Month: June 2013

Langer Sponsors Salzburg Pentecost For The Fifth Consecutive Year

For the past five years, Lange has supported the production of the Pentecost in Salzburg. This year’s play is ‘I due Figaro’ by Saverio Mercadante, by Ricardo. Riccardo Muti and his conductor ‘Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini’ performed for the first time on June 10. Lange decided to support Salzburg Pentecost in 2006, a festival that upholds new artistic concepts and focuses on reviving the forgotten masterpiece of the Napoli. This cooperation is based on the common values ​​of both parties, especially a passion for craftsmanship that strives for perfection and respect. Without this enthusiasm, even the best artistic concepts cannot be realized.
   Lange’s involvement has contributed greatly to the success of the festival, and Salzburg Pentecost has also become a stage for Saxony watchmakers to showcase their masterpieces. Over the past five years, more than 500 customers and journalists from more than 20 countries have come to Salzburg at the invitation of Lange-before visiting the Lange watch factory in Dresden, the capital of Saxony. And see for yourself how brands continue to revive their traditions. Wilhelm Schmid, CEO of Lange, explained the involvement of the watch factory as follows: ‘This direct comparison clearly shows the conceptual similarity between the Pentecost of Salzburg and us. We also reinvented the inherited design and style Interpreted in modern design and presented to watch lovers today. ‘

   By sponsoring events in the cultural field, Lange demonstrates its sense of social responsibility and promotes corporate and cultural cooperation. In addition to Salzburg Pentecost, Lange is also a patron of the Dresden State Art Collections. The museum is closely linked to the brand’s cultural roots and has facilitated cross-cultural dialogue with twelve museums in Saxony and numerous international exhibition projects.