Month: December 2015

5 World Timepieces You Should Remember

Vacheron Constantin’s early world time zone table
1. Vacheron Constantin’s early world time zone table ref. 4414, the dial can display 41 city time, 24 hours dial day and night two areas.

World Time Pocket Watch before 1930
2. Before 1930, Swiss watchmakers were already trying to make clocks that could display the local time in different cities. The earliest one was a double-sided pocket watch made in 1780. The back of the watch indicates the time in 53 different places. .

Rolex pocket watch in 1948
3. Louis Cottier World Time Pocket Watch produced by Rolex in 1948.

Patek Philippe’s work No. 862442, made in 1940
4, Patek Philippe’s work No. 862442, Ref. 1415-1 HU-World time series men’s watch, can display the names of 33 cities, regions or countries around the world, with square timing buttons and pulse meter scale, made in 1940.

Patek Philippe World Timepiece, sold at high prices at famous auctions and repeatedly set a record price
5. Patek Philippe World Timepiece (Ref. 2523HU), enamel dial. These antique Patek Philippe world timepieces are often paired with exquisitely crafted and complicated enamel dials, so their value and scarcity are unique. They are often sold at famous auctions at high prices and have repeatedly set transaction prices.

Wear The Galaxy In Your Hands, This Operation Is Too Charming

Van Cleef & Arpels watches have a very touching place, each of its watches is like telling a story or depicting a picture. Women themselves are biased towards sensuality. Van Cleef & Arpels captures women’s hearts very well. Each piece of work will be accompanied by the call of ‘who can stand it’, and can be moved by a story or a painting. The odds are higher.

  Van Cleef & Arpels has previously produced a women’s astronomical complication watch, placing the entire astrological world on the dial, placing very representative celestial bodies, such as Venus, Mercury, the Moon, and the Earth. With the sun moving in the middle, a picture of the movement of a celestial body is depicted on the disk.

Heliocentric theory

  In this poetic complication watch by Van Cleef & Arpels, other celestial planets move around the sun. Remember the heliocentric saying? The heliocentric theory was very controversial in the past. Before the heliocentric theory was proposed, people always thought that the earth was the center of the universe, but it was not until the 16th century that Copernicus proposed that the sun is the center of the universe, and it was met with ridicule from various fields. He laughed, and with the turbulent development of the times, the heliocentric theory gradually proved its correctness.

Nicholas Copernicus

  Going back, the first astronomer to record in the history of mankind who advocated heliocentric theory was actually Aristarchus (about 310 BC-about 230 BC) in ancient Greece. Most of his writings have been lost, but in one we know he wrote about the volume of the sun and the moon and the distance to the earth. In another book, he developed a model of a flexible heliocentric theory. However, Aristax’s ideas were very avant-garde at that time, and could not be understood by the world. His light was gradually covered by the ancient Greek philosophers.

  Later, astronomy and clocks gradually came together.

  Look at this clock first. Around 1765, a French watchmaker CS Passemant, a watchmaker specializing in astronomical complexes, customized a clock for Louis XV that was positioned not only as a scientific instrument but also as a noble Decorations. Not only does this clock provide a detailed description between the earth and the moon, but the sun is also at the center of these celestial bodies.

Van Cleef & Arpels astronomical complication watch

  In fact, in 2014, Van Cleef & Arpels had already produced a poetic complication watch, but it was a men’s model at that time, the watch diameter was 44 mm. This time Van Cleef & Arpels created a 38 mm diameter watch for girls.

  This watch case is made of precious metal white gold, and the case and bezel are inlaid with diamonds that girls like. The previous men’s models were not set with diamonds. The color design of the disk is very similar to that of the Milky Way. The sun in rose gold is surrounded by seven elliptical orbits. The ball of pink mother-of-pearl refers to Mercury, and the ball made of green enamel is Venus. Turquoise refers to the earth. It is particularly interesting that the moon revolves around the earth, so there is a diamond beside the turquoise to represent the moon. In the outermost orbit is a rhodium-plated gold shooting star.

  Every star on the disk runs at the speed that actually orbits the sun. Like Mercury, it takes 88 days to circle the dial, and Venus needs 224 days. Everyone on the planet is familiar with it. It takes 365 days to orbit the sun. As for the moon, In particular, it takes 29.5 days to orbit the earth, and another meteor is used to indicate the time.

