Month: June 2014

Star’s Favorite Watch: Spirit And Soul Go Hand In Hand

How many considerations does a celebrity choose behind a watch? It is not only the conformity and conformity in appearance and temperament, but also the interdependence in spirit and soul. Lin Zhiling endorses Longines
Lin Zhiling’s endorsed Longines watch has a white gold diamond dial, which complements the temperament of Lin Zhiling’s noble goddess.
Zhang Ziyi endorses Omega
The Omega watch endorsed by Zhang Ziyi has a crystal mirror surface and is made of sapphire crystal with a round shape, which is very gentle to Zhang Ziyi.
Wu Peici endorses KANA
Elegant, confident, and noble, is the best comment on Wu Peici. The world’s limited edition of 20 Cana masterpieces ‘Xu Fu’ is also very suitable for Wu Peici to wear.
Lin Xinru endorsed Cartier
的 TANK LOU IS CARTIER watch is a small model that fits the personality of Lin Xinru, a gentle woman.
Big S endorsement Tissot
Just turn the flower-shaped crown with sparkling diamonds gently, and the petals on the watch slowly unfold. The noble Big S always wears this watch, which is self-evident and elegant.
Huang Xiaoming endorses Tissot
晓 Huang Xiaoming’s bronzed complexion and healthy muscle lines are the most suitable for men’s sports watches.

Hublot Collaborates With Marc Ferrero To Launch The Big Bang ‘one-click’ Marc Ferrero Watch

[February 28, 2019, Monaco] HUBLOT, a well-known Swiss watchmaker, joins hands with artist Marc Ferrero to create a Big Bang ‘one-click’ Ferrero watch. This distinctive timepiece pays tribute to 21st-century women who play multiple roles in life, and at the same time demonstrates their cool and contemporary attitude based on contemporary. This collaborative watch becomes another brand new masterpiece of Hublot watchmaking craftsmanship and art.

女性 21st Century Women, Contemporary Muse

Modern women are free to change in multiple identities: wife, mother, close friend, lover, beauty in the workplace, beauty, fashion hipster or night walker. They are changing identities every moment, with unlimited potential and attractive charm. They have an open-minded mentality and are indifferent to the various challenges in life. They are easily capable of playing various roles with their personal charm, and they are at ease.

Big Bang ‘One Click’ Mark Ferrero Watch

The dial design of the new watch is inspired by Marc Ferrero’s classic painting Lipstick. Female figures wear black sunglasses to create a strong mysterious color. She has a somber look and is not afraid to change. She uses lipstick to highlight the charming femininity. Available in red and turquoise, this unique watch is available in 50 pieces each. The bezel is inlaid with 42 red spinels or blue topaz, condensing the magnificent beauty of the gemstones between the wrists. The bezel is 39 mm in diameter and is ideal for women. The watch is equipped with a ‘one-click’ quick-change strap, which can be easily replaced with a crocodile or rubber strap with the touch of a button, adding just the right refinement to the wearer.

‘When I was asked, ‘What kind of innovative and modern ideas have made your paintings?’, I did not hesitate to answer: fusion … for me, different painting styles are presented in the same plane or work (Cubism, impressionism, surrealism, figurativeism, etc.) Just like film directors tell stories with different special effects, this experience is always exciting and challenging. ‘

Marc Ferrero

的 The clever fusion of watchmaking technology and dynamic painting art

With the concept of fusion in common, Hublot and Marc Ferrero explore the true meaning of art in their respective fields. For Hublot, fusion is an unexpected interweaving with rare and innovative materials; for Marc Ferrero, fusion represents the ingenuity of presenting different painting styles on the same plane. Therefore, the watchmaking process is naturally an ideal carrier for both parties to convey their respective innovative spirits. The bold cooperation between the two parties brought the BigBang ‘One-click’ Mark Ferrero watch, which interprets the eternal exploration of art with masterpieces of the wrist, and achieves the masterpiece of the ‘Hubo love art’ series of cooperative watches.

This watch will shine at this year’s Baselworld.