Month: August 2016

Richard Mill Rm 50-03 Mclaren F1 Ultralight Double Seconds Chasing Tourbillon Chronograph

Persevering innovation in technology, the tireless pursuit of perfection and the never-ending desire for progress are the qualities shared by McLaren-Honda and RICHARD MILLE.

   The new RICHARD MILLE movement created by RICHARD MILLE in cooperation with this famous Formula One manufacturer is a masterpiece of technology that achieves mechanical properties beyond limits.

   The RM 50-03 McLaren F1 ultra-light double-second chase tourbillon chronograph, with a strap weighing less than 40 grams, is the lightest mechanical chronograph in the history of horology.

   This landmark watch masterpiece was made possible thanks to the use of cutting-edge technical materials. Its design not only combines titanium alloy and TPT ™ carbon fiber, but also introduces another brand-new material into the manufacture of watches and clocks: Graph TPT ™, or what is commonly called graphene.

   The National Graphene Institute, which was established in 2015 at the University of Manchester, has obtained new applications for graphene after layers of research. It was also at the University of Manchester that Professor Andre Geim of the School of Physics and Astronomy isolated graphene for the first time in 2004. Six years later, the discovery won Professor Andre Geim and his colleague Professor Konstantin Novoselov the most prestigious 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics. Thanks to collaborations with the University of Manchester, McLaren Applied Technology and North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT®), RICHARD MILLE successfully produced a watch case made of modified TPT ™ carbon fiber. As an innovative nano material, graphene is 6 times lighter than steel, but its strength is 200 times that of steel. Its introduction has greatly enhanced the physical properties of carbon fibers. The McLaren Technology Center and McLaren-Honda are currently studying how to integrate graphene into their