Month: August 2013

Tapwrit’ Crosses The Finish Line First In The Baymont Championship

On June 10, 2017, ‘Tapwrit’ won the 149th Belmont Championship (Belmont Stakes), as the official timekeeper and designated watch for the Longines 2017 ‘Triple King’ (Triple) The crown) series of events ended successfully.

   The owner, trainer, and jockey Jose L. Ortiz of ‘Tapwrit’ was awarded an elegant Longines watch in recognition of his victory. On the same day, Longines presented the Longines Just a Game, and also presented the watch to the owner, trainer and jockey of the champion horse ‘Antonoe’ in recognition of it.

   Longines, famous for its elegant brands, also held the Longines Elegance Ladies Elections at the Baymont Fashion Competition to pay tribute to the fashion and magnificence represented by the ‘Three Crowns’ competition. Longines presented a women’s watch from the Conquest Classic to the woman selected as the most fashionable style on the Baymont Park racecourse.

Tissot Watches And Liu Yifei Unveiled The New Festive Decoration For Nanjing Central Shopping Mall

On December 17, 2015, the ancient capital of Jinling attracted another dazzling moment at the end of the year to welcome the new one. The brand-new advertising image of the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot was unveiled for the first time in the world. held with grandeur. Liu Yifei, Tissot watch’s global image ambassador, was invited to attend and witnessed the new claim of Tissot watch ‘THIS IS YOUR TIME is your moment’ with many guests present. Tissot Nanjing Central Shopping Mall’s festive dress was also unveiled on the same day. The new Tissot Nanjing Central Shopping Mall under the new holiday festival brings the festival’s colorful and dazzling bright on the simple and elegant classic style. In the long history of more than 162 years, Tissot has never ceased to interpret the spirit of women’s independence and self-confidence with exquisite and design-oriented female clocks. The new advertising image interpreted by Liu Yifei perfectly presents the spirit of the time advocated by Tissot. An interpretation of her new moment.

Guests unveiled a new advertising image for Tissot
(Guests from left to right: Mr. Zhang Xiaodan, Assistant General Manager of Central Shopping Mall, Mr. Chen Lei, Executive Deputy General Manager of Central Shopping Mall, Liu Yifei, Global Image Ambassador, Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China, Mr. Zhang Zhichang, Vice President of Wholesale Business Department of Xinyu Group, Nanjing Order Mr. Chen Chun, General Manager of Trading Company)
Facing the challenge and attracting much attention-Tissot’s new advertising image unveiled for the first time in the world
 The ancient capital of Jinling, full of historical charm, adds a touch of spirit to the festival. Just like Tissot’s long-standing heritage, adding the support of the global image ambassador Liu Yifei, the new brand image of Tissot has attracted much attention. On the same day, Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot Watch China, shared with the guests the new idea of ​​Tissot Watch ‘THIS IS YOUR TIME’, and took the ‘challenges’ as an opportunity to explain her journey in life. The extraordinary moment also reveals that Tissot watches are not afraid of challenges and continue to innovate, and are committed to providing the wearer with the ultimate quality and brand spirit of accurate timepieces.
 Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Tissot China: . This is your moment. It illustrates the pioneering spirit and tradition of innovation of Tissot since its inception. Constantly meeting new challenges is the story that Tissot’s new brand slogan will convey and tell. It inspires people to be proactive. , Fearless challenges, calling on people to have the courage to open up a new chapter in life. Users need a trusted brand and a brand’s spiritual connotation that fits with themselves. It can be reliable performance, traditional heritage, or charming design, Fascination. With this new brand proposition, Tissot expects to resonate with every user. ‘

Event site
 At the world’s first unveiling ceremony of Tissot’s new advertising image, as the hero of the image blockbuster, Ms. Liu Yifei told the guests about the shooting experience of the new brand blockbuster and the high-profile charm moments in her life. On the shooting day of the new image blockbuster, Liu Yifei wore a simple and free black trousers and white coat, paired with the Duluer series diamond-set watch, highlighting the extraordinary femininity, and vividly interpreted the independent and confident temperament of modern women, showing ‘beauty, exemplary , Self-confidence, humility ‘spirit, with its own quality to inspire more women to confidently bloom. With her own experience, Liu Yifei perfectly explained the brand spirit of Tissot, which has been constantly breaking new ground, and fearlessly challenged to bloom.
Huanran new dress, festive season-Tissot Nanjing new shopping center unveiled
 In this “silver” costume-wrapped and “red” warm festival, Tissot Nanjing’s new Central Festival store grandly opened. The store is located in a prime commercial area of ​​Nanjing. The simple, modern design with red, white and black as the main color corresponds to the brand logo of Tissot T +. The red elements at the scene highlight the Christmas atmosphere, warm and full of festive joy and peace; each watch is particularly radiant under the soft and meticulous lighting and the special showcase. Every detail reflects the charm of Tissot’s combination of tradition and modernity, echoes modern design and traditional craftsmanship, and perfectly matches the brand concept of Tissot’s ‘innovation comes from tradition’, showing everyone the Tissot watch for more than 100 years The exquisite Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship and the excellence of watchmaking concepts bring consumers a brand new shop experience. Liu Yifei also came to the store on the day of the event, brought his brand new advertising image, and interacted with guests in the store.

