Month: September 2015

Yueying Follows Me Oris Multifunctional Moon Phase Watch

The ancient moon phase is the most romantic, symbolic expression of time. The change in the profit and loss of the taste of the moon phase brings mysterious and charming power. When the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, Oris mainly introduces three multifunctional moon phase watches. The exquisite craft moon phase dials are repeated from time to time, experiencing the beauty of the dome between the wrists, and the glimpse of the stars and moons on the wrists, which can accompany you to spend every moment of happiness.

 The Oris Artelier multifunctional moon phase watch of the Oris cultural series has a three-dimensional and dynamic overall outline, and is equipped with a leather strap with delicate lines, which adds a classic and elegant temperament to the Oris Artelier multifunctional moon phase watch.

 On weekdays, you may not be able to see the changes in the profit and loss of the moon phases, but the Oris Artelier multifunctional moon phase watch can clearly show the moon’s trajectory: at 12 o’clock, the watch has a delicate moon phase window, perfect for With the shape and polishing technology, the moon phase is presented as a silver full moon, with three stars appearing quietly above the night sky. The watch also has a small face with the date, day of the week and the second time zone. While sapphire crystal glass mirror window to appreciate its perfect mechanism, you will find a deep connection between the stars and the time.

 Oris Artelier multifunctional moon phase watch combines the exquisite watch technology with the taste of artwork perfectly. It has compact size of 35mm and 40mm. The dial is very simple and clean, and can be read clearly. You can choose the dial and watch according to different styles. With a second time zone designed for business people, Oris Artelier multifunctional moon phase watch is suitable for business casual, suitable for any occasion. Oris Artelier’s multifunctional moon phase watch is your perfect choice to show the charm of a mature and elegant gentleman’s wrist.

 The Oris Aritx multi-functional moon phase watch, which is also the Oris cultural series, can always catch your eye the first time. This model with a stainless steel case and 3D dial structure has shaped his unparalleled elegant appearance; the moon phase function, calendar and day of the week display and Oris’s famous analog calendar are all his functions, and there is no virtual watch. . The week window at 11 o’clock, the month window at 1 o’clock, and the moon phase window at 6 o’clock, follow the same time track, staged the echo of the one-second history of human civilization, and wait for the next second Eternity.

 The Oris Rectangular multi-function watch from the Oris cultural series, combined with a three-dimensional geometric dial and an impactful visual combination, makes this moon phase watch out of the mundane box, and at the same time, the square inch space is full of shade. This watch is an example of the perfect combination of elegant appearance and rich connotation. The classic model with a spiral pattern makes him exude a casual sense of randomness, and the domineering Roman scale has a more unruly temperament, making it ready. It is one of the watches that all men want to own.

 If there are things in the world that can never be replaced by cutting-edge technology, Oris mechanical watches must be one of them: Since the beginning of 1904, through the research and development of high-precision machinery and hand-crafted, Oris has countless love watches for hundreds of years. Loved by people, has created countless miracles; to this day, this long-established Switzerland

 The watch house is still striving for innovation in watchmaking skills, and it is the intention to reflect the value of Oris ‘real watches for real people’ everywhere, and is committed to let wearers enjoy the extraordinary wrist taste in Oris time.

Gucci Is Pleased To Announce The New Watch Jewelry Endorser

Los Angeles, USA, February 12, 2016-GUCCI is pleased to announce that the lead singer Florence + the Machine Florence Welch will be the new spokesperson for watches and jewelry.

Gucci’s new watch jewelry spokesperson Florence Welch
   GUCCI announced the cooperation recently at a press conference in Los Angeles. Florence, currently attending the Grammy Music Awards in Los Angeles, was interviewed by British radio host and journalist Alexa Chung in front of many guests invited to the press conference. Alexa also took over the GUCCI Snapchat account the same morning and announced this endorsement cooperation.

   Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of GUCCI, said: ‘Florence has always been a good friend of GUCCI, but I hope to expand further cooperation with her because she is an outstanding artist, her songs are filled with dark romantic atmosphere, full of exciting power, is The immortal classic fits GUCCI’s brand image very well. ‘

   Florence Welch said, ‘I’m a person who can’t leave the mouth all day long. When I first met Alessandro, we had already made a special agreement because of our common interests in jewelry. I really think that the GUCCI under his leadership showed a magical charm. I’m very excited to be part of the brand. ‘

   At the press conference, Florence Welch wore GUCCI’s latest watch masterpiece G-Timeless automatic watch. The watch is decorated with bees, hearts and stars. It is the brainchild of Alessandro Michele’s combination of eye-catching creativity and the tradition of Swiss fine watchmaking. Florence Welch even showcases its unique personal taste with GUCCI bracelets and rings from the GUCCI Icon series, Marché des Merveilles series and Flora series. The ring is crafted in 18k yellow and rose gold, set with gems, diamonds, or decorated with a bee pattern, and a delicate gold bracelet with the same bee theme. Rings made of different metals are connected in a series of nostalgic shapes, perfectly embellishing Florence’s unique and special style.

Don’t Create A New Creative Design Three Watches Bring A Little Surprise To Life

Sometimes life just needs some changes and ingenuity. Let ingenious designs create unique tastes for our lives. Today, the three watches recommended by the Watch House, the designer boldly imagined, changed the previous design style, with modern geometric shapes, ingenious creativity, elegant and charming curve design fascinated the world. Each is a masterpiece of feminine charm, and its innovative concepts are loved by watch fans.

