Month: November 2015

Mark Hayek, President Of Breguet: An Innate Passion For Watches

Mr. Marc A. Hayek does not like to fly, and it is difficult to see him in China. Since the death of Mr. Nicolas G. Hayek, founder of the SWATCH Group, Mr. Mark Hayek has taken over the Breguet and Jacques Dero, who was personally managed by his grandfather, and became the Swatch with the Blancpain he has been in charge of. President of the Group’s three high-end brands.
Marc A. Hayek, Co-president of Breguet, Blancpain and Jacques Dro

   For his grandfather’s enthusiasm and spirit for watchmaking, Mr. Mark Hayek fully recognizes and inherits. Rodolphe M. Schulthess, Breguet’s vice president of global sales, once described him as follows: ‘Mark Hayek and Mr. Hayek The development of Breguet is exactly the same. It can be said that he and his grandfather are also promoting at the same speed. Unfortunately, Old Hayek has left us, but Mr. Mark Hayek has completely retained Breguet. And make it more powerful. ‘From the increasingly powerful creativity and annual wonderful works of Breguet, Blancpain, and Jacques Dro, we see the vitality, bravery, and forward-thinking of Mr. President, especially In the current global economic instability, the three brands managed by Mark Hayek are still emerging with high-quality, high-tech, high-tech standards, allowing the industry and consumers to see the firm belief of this young and promising president And growing strength.

   He has been with his grandfather Mr. Nicolas G. Hayek since he was a child. He was most affected by his grandfather. Now he is also the president of three high-end brands of the Swatch Group: BREGUET, BLANCPAIN and JAQUET DROZ. Continuing the grandfather’s spirit, passion is flowing in his blood, that is the passion to develop the watch industry, and the passion to love life. He likes cigars, yachts, and racing. He has integrated this love and passion for high-quality life into his watchmaking career, and has branded his brand.

Reporter: Breguet, Blancpain, Jacques Dro, you are in charge of these three brands. What are the development goals for these three brands, and what is the most important to build these three brands?

Mr. Hayek: The development goal of the three brands must be growth. Separately, for Breguet, I hope that Breguet will make some breakthroughs in advanced mechanical production, such as the use of silicon materials and the use of magnetic fields; for Blancpain, the three complete series will allow three different series to grow simultaneously; Jacques Derow is now slowly growing. First of all, it is necessary to solidify its position, and then let everyone know who Jacques Derow is and what kind of brand it is, and then slowly expand some sales or markets.

Reporter: In the management process, which tasks will you personally participate in?

Mr. Hayek: The work I personally cover covers almost every important part. For example, the interviews I take now are also part of my daily work. The most important thing is brand R & D, brand management, finance, and output growth. I also pay great attention to it, especially Blancpain and Breguet.

Reporter: Which of your favorite pieces from the Breguet, Blancpain, and Jacques Droe at the Basel Show this year?

Mr. Hayek: My favorite Chinese calendars from Blancpain, the Petite Heure Minute Relief Dragon watch from Jacques Dro, and Breguet’s 7727 and GMT 7067.

Reporter: We see that the three brands pay great attention to craftsmanship, such as enamel, gold carving, and inlay. Does this mean that for these three brands, the team of these process technologies will continue to grow to enrich their products?

Mr. Hayek: Indeed we pay more and more attention to craftsmanship. In addition, craft technicians in enamel, gold carving, and inlay are getting harder and harder to find. We hope to make the watch more attractive. This will also attract some young people to engage in this kind of handicraft work. Jacques Dro has made further developments in traditional craftsmanship.

Reporter: How do you train watchmakers?

Mr. Hayek: The watchmaker is indeed relatively old, about 40-50 years old, but it is very surprising that there are also a large number of young watchmakers, and we are happy to see that young blood joins. Compared to those watchmakers who have some experience in other factories, we prefer those who have just graduated after studying watchmaking technology, because they have no habit in other watchmaking factories. These young watchmakers joined Later, we did training to make it grow quickly. Especially Breguet, every young person studying in watchmaking school wants to join Breguet, so Breguet attracts many young watchmakers. If you go to Breguet factory, you will find Breguet’s watchmaking. Most of the teachers are very young, with an average age of only 30, and they are very energetic.

Reporter: How do you choose to wear a watch?

Mr. Hayek: I often wear Blancpain when attending Breguet’s events, and Dai Baozhene when attending Blancpain’s events. Unless I go to some special sports, I will choose the watch that is suitable for the function. What watch I usually wear every day depends on my mood. It may also be a formal wear, but I wear a sports watch. The watch can move me, so I choose this watch to wear, there is no fixed mode, it depends on the mood.

Reporter: How do you view the Chinese market?

Mr. Hayek: The Chinese market is very important and is developing rapidly. Chinese consumers are becoming more and more mature. It is not just because they know the brand’s name. They are very interested in the manufacture of watches and clocks. Quick, this is my impression of the Chinese market.

Reporter: Every year I participate in the Super Tropeo racing competition held by Blancpain and Lamborghini, and often won the championship recently. How do you feel and gain from participating in the racing competition?

Mr. Hayek: It feels great to win the championship! I can win the championship is the support of a team behind it. After a long season, many people are helping me during this period. For example, mechanics, staff of various functions in the team are helping me to win the game and win. It is the huge achievements and glory of the entire team, and for me personally, I like this challenge and competition. This is a very positive competition. When I participate in the competition, it is like participating in training, and I will exercise myself. Getting stronger.