  Like the previous men’s model, this model also puts a window showing the year, month, and day on the case back, but the difference is that the center of the case back is decorated with a round turquoise, Means Earth, surrounded by a crescent moon studded with diamonds. Van Cleef & Arpels also put the craftsmanship on the jewellery in the watch, which can be said to be very thorough for women.

Astronomical watchmaker ChristiaanvanderKlaauw and complex movement

Astronomical watchmaker ChristiaanvanderKlaauw

  The movement in this Van Cleef & Arpels watch comes from the astronomical watchmaker ChristiaanvanderKlaauw.

ChristiaanvanderKlaauw’s early work

  ChristiaanvanderKlaauw was previously influenced by the magnificent tradition of the 17th century. His early works have a clear Baroque style, and he constantly develops complex clocks. Later, ChristiaanvanderKlaauw’s style became more and more streamlined, pursuing between complex functions and simple wear. A balance.

  To accommodate smaller models, the movement has been redesigned to incorporate a planetarium module developed by ChristiaanvanderKlaauw, with a power reserve of 36 hours. The previous men’s models were equipped with buttons for adjusting the year, month, and day on the left side of the model. After redesigning, the ladies’ model removed this design and appeared in a simpler shape.

In summary: I have read many people’s comments on this watch by Van Cleef & Arpels, saying that it is a thousand years at a glance, after all, such a face value and craftsmanship can indeed afford this praise. As for the price, the public price of this ladies’ model is 182W, and the men’s model is 164W. It is not worth the effort depending on the individual’s economic strength. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Basel Preheats Blancpain’s Classic Villeret Collection Launches Large Calendar Window Watch

For the first time, Blancpain’s most classic and elegant Villeret series welcomes the addition of a large calendar window watch. This elegant and practical complex function is displayed in large numbers through two side by side wide windows. Make date readings at a glance. Blancpain introduced the concept of ‘schedule’ into a purely famous junior model with a sense of proportion, breaking the ‘increasing by one point’ principle, not only retaining the essence of simple aesthetics, but also satisfying daily life. The most basic functional requirements of life on the watch-vividly reflects the brand’s style when dealing with complex mechanical skills.
   When creating the Caliber 6950 movement, Blancpain watchmakers needed to achieve multiple goals: using a large digital display and completing the date change instantly at midnight to maximize the legibility of the date; while avoiding the machine The core is thickened. As a result, a new self-winding movement was introduced: the movement is equipped with two main barrels; the sophisticated large date display mechanism is also equipped with anti-vibration devices. In addition, the Caliber 6950 movement is also equipped with a silicon-free balance with silicon balance spring and gold fine-tuning screws, bringing excellent performance. Today, it is this extraordinary movement masterpiece that powers the new Villeret series large calendar windows.
   The new large calendar window watch continues the simple and elegant design style, which perfectly captures this series of traditional supremacy and timeless pursuit of elegance and elegance. This watch combines all the classic aesthetic elements of the Villeret series: a 40 mm double red gold round case, a milky white dial and Roman numerals, red gold hands, a six-point date window, all of which exude natural beauty Elegant temperament; the back of the case is sapphire crystal back, you can see the beauty of the decorative pattern of the movement, and decorate the delicate rotor with a honeycomb pattern. The chocolate-colored alligator leather strap adds a strong classic temperament to the watch, making the performance of time even more low-key.

Rolex Title Sponsors Shanghai Masters Brand Spokesperson Federer Plays Smoothly To Win The First Victory

From October 7th to 15th, 2017, the annual tennis feast ‘Shanghai RolexMasters’ (ShanghaiRolexMasters) officially kicked off at the Shanghai Qizhong Forest Sports City Tennis Center. Rolex, the top Swiss watchmaker, continues to sponsor the Shanghai Masters with its title, and serves as the official timekeeper for the event nine times. Roger Federer, a Swiss tennis master and Rolex brand ambassador recognized as ‘one of the greatest players in history’, also appeared on the court and will start with 100 Chinese and foreign men’s tennis players such as Rafael Nadal Fierce competition. He arrived in Shanghai on October 6th and will fight in the arena with high spirits.

2017 Shanghai Rolex Masters

Competition venue
 As the highest-level ATP Masters tournament in the ATP (World Professional Men’s Tennis Association) World Tour, the Shanghai Rolex Masters is not only the only stop in Asia, but also provides a high reward of 1,000 points for any professional player. In other words, they are full of unprecedented appeal and challenges.

