Month: August 2012

Lv Women’s Tambour Glamour Series Women’s Diamond Inlaid Steel Watch

LV women’s watch is loved by consumers for its excellent quality and appearance. Here we introduce the Tambor Glamour series LV women’s watch, diamond-inlaid dial, stainless steel case decoration, so that whenever you look, it is uniquely attractive. Although men’s requirements for watches are higher, for women, a suitable high-quality watch is also essential. LV Women’s Watch: Tambour Disc Amarant Large Watch
  This LV ladies Tambour Disc Amarant large watch, Louis Vuitton’s iconic Tambour watch series has added a new member, the charming Tambour Disc watch. The unique dark fuchsia lacquered Monogram dial, set with 2 white diamonds in a disc shape, creates a dramatic contrast effect.
  LV Women’s Watch: Tambor Spin Time Large Automatic Watch
  This LV Ladies Tambour Spin Time jewellery time rotating large automatic watch, 39.5 mm, created a new time display method, highlighting the outstanding watchmaking technology of Louis Vuitton. This precious and poetic watch is set with black and white diamonds and is equipped with a self-developed time-lapse spinning movement. The rotating cylinder on the dial can display the hours and minutes can be read by the hands. The product is gold and white in color.