Month: May 2013

Recommendation For Couple Watches Under 3000 Yuan # What Are The Less Expensive Couple Watches

Some netizens who want to buy a couple’s watch are more concerned about the price, hoping to buy a couple watch which is economical and beautiful. Next, the editor recommends two couples’ couple watches with prices below 3,000 yuan, which are stylish and generous, and cost-effective.
Pink Love Perfect Couple
Seiko-SPIRIT SMART SNE183J1 / SUP141J1 couple quartz watch
 Solar power movement
 Movement model V147 / V117
 Case stainless steel
 Size 38.2mm / 27.6mm
 Thickness 8.96mm / 7.17mm
 Table glass sapphire crystal
 Dial black / pink
 Strap stainless steel
 Strap Color Silver
Buckle Tri-fold button switch buckle
 Water-resistant to 100 meters
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Davos DAVOSA-CLASSIC QUARTZ series 16337826/16838326 couple quartz watch
 Swiss quartz movement
 Movement model ETA F05111 / ETA F0411A
 Case stainless steel
 Size 35.5mm / 29.5mm
 5.5mm / 8.0mm
 Table glass sapphire crystal
 Dial white
 Strap Silver Stainless Steel
 Water resistant to 50 meters