Rolex’s grand and exquisite showroom outside the venue

Showroom interior

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Rolex Women’s Diary Watch with Gold and Diamonds

2017 Shanghai Rolex Masters Ticket Office
 This year coincides with the replacement of the new LOGO at the Shanghai Rolex Masters (top left), which keeps the global Masters LOGO design sponsored by Rolex to maintain a unified style, and brings a new visual experience to the majority of fans and friends-a new LOGO design. Replace the previous curve shape. This signifies that the Shanghai Rolex Masters will actively seek innovation and change on the basis of maintaining the previous high-level competitions. It also symbolizes Rolex’s continuous commitment to promote the concept of excellence in the tennis world-providing a high-level competitive stage for elite tennis players. And go hand in hand with the world’s top tennis events, creating legend and glory.

Federer Fan Club

Rolex sets up VIP viewing room in venues
 As the top title sponsor of the Shanghai Masters, the brand has opened a VIP viewing room for VIP guests in order to better experience the fierce competition. This time, the brand invited a total of 40 related reporting media, and the Watch House was also honored to be invited to watch the game in the VIP viewing room.

Federer before the game

Match schedule for October 11

Federer during the game
In this year’s Masters, Federer made the first round and faced Argentine Schwartzman in the second round. At 10:00 on the evening of October 11, the first match of his Masters officially started. The first set relied on the first-mover advantage and the high-quality back-shooting after the break to make opponents make successive mistakes. When Schwarzman quickly broke back, he overcomes short-term fluctuations and wins the tiebreaker, winning 7-6 (4). In the second set, Federer finished the break when he started, gaining an advantage, and continued his previous good condition, maintaining the advantage to the end, and finally winning in two straight sets. Federer made 14 ACEs throughout the game. Defeat Schwartzman 7-6 (4) / 6-4 and advance to the top 16.
 Rolex has been instrumental in helping tennis and became the official timer for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in the late 1970s. Since then, Rolex and tennis cooperation has continued to flourish. In 2001, Federer became the brand spokesperson for Rolex. He originally favored Rolex watches, and at many awards ceremony, he brought Rolex watches to witness the glorious moment together.

Roger Federer won the second Grand Slam title of the year at the 2017 Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Receive a trophy while wearing a Rolex OysterPerpetualDatejust41 watch
 On January 29 this year, he defeated Nadal in the Australian Open men’s singles final, and won the fifth Australian Open championship and the 18th Grand Slam championship. In the subsequent July 16, the Wimbledon men’s singles final defeated Cilic with a brilliant record of 3: 0, while winning his eighth Wimbledon championship, he also increased his number of Grand Slams to 19.
 When receiving the 2017 Wimbledon Tennis Championship trophy, he was wearing a Rolex OysterPerpetualDatejust41 watch, equipped with 18ct yellow / stainless steel case, 18ct gold bezel, luxury and sporty fusion, inheriting the outstanding quality of Rolex watches, Become Federer’s choice on the wrist when receiving the prize.

Roger Federer wears Rolex Greenwich II watch to receive trophy
 The most famous in the circle of friends is Federer’s Rolex Greenwich II series blue and black circle watch. With its unique charm and outstanding performance, it is deeply loved by Federer, so he accompanies him to receive the award. The ‘exposure rate’ at that time is also very high.

Roger Federer wears Rolex 116506 Cosmograph Daytona when winning the previous Shanghai Rolex Masters trophy
 The ice blue plate brown ceramic circle Daytona is also a very beautiful and practical watch, the layer was once regarded as the ideal timepiece in the hearts of watch friends. Can well show the high cold and powerful gas field of the king. Federer also chose this one when receiving the previous Shanghai Rolex Masters Championship trophy as a wrist companion to witness the glorious moment.

A striking clock outside the Rolex Pavilion
Summary: The partnership between Rolex and the Shanghai Rolex Masters can be traced back to the first event in 2009. From dedicated timing to title sponsorship, this outstanding brand has always supported this largest domestic tennis event. From 2009 to 2013, he was rated as the best 1000 masters of the year by ATP players, which is the best men’s tennis match in Asia. In addition to supporting the game, Rolex also paid more attention to the growth of tennis players, and accompanied the top events and players to create great results. This time, Federer won the ‘starter’ in the first round of the game, and smoothly advanced to the top 16. He looks forward to his excellent performance in the next game.