Month: April 2015

Tag Heuer The First Stop Of The National Tour Of The Tag Heuer Football Theme Detonates Hangcheng

TAG Heuer, the Swiss pioneer watch brand, has always been committed to supporting the football cause. Following the 2014 football giant Cristiano Ronaldo became the new brand ambassador of TAG Heuer, he opened a partnership with the German Football League in 2015, and officially became the Major League Soccer (MLS), the United States Football Association and the United States in early 2016. After the official timekeeper and official watch of the Professional Referee Association (PRO), TAG Heuer has set its sights on Chinese football, and officially became the official timekeeper of the China Football Association Super League (CSL) in March 2016. Official watch. Today, the national tour of TAG Heuer’s football theme is detonating Hangzhou, infecting every young person who loves football!

 As the first stop of TAG Heuer’s national football themed tour exhibition, the exhibition hall located on the 1st floor of Hangzhou Building D’s atrium is based on vibrant green and cool black. With the TAG Heuer hollow football shape, you will enter football and The world of timepieces. On the day of the event, Zhang Weijun, deputy general manager of retail East China Shanghai Xinyu Watch Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Jin Ming, general manager of Hangzhou Tower Shopping City, and Mr. Zhang Lei, a player of Hangzhou Greentown, jointly kicked off the TAG Heuer’s national tour of the TAG Heuer football theme.

 Mr. Pan Jinji, General Manager of TAG Heuer Greater China, said: ‘TAG Heuer has always attached great importance to the development of Chinese football. We chose Hangzhou as the first unveiling city for this football tour, and we hope to supervise the Chinese Super League The spirit of competitive sports and the brand pioneering spirit of # DontCrackUnderPressure # (without fear of challenge and self-defense) are passed to every young man in Hangzhou who loves sports. ‘

 Mr. Jin Ming, general manager of Hangzhou Tower Shopping City, said, ‘As a comprehensive commercial and tourist building, Hangzhou Tower has always been committed to providing quality services to consumers. We are very honored that TAG Heuer has selected Hangzhou Tower as the first stop of this national football tour. TAG Heuer, as an internationally renowned brand that perfectly integrates sports performance and technological innovation, our cooperation will definitely strike a different spark and bring an extraordinary football experience to consumers in Hangzhou Tower. ‘

 At the event, enthusiastic football babies brought dynamic cheerleading performances, and guests at the scene could fully feel the passion of football and appreciate the unique charm of the brand. Touring guests can also participate in the on-site interactive games to show off their ball skills. The interactive game is mainly based on the two challenges of penalty shootout and putt. After successfully completing the two challenges, participants can scan the activity QR code to submit the game results, and have the opportunity to obtain customized scarves, watches, Super League signature jerseys, and Super League tickets and other prizes. Participants also enjoyed the competitive passion of the stadium while enjoying the fun of football somatosensory games and golf putting.
 The exhibition of the first stop of TAG Heuer’s national football tour in Hangzhou will open on March 24 and end on April 10, passing the passionate passion of the square inch stadium to every corner of Hangzhou. After Hangzhou Station, this passion will continue to spread to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Chengdu and other cities, bringing guests different visual enjoyment and football experience.
Tag Heuer National Football Theme Tour-Hangzhou First Station
Time: March 25-April 10
Venue: Atrium, Block D, Hangzhou Building, 21 Wulin Plaza, Hangzhou
Aquaracer 300m automatic watch-ceramic bezel
 TAG Heuer’s Aquaracer 300m automatic watch ceramic bezel series launched by TAG Heuer is not only an excellent diving watch, but also the perfect choice for men’s outdoor life. Each watch is a high-quality diving equipment that is an amazing “diver” that meets the rigorous requirements of professional water sports — a 300-meter water-resistant case, a 6-pin stud unidirectional rotating bezel, Push-in crown, scratch-resistant ceramic, highly visible luminous markers. The unidirectional rotating bezel measures the time limit or diving time. Even if the bezel is moved accidentally, it will only shorten the remaining time shown, which is a vital safety guarantee for divers.



Explore The World Of Montblanc Watchmaking Artisans

A long time ago, people believed that if an object was touched, he would form a contract with people and become a part of human soul. Nowadays, this idea sounds ridiculous … but until China Luxury enters the hall of Montblanc watch master craftsman with you.

 Breathable works

Although Montblanc’s exquisite timepieces can help you record good times and tell stories in life, in fact, they also have life and represent themselves. The actual internal parts-its column wheel, dial and movement-are like the ‘organs’ that have experienced plenty of vitality under the ‘skin’-and the ‘skin’ is stainless steel or sapphire Case.

Since the birth of the hand of the craftsman, every part of the Montblanc watch has maintained a harmonious and precise operation. The soul of the watch joins all parts, allowing the body to breathe, run and wait to become your good companion, to follow you Walked the journey of life together.

