Month: January 2015

Winter White Love Songs Watch White Watch Tasting

Just after Christmas, New Year’s Day also follows. There seem to be many festivals in winter, and we will continue to commemorate those memorable people and memorable things at this moment, and it can best represent winter The white color also makes sense. Let’s take a look at the many white watches together now and let them accompany us through these meaningful times.

Fiyta Heartstring Watch

Elegant woman, know how to enjoy time, how to make time increase her beauty. The ‘heartstring’ series of watches released by Fiyta at the Baselworld Watch Fair in Switzerland, with beautiful fashion and superb quality, achieves where the heart belongs: full and round watch shape, graceful like a full moon, and also incorporates the desire for life.

On the dial, dark lines such as light feathers and phoenixes are abstracted by fine lines, such as the fragrance is diffused, and the deepest sings sings the most tender complex in the heart; the shell material inlaid on the dial brings the mystery and moistness of the seabed. Under the light, the shell will present a different landscape on the wrist. The unique linking method of the “heartstring” series can make the watch fit the female’s delicate wrist more perfectly. At the same time, there are different styles of mechanical movement and quartz movement to meet different preferences.

Dior VIII Grand Bal Resille white high-tech ceramic watch

The Dior VIII Grand Bal watch series is a perfect choice for gorgeous evening ball gowns. May wish to wear a dress style similar to Mr. Dior’s design in the 1950s, such as: exquisite lace dress with social circles, or evening dress with embroidered silk and lace. This watch is equipped with the unique movement of Dior Inversé designed and manufactured by Soprod, which embodies the symbolic meaning of poetry and painting, and the patented practical rotor is looming, becoming an exquisite decoration on the dial. Gemstones are set in golden holes, and some are also decorated with feathers-a delicate decoration commonly used in this Montian Avenue studio design dress. The never-ending swing of the Dior Inversé movement is reminiscent of dancing ball gowns.

Dior VIII Grand Bal Pièce Unique’s dial and diameter have also changed to 33mm and 38mm. The 38mm dial is decorated with opal, agate, jade or sapphire; the 33mm dial is snow-inlaid with sapphire, yellow sapphire, orange pink spinel, mayenite or pink sapphire. apply for patent. Both bezels are set with long stepped gemstones-sapphire, yellow sapphire, orange spinel, amethyst or ettringite. They are hollowed out and placed on the dial.

Piaget Limelight Gala

In the 1960s, full of whimsical energy, Piaget transformed the creativity of the times into a dazzling jewellery watch that only composed elegant women at the time. Inspired by this aspiring soul of the age, Piaget launched the new Limelight Gala jewelry watch and transformed it into Piaget’s new identification mark. Unparalleled aesthetics, full-bodied curves and delicately set gems echo each other, revealing a unique personality that sparkles fashion. At the intersection of art design and jewelry setting, Piaget once again interpreted the eternal charm of time with his creative power.

Piaget’s new creation of the Limelight Gala series of jewellery watches has been developed and produced by Piaget’s fine watchmaking workshops from concept sketching and design all the way to the mold opening and polishing of the case. A top watch brand that excels in all-round watchmaking is enough to fulfill the mission of front-line production. Loyal to Piaget’s brand heritage, all watchmakers are passionately dedicated to interpreting Piaget’s style and testify to the original character of Piaget Limelight Gala jewelry watches. It is the inheritance of the style of the 1960s, and it is undoubtedly a signature of contemporary fashion based on absolute feminine charm, leaving its unique mark in the streamer.

Tissot Christmas 2013 new watch

The romantic Christmas is the best time to open your heart to your loved ones. The famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot is dedicated to condensing exquisite thoughts. In this charming season accompanied by snowflakes, the Tissot Haozhi series automatic mechanical watch with 80 hours of enduring power imprints the precious and eternal love.

This series of watches is the first to use the revolutionary Swiss-made mechanical power 80 movement, which makes the watch’s power reserve reach an amazing 80 hours, and the timekeeping is always accurate. On this special day, Tissot is accompanied by romantic snowflakes, bringing sincere wishes for Christmas. This watch has improved the energy reserve of the movement by improving the traditional clockwork structure, making it reach an amazing 80 hours. The minimalist low-key of the black main line pays tribute to minimalism, highlighting the outstanding qualities of men. The pure color choices explain its innate classic charm. The dial, case, hands, scales and straps are cleverly combined with polishing and matte, giving a simple but not simple confidence; the dial and the case are both The side is surrounded by three-dimensional small squares. The beautiful and elegant grid design highlights Tissot’s intentions and taste in the details. It is a low-key luxury philosophy. It is worth mentioning that this watch is on the automatic hammer for the first time. For the first time, the divergent water ripple pattern is used, which exudes elegant charm and unique design sense, which makes people unable to refuse.

Women’s Longines Concas Stainless Steel Ceramic Diamond Women’s Watch

The design of the Longines Concas series is mainly aimed at sports-loving but elegant women. The new in this collection uses diamonds and an innovative combination with ceramics to add a sophisticated elegance to the sports aesthetics of this collection. This delicate and beautiful balance makes the Concas Women’s Diamond Watch an excellent equipment for many sports occasions, such as horse racing, tennis and skiing, etc. Wearing it for cocktail parties or formal dinners will surely add elegance.

The combination of sparkling diamonds and vibrant ceramics makes the Longines Concas Women’s Diamond Watch a model of the brand’s elegance and casual sports aesthetics. The round stainless steel case features a black ceramic bezel set with 54 diamonds. Built-in quartz movement (L263.2), this model can display hours, minutes, seconds, and date. The black lacquered dial features 11 diamond moments and a date display at 3 o’clock.

Stainless steel bracelet with black ceramic in the middle, Longines Concas diamond watch with screw-in back cover, waterproof function up to 5 atmospheres. The combination of sparkling diamonds and vibrant ceramics makes Longines Concas Women’s Diamond Watches present the elegance of beauty and the practicality of sports and leisure. The round stainless steel case features a white ceramic bezel set with 54 diamonds. Built-in quartz movement (L263.2), this model can display hours, minutes, seconds, and date.

Women’s Watches

The Cocktail Collection is the most representative interpretation of Swiss Ebolus, with its design inspired by European decorative style. In the 1940s, the Ebolus Cocktail Series watch caused a sensation as soon as it came out, and the industry regarded it as a ‘masterpiece’ and obtained a patent for its exterior structure. In 2013, Yibo Road brought a historic continuation, colorfully recreating romantic classics, the perfect combination of classic aesthetics, physical mechanics and Swiss exquisite watchmaking technology. The ultra-thin hollow-out time dial cooperates with the Swiss high-end automatic movement to form a continuous from the inside to the outside The extended dynamic kaleidoscope pattern reveals a gorgeous and elegant retro spirit in an elegant mystery. The dial has a unique three-dimensional design, a polygonal three-dimensional cut and cut body stone holder, set with 6 natural diamonds, which is very feminine. The bezel of the same color is a soft outline of the dynamic dial, and the leather strap of the same color as the dial reflects the simplicity and modernity of the contrast material, and the overall beauty of the pattern is maximized. The revolving hollow design surface, the dazzling small diamonds are embedded in the pair of rose gold diamonds in pairs, exuding a gorgeous and dazzling light, increasing the overall fashion sense of the watch, and combining the movement with the richness and charm of a woman’s character.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Cocktail Collection is a tribute to femininity and elegance, which can make the wearer more vividly reflect the femininity of women. A glass of blurred cocktails allows people to enjoy the blurred romance in the dream world and the evening sky showing a charming moonlight; an elegant and romantic cocktail watch, however, leads women in the cutting-edge of fashion into the world of refined elegance and unique creativity. Kaleidoscope with double hollowed out chrysanthemum pattern design, in the romantic light emitting in the rotation, people can not help but double the romantic feelings on the full moon night.

Zhenlishi Only Watch Charity Night, The New Left-hand Chronograph Watch

These two models belong to the Captain Chronograph Pink Gold Series and the Pilot Chronograph Series. The former features a gold case, which is suitable for workplace wear, while the latter is more sports and leisure, and is the best choice for leisure weekend activities. Both models are equipped with their own legendary El Primero movement, a name that sparked the eyes of watch enthusiasts around the world. This name has been widely quoted for reasons: This movement was introduced by ZENITH in 1969, and it is extremely simple but the most accurate in the world. The secret lies in its balanced rhythm: the vibration frequency is 10 times per second, while other watches generally have the best level of 8 times per second. This is the key to making it different because it firmly leads El Primero into the high-frequency field of watches.

Zenith Captain & Pilot Lefty Chronographs For Only Watch 2011
Chronograph Captain and Pilot Left Hand Chronograph