Month: May 2012

Baoji And Christie’s Auction House Held A Grand Exhibition

According to the watch house, on October 1, 2013, the famous high-end watch brand Breguet and Christie’s auction house held a grand exhibition. This exhibition is based on the theme of dialogue with art. The vast exhibition also attracted the warm welcome of countless guests.

 Many people may be familiar with the auction houses mentioned above. Christie’s (S. Christie’s) is one of the world’s leading art auction houses. The collection features rare artworks, watches, jewellery, cars and fine wines from around the world.

 Currently, Christie’s has offices in 90 major cities around the world, and regularly holds auctions in 16 locations around the world. It also provides auction-related services, including art storage and security, education, art picture libraries and Property, etc. In 2005, Christie’s global auction turnover totaled 1.8 billion pounds (3.2 billion US dollars), which is Christie’s highest record in history, further confirming its leadership in the industry.

 This exhibition has achieved unprecedented results in both scale and influence. The entire venue not only exhibited a lot of time-honored jewellery and watches, but also more excitingly exhibited famous art dealers. Collection of Jan Krugier’s collection.

 For decades, anyone who frequents auctions will be familiar with such a figure. He often appeared at Sotheby’s or Christie’s, always wearing a fedora with a carefully tilted side, and a cigar in his hand. In the auction hall, he usually sat in the front row and often bid to attract him Gaze works.

 They are either paintings by Picasso, sculptures by Giacometti, or sketches by Victor Hugo. At the Art Fair, these works will surely be presented in his booth gorgeously, and they will usually be set at a dizzying price, so that collectors know that he does not really want to be separated from these masterpieces.