Month: December 2012

Oriental Double Lion Sapphire Automatic Mechanical Female Watch Introduction

[Product Specifications]
100 meters waterproof
Sapphire crystal
See-through bottom cover
Automatic mechanical watch
All-steel case
Tyre material strap
Lock bottom cover
Movement: Japanese mechanical movement
Manufacturer’s Table Repair: One Year
Packing list: one original watch, original manual, original watch box, warranty card.
【brand introduction】
 ORIENT was founded in 1950. After more than half a century, ORIENT has been committed to developing craftsmanship and creating different styles of watches to meet customers’ pursuit of perfect quality in life. Because its LOGO is two lions, it was commonly known in China as the ‘Double Lion’ brand, which is known as the ‘Wear-resistant King’ and ‘The King of Sexual Price’! Even the washing of the vicissitudes of the years can not erase its luster.
 Japan’s Oriental Double Lion brand watch is a world-renowned watch brand with Seiko and Citizen, with advanced design and quality assurance! As one of the earliest Japanese brand watches entering the Chinese market, the Oriental set off a snap sale Upsurge. Entering the new millennium is the launch of fashionable new watches! Genuine oriental watches are native to Japan and have a good reputation among consumers. Oriental watches are Japanese ‘Western-style’ watches, which pay more attention to the international line in style design, emphasizing the traditional European style. From the perspective of different brands, you can feel the difference between Oriental Watch and other manufacturers. ORIENT believes that what customers want is “high-quality” watch products, and they must be “out of date” and have valuable value in different times. For many years, ORIENT has been adhering to the above items as its leading principle of watchmaking.