Month: August 2014

The Craft Used In This Watch Was Given As A National Gift To Mao Zedong And Other National Leaders

At least literally, Qibaoyao and Babaofan are somewhat similar. Although one treasure is less than eight treasures, and it can’t be eaten, the value of Qibaoyao is much higher than that of eight treasure rice. It was once selected by the Japanese government as a national gift to Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and other national leaders. What the hell is Qibaoyao? Simply put, this is an enamel unique to Japan. If you go back to the roots, Qibaoyao and our cloisonne are somewhat related. The exquisite Qibao burning vase said that after the Chinese cloisonne spread to Japan, it made Japanese craftsmen shine. At the end of the 16th century, some Japanese artisans gave full play to the spirit of ‘learning hard, improving every day,’ and wanted to make decent cloisonne in Japan. As a result, the Japanese-style artwork Qibaoyao was born. It is also known as ‘Japan Cloisonne. ‘ Although Qibaoyao originated from Cloisonne, it is not the same as Cloisonne. Cloisonne uses an opaque enamel glaze, while Qibaoyao uses a transparent glass glaze. However, whether cloisonne or Qibaoyao is a kind of enamel in the final analysis, and both have high artistic appreciation value. Presage Qibao enamel limited edition power reserve display is inside the clock, we can sometimes see the use of enamel. As a symbol of high-end watches, Swiss enamel watches usually have tens of thousands of enamel watches. Some top Swiss brand enamel watches start basically at 100,000, which severely blocks many watch enthusiasts from the door. Therefore, for most people, enamel watches can only be seen. Generally speaking, enamel is mostly used for decorative dials. The dial is like a face of a watch. The ‘face’ is beautiful, and the price is naturally expensive. In addition, the enamel dial is not only beautiful and unique, but also has a long-lasting feature. Some of the antique enamel watches that have appeared in auction houses are hundreds of years old. Although the case and movement are already rusty, the enamel dial is still intact and amazing. Seiko launched this limited edition Presage Qibao enamel. The dial uses the Japanese Qibao roasting process, which is not only suitable for appreciation, but more importantly, the price is controlled within a very reasonable range, which can be said to be full of sincerity. Its enamel dial is made by the Ando Qibao store in Nagoya. The Ando Qibao Store has a history of more than 100 years. The Ando Qibao Store is a ‘hundred-year-old shop’. The interior enamel master Tou Hang personally glazed the dial. In order to make the dial comply with Seiko’s environmental protection and safety standards, Togu Air uses a lead-free glaze specially developed for the limited edition of Qibao enamel, and it is fired at a high temperature of 800 degrees Celsius, which is the so-called ‘big fire’ enamel. Presage Qibao enamel limited edition junior three-pin model has to be repeatedly glazed and fired repeatedly throughout the firing process. Only in this way can the enamel be uniform and beautiful. Moreover, after the firing is completed, the Qibao roasted dial is polished. Polishing a dial that is less than a millimeter thick can be challenging to think about. Regardless of the early firing or the later polishing, as long as there is a little carelessness, the entire dial will instantly become a scrap. The limited edition Presage enamel is a watch that pays tribute to the sea. The deep blue dial symbolizes the vast ocean. The dial is exquisitely detailed, reminiscent of waves at sea. On the one hand, the ocean brings foreign culture to Japan, and on the other, it protects it from outside influences. Qibaoyao itself is the product of ‘crossing the ocean’. Presage Qibao enamel limited edition physical watch has two models, the case is made of stainless steel, the main color is blue and white. One is a junior model, and the other is a power reserve display. Both use a willow needle with Roman numerals. The tail of the second hand is also ingeniously crescent shaped, adding an elegant charm to the watch. The three-pin calendar is set at 3 o’clock and is displayed in the form of a calendar window, while the calendar of the power reserve display model is arranged at 6 o’clock and is displayed in the form of a pointer. The curved power reserve display is located between 8:00 and 10:00, and the overall layout is orderly. Junior three-pin model (SPB075J1): priced at 9,900 yuan; power reserve display (SPB073J1): priced at 11,800 yuan. Jingdong Headquarters This time as a guest, I attended the ‘Wristly Beauty’ held by Seiko and Jingdong on September 29. ‘Jingdong Xingxianghui’, and in Beijing’s Jingdong headquarters saw these seven treasures of enamel limited edition in kind, and more deeply felt the value of handmade in the watch. Talking about ‘Second to the Wrist · Jingdong Star Enjoyment’ held at Jingdong headquarters With the development of science and technology, many tasks that originally required manual operation have been replaced by advanced CNC machine tools and other equipment. It should be said that the use of these devices is more precise in the processing of parts, making the time of the watch more accurate than ever, and it is conducive to the development of the watch as a whole. However, some traditional crafts still have to be done by hand. Machines can never replace them. Enamel is one of them. Qibao enamel limited edition can be described as a combination of precision machinery and exquisite handwork. Jingdong is like a large comprehensive community Yin Zheng and his fans. This is also the first time I have come to Jingdong headquarters. I personally feel that Jingdong is more like a large comprehensive community. There are supermarkets, restaurants, and fruit shops in it. There are several cash machines. , Very humane. In such a working environment, work efficiency will definitely be improved. On the same day, guests such as Mr. Yoshimura, chairman of Seiko China, Ms. Chen Wan, general manager of the watch department of Jingdong Mall’s fashion department, Mr. Yin Zheng, ambassador of Seiko Presage watch series, and Mr. Liu Xingli, founder and CEO of To the scene. Mr. Yin Zheng is very talkative, he will mobilize the atmosphere, and he can take care of the feelings of the fans, completely refreshing some of my inherent views on actors.

Glashuti Sport Shockproof Chronograph In June

The four-year feast of global sports enthusiasts-the 2012 London Olympics is about to kick off. Demanding and precision-designed watches also shined in the fiery June.
Sports shock chronograph
     This sports shock-resistant chronograph has a unique shape. The black dial is dotted with a little bright red. The chronograph abacus is also particularly prominent with bright colors. The strong color contrast is very sporty. The bar-shaped hour markers and hands are coated with SuperLumiNova, making it easy to read time at night. The red number around the face plate highlights the seconds for precise countdown. The bottom cover is made of concave sapphire crystal to fit the wearer’s wrist. Through the sapphire crystal case, you can see Glashütte’s unique movement details, such as gooseneck fine-tuning, openwork rotor and three-quarter splint.
Sports shock chronograph
     When you are on the golf course, you don’t need to worry about the impact of the club on the watch. The Glashütte watch factory works with the Fraunhofer technology research and development team in Stuttgart, Germany to develop the ideal material for shock-resistant components. The four cushioning elements made of this elastic material are placed between the movement and the case, absorbing at least 60% of external impact, and because of this shock absorbing system, the movement can be ensured even in the event of a strong impact Stable operation and precise travel time.
    With its exquisite and meticulous design and superb technology, the Glashütte Sports Shockproof Chronograph will share the carnival of the London Olympics with you and share the smoothness of sports.