Month: July 2016

British Polo Open Gold Cup (July 1st Official Website Update)

The Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup has just ended in the second week of the tournament. The 16 teams have played in 3 games each, striving for the championship of the British Polo Open. Only Dubai, Salkeld, The three Sumaya teams won all three games.

Just at the Gold Cup at Manor Farm, the Earl and Zacara staged a very exciting and exciting competition. A 60-yard safety ball was scored by Earl Polo’s Joaquin Pittaluga before he scored his first field goal. After Cristian Laprida scored another point, the Earl led a three-point lead, and Hilario Ulloa pulled back a point for the Zacara team. The two sides each scored two points in the second game, the third game was more fierce, and the ball came and went. In the end, the Earl added another point to lead the first half by 6-3.

The two sides entered again and Zacara stopped the Earl’s free throw. Nachi du Plessis grabbed a polo in the chaos and recovered a point for the Zacara team. Then Pittaluga took a brave swing and scored a wonderful point from a tricky angle. Laprida quickly scored another point for the Earl with a skilled move, allowing the Earl to end the fourth game with a score of 8-4.

In the fifth game, the two sides took turns to attack, and the rhythm was bright. Ulloa of the Zacara team scored two points with a 40-yard free throw and a free kick. Before the end of the game, the earl’s talented player Muzzio won the polo when the bell rang for the first time and scored the goal before the bell rang the second time, giving the earl a 9-6 lead. In the final game, the players of both teams tried their best. After a series of confrontations, the Zacara team finally got a serve. Du Plessis finally scored this free throw after missing two previous 60-yard shots. The difficult battle in this tournament was won by the Earl with a score of 9-7. The Zacara team and the Earl have now won two games each.