Bvlgari SERPENTI 102537 SPP30D2RUGD2L watch

Model: 102537 SPP30D2RUGD2L
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18K rose gold with diamonds and tourmaline
Strap Material: Satin
Case diameter: 30 mm
Watch details: x 34.95 mm
Watch price: ¥ 119200
Watch details: breguet / 5658 /
Watch comments: The Queen of Naples steel watch, first of all, gives a visual beauty in the shape, the elliptical perfect curve, symbolizing the gentleness of women, the only Arabic numerals ‘6’ and ’12’, independent Characteristic and aesthetic. The watch is equipped with a self-winding movement with a silicon balance spring and escapement. The white natural mother-of-pearl dial is crystal clear, and a steel bracelet is available as an option.

Summary: The beauty of life is whether someone is willing to be ingenious because of you. These watches understand women, understand women, and use ingenious designs to make each watch uniquely creative and exquisite. I hope there are more special watches to decorate our bland daily life and bring us small surprises.

Plan Your Life With A Watch

‘Large Calendar’ is a very innovative way of displaying calendars in window-type calendars. It is also one of the leading calendar models. The sophisticated design is both sophisticated and exquisite, simple and luxurious. . At the beginning of the year, we are busy planning, so we recommend how to see the date and time more clearly from your wrist.

大 ‘Large calendar’ is a very innovative way of displaying calendars in open window calendars
人类 Since ancient times, humans have lived on the principle of sunrise and sunset. At that time, the only way for humans to observe time was the celestial changes of the sun, moon, and stars. Until the advent of clocks, it was undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of human civilization. When modern clock art has developed to this day, it is no longer limited to being able to accurately display the basic hours, minutes, and seconds. The time is expanded to date, week, month, and year and leap year. So what is the big date window display watch? It is the most innovative calendar display method in the window type calendar, and it is one of the most popular calendar models nowadays. Although some people say that the design change of modern watches is driven by clothing, some classic and practical traditional watchmaking skills are still carried forward and carried forward by the craftsmen.
The large calendar window was first invented by Girard Perregaux in the 1930s and 1940s. However, because the technology at that time was not very mature, which caused a lot of problems in the structure of the sun jumping, the watch stopped production before long. Until 1994, A. Lange & Sohne, Germany’s first brand, brought this technology back to people’s attention, launching its first Big Date watch, Lange 1, and its appearance Bringing the date-jumping structure to a mature field, the complex and exquisite structure design is a model for the tabulation of the date-jumping structure in modern times.

华贵 Big date and eccentric shape
The most legendary contemporary Lange 1 watch is actually the first watch launched by A. Lange & Sohne in 1994, which is derived from the superb craftsmanship and pure design of German blood. Once it was launched, it immediately caused a wave in the table, and immediately won the admiration like a tide. The large date window is naturally Lange’s most famous patent.However, precious materials, superb timepiece technology, and the classic design that is extremely simplified are the marks of the Lange Saxony watch factory. Perfect interpretation.
Last year, Lange launched the Grand Lange 1 series, which first appeared in 2003, but the revised faceplate has changed a new style.The hour, minute and small seconds dials use the same color as the entire faceplate, and are used on the dial. The exquisite azuré carving (a snail-shaped circular relief) makes the whole more elegant and luxurious.
Glashütte Original, which is also the top German watch brand, also insists on producing every part of the watch, and uses refined German traditional craftsmanship to create exquisite timepieces. Since it is a nation, naturally there are a lot in common in the design of the models, such as their preference for large and rounded cases, eccentric dial design with discordant beauty, and elegant and large date windows. However, the temperament of Glashütte is not only the rationality of Germany, but also a bit of the court’s nobility, and at the same time, it fully uses the modern and classic, functional and visual aesthetics.

Jump big date and chronograph
Sports models use mechanical gears to run at a faster speed to record people’s more accurate time. However, the watch designer added a large date window to it, providing a more stable temperament for those who love sports. The overseas chronograph watch comes from the hand of Vacheron Constantin, which has been adhering to the 252-year-old traditional craftsmanship. The gorgeous design, classic marks, and outstanding craftsmanship make the perfect integration of accurate chronograph functions and big, clear and easy-to-read dates, creating extraordinary.
Also from the watch: Jaeger-Lecoultre’s Reverso Squadra World Chronograph Polo Fields.It is a special ceramic chronograph watch specially designed for polo players. Design, the watch continues the classic flip case design, the large date window on the front and the chronograph are placed on the upper, lower, left, and right sides of the dial, while the back of the case is a pragmatic world time zone function, whether in shape, movement or function It is a rare luxury.

Exquisite big date and junior pin
Regardless of whether it is retro or engraved, the junior model with a classic beauty can always cause people to feel nostalgic.However, the streamlined junior model has also been popular with watchmakers and watch lovers with a low-key gorgeousness. Beloved. When the more stable and tough big date window meets this extremely simple three-hand watch, what kind of spark will it produce? Breitling, full of powerful masculine flavor, no matter what the model Any combination with a large date window can really be said to complement each other. In its Cockpit series, the center of the dial is specially decorated with vertical lines, and the classic mark is fully displayed. Coupled with the big date at three o’clock, people feel the tender side of tough guys. IWC, also a ‘flight expert’, has also previously launched the Davinci Automatic watch with both tenderness and power.The watch made of stainless steel is decorated with radioactive patterns on the dial to highlight the marvel of shuttle time; another rose gold wrist The watch is inlaid with diamonds on the classic wine barrel-shaped bezel and is equipped with a large calendar window, which is particularly gorgeous and noble.
Hermés, which is world-renowned for its leather goods, also began to own its first self-made movement last year. . Unlike many models, Hermès specially placed the large date window at 6 o’clock this time, highlighting its distinctiveness. Also eye-catching is the RW Sport watch from Raymond Weil.The big date simply became the protagonist, and its eye-catching degree absolutely covered the second time zone plate. Despite this, the overall is still full of harmony and streamlined His temperament also continues.