Month: August 2015

Richard Mille Les Voiles De Saint Barth: A Thrilling Race With All-out Support

On Saturday, April 14th, the 9th Les Voiles de Saint Barth Regatta ended. In this competition, 53 teams participated in 7 levels of fierce competition. It is worth mentioning that, The competition was held against the backdrop of seven months after the highly destructive Hurricane Ima had crossed the border.

  Many sailors ruled out various logistical difficulties and came here to share with the local residents of the island. Mr. François Tolède, the person in charge of the event organization said, ‘We did not expect so many people to participate in this competition, which is very gratifying. We hope that the tenth anniversary celebration of the Les Voiles next year will be as good as this one for everyone Unforgettable memories beyond expectations. ‘

  As a long-term partner of the event, RICHARD MILLE has become the title partner of Regatta, further strengthening the support for the event. Mr Richard Mille said: ‘I like to be involved from the beginning of a project. Since the launch of the Les Voiles de Saint Barth Regatta in 2010, we have been confident in the event, and it has been like this before the race took shape. We are accompanying it It has grown year after year. Now this event has matured and become a major event in the Caribbean. François tirelessly explores and constantly seeks ways to make Les Voiles more attractive, keeping the event world-class. Level.

  In order to show our consistent belief in the game, we strengthened our participation in the event and shared our interests with the organizers. By joining forces to build this successful event, we shared a glorious glory and forged a firm and sincere friendship. François Tolède sighed after seeing the newly designed event logo, which was ‘surprising news’ and said: ‘This is the perfect sign of recognition and confidence in our work over the past 9 years. ‘

  The 10th LES VOILES DE SAINT BARTH RICHARD MILLE Regatta will begin on April 14-20, 2019.
  At that time, we will meet you at Gustavia Port!