New Tissot Nanjing Festival Store unveiled

Tissot Global Image Ambassador Liu Yifei signs in front of the brand light box
True Timepieces Inheriting the Classics-Tissot Duluer Festival Pairings
 At the event, Ms. Liu Yifei perfectly interpreted the Tissot Duluer white watch, which was elegant and pure, showing its extraordinary charm. The Tissot Duluer watch is named after the birthplace of the Tissot brand and has witnessed Tissot’s determination to focus on watchmaking for 162 years. The elegant and dynamic dial design uses elegant Parisian studs and elegant mother-of-pearl materials, exuding unique feminine charm in every inch. Revolutionary Power 80 movement with a power reserve of up to 80 hours. With the enlarged single-calendar display at 6 o’clock, the time and date can be read more easily and clearly; through the beautifully carved transparent case back, the gorgeous movement of the Swiss professional movement can be seen at a glance, the gears are precisely engaged, and the craftsmanship is carefully crafted Watch craftsmanship condenses the craftsman spirit of the Tissot brand’s excellence. In this winter sun, the white watch is pure and clear, just like a pearl tied to the wrist, elegant and dynamic. If it matches, only the Tissot Duluer brown watch, this observatory-certified men’s watch with simple lines and brown leather strap, inadvertently highlights the gentleman’s ability. The arched sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare coating helps the wearer to read the time more accurately and clearly with this exquisite craftsmanship that details the intention and taste of Tissot in the details. Tissot Duluer series of holiday watch, with a timeless affection for Christmas.

Tissot Durul leather strap to watch

Tissot moment ambassador Liu Yifei expresses her moments
 Liu Yifei, Tissot’s global image ambassador, said: ‘Tissot’s brand philosophy has made me more aware of the importance of this moment and has made me more focused on each challenge. The new brand idea also calls on all those who love watchmaking to take action For the next moment, take the initiative to make progress; not afraid of challenges, courage to face the true self, and constantly innovate and breakthrough. Just like I usually choose roles, I always like to choose different styles of characters to challenge. This cooperation is also a wish. Tissot has always attached great importance to the spirit of modern women, and always explores the quality of modern women. According to my understanding, many Tissot watches are inspired by the independence, self-confidence, and personality of modern women. Like the Du The Ruhr series of watches contains elegant and pure female spirit. ‘

2013 Sihh Geneva Fine Watchmaking Salon-a.Lange & Söhne 1815 Up/Down Watch

The noble aesthetic 1815 UP / DOWN is equipped with four hands and power reserve display, showing Lange’s distinctive and pure style. The number ‘1815’ in the name of the watch represents the birth year of Ferdinando Adolf Lange, founder of Saxony Precision Watchmaking, and the design inspiration for this watch is derived from his legendary pocket watch.

 The 1815 watch produced by Lange is the pinnacle of watchmaking at the pinnacle of watchmaking. Today, the watch movement is equipped with a power reserve display for up to three days. The new 1815 UP / DOWN also adds a blue steel hand at 8 o’clock, which shows the time remaining before the watch needs to be wound again.
 The AUF and AB displays indicate that the mainspring is fully wound and fully released, respectively. This patented device dates back to 1879 and is one of Lange’s watchmaking traditions.
Classic with four hands: 1815 UP / DOWN
 The operating principle of the 1815 UP / DOWN references Otto Lange’s patented design. Alto is the grandson of the founder of the watch factory. He specially invented the planetary gear system for slim watches. This device is combined with the movement to advance the display without taking up additional vertical space. Lange used the same technology when producing the 1815 UP / DOWN power reserve display. On the machine plate side, the 3/4 plywood made of untreated German silver is equipped with two new gold sleeves, presenting a power reserve device. Although the Lange-made L051.2 movement is equipped with 57 additional parts, its dimensions are exactly the same as the model 1815 without the UP / DOWN display, only 4.6 mm thick and 30.6 mm in diameter. Below the hand-carved balance wheel splint, there is a classic screw balance and a pointerless oscillation system to ensure accurate vibration frequency. The balance spring developed by the watch factory can vibrate 21,600 times per hour.
The Lange Manufacture Calibre L051.2
 The L051.2 calibre is composed of 245 carefully modified components, presenting many features of Lange’s watchmaking skills, including chamfered and polished edges, 3/4 plywood decorated with Glashütte ribs , The gold sleeve fixed by the blue steel screws, the polished end piece of the escape wheel splint, and the winding gear found on the splint.
 The case and pin buckle of the 1815 UP / DOWN is made of 18K yellow, white or rose gold. All models are equipped with a silver-white solid silver dial. Black digital time scales and blued-steel hands make the reading clear. The 1815 UP / DOWN is also equipped with a track minute scale, Arabic numerals, and a small dial arranged symmetrically to show the power reserve and running seconds, respectively. These elements reflect the design style of Lange’s famous pocket watches and are integrated into the watches in a modern way.