 Creator of art

目 Eyeglasses are firmly worn on his eyes, and the Montblanc watchmakers who cleverly crafted their timepieces with rich experience and careful attitude; the slightest flaws or defects can’t escape their eyes. They believe that the enthusiasm and painstaking effort put on every part will pour out their soul on every screw.

The soul of the watchmaker has been incorporated into the newly created work, and the entire process takes 300 hours. Witness the birth of a miracle. Finally, the balance of the mechanical movement was loaded, and it immediately began to vibrate. Broken cocoon new life-a pure, breathable, flawless work of art.

 Leglock-a tradition for generations
Montblanc watches are produced in the mountains of Jura in Switzerland above 1,000 meters above sea level, away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Although this is the home of time, time still has to stand still here: Leloc is the cradle of the traditional Swiss watchmaking industry and has been the birthplace of high-end watchmaking in the world for centuries.

Calico is also the headquarters of Montblanc Montblanc Montre S.A. All timepieces were made in a picturesque, modern village that was built in 1906, which also happened to be the year of the foundation stone of Montblanc.

The world of Montblanc’s top-level watches is like an endless starry sky, but you can’t touch the edge, but everyone has witnessed its efforts and achievements in the watchmaking industry for many years. Whether it is the Nicholas Kaiser series that is popular with men, or the Princess Grace jewelry series from Monaco that is popular with women, every product is not just a watch that reads time, but a pursuit of perfection artwork. The editor thinks that this is also one of the important factors for Montblanc’s consecutive consecutive months in the top ranking of luxury watch brands in China!

[Video] Classic Timeless Green Dominates New Rolex Date Watch 31

Regardless of aesthetic style or function, the log type always crosses the torrent of the times. From an aesthetic point of view, after different years of diary watches, the original aesthetic elements are still retained. And its traditional models are well-known and easy to identify. This brand new diary watch sells for 90,100 yuan in China. How about the real thing? Our live video on site will analyze it for you!

Classic timeless green in the new Rolex Date 31
 The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2019 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show brought by the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more exciting exhibition reports, so please pay attention.
 For more details, please click on the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Jacques Droz Jaquet Droz Infinite And Elegant Jumping Seconds Seconds

Grande Seconde Deadbeat watches prevailed in the eighteenth century. JAQUET DROZ reinterprets the iconic collection, reappearing the seconds-jumping complication on watches with new movements.

JAQUET DROZ pays tribute to the glorious age of enlightenment with the Grande SECONDE COLLECTION Grande Seconde Deadbeat watch.

A rare feature of the jumping seconds is the pinnacle of fine watchmaking precision, originally born in the Enlightenment era. During the same period, Pierre. Pierre Jaquet-Droz is travelling to Europe with a wave of thoughts and presenting his own timepieces to the royal nobility. The skip-second technology makes the second hand no longer move linearly, but advances in a jumping manner, which greatly improves the accuracy of the walking time and lays the foundation for the birth of the chronograph. Unfortunately, this technology is gradually forgotten by the world. Jacques Dro has continued to compose wonderful brand legends, and has continuously introduced new works for fine watchmaking enthusiasts, which has now rejuvenated this ancient skill. The brand chose to combine it with the iconic Grande Seconde series to continue its unique genes: respect for tradition, love of challenges, craftsmanship and innovation.

JAQUET DROZ jumping seconds large seconds watch with JAQUET DROZ 2695SMR self-winding mechanical movement

The watchmaker of Jacques Dro has carefully crafted the new Grande Seconde watch to achieve moving details. The eccentrically set second hand is now set in the center of the dial, and the retrograde calendar showing the date remains the same. This Grande Seconde Deadbeat watch is memorable, familiar and intimate without losing its originality. The ‘jumping’ hands and numbers form an intoxicating picture.

JAQUET DROZ large seconds seconds watch with 18K red gold case and ivory Grand Feu enamel dial, limited to 88 pieces

With this new timepiece, Jacques Dro has achieved two major technological achievements. Following the Grande Seconde Quantième Ivory Enamel in 2014 in ivory-colored grand enamel date, the master craftsmen of the brand’s La Chaux-de-Fonds workshop use silicon hairspring technology for the second time. This material has the advantage of being immune to changes in magnetic fields, temperature, and pressure, ensuring accurate travel time. In order to be compatible with the jumping seconds function, the calendar function and the hour and minute dial mechanism, the brand has launched a new movement and has applied for a patent.
Relying on the nanotechnology (especially the LIGA manufacturing process) perfectly mastered by the Swatch Group, the movement components are exquisite and delicate. The brand also specifically uses a ten-tooth cam instead of the thirty-tooth cam in the traditional jumping seconds process, thereby optimizing the structure of the pallet fork and allowing the second hand to jump freely, like a visual feast of coexistence of sophisticated aesthetics and superb technology. This Grande Seconde Deadbeat watch will surely impress lovers of high-precision watches.