after Rolex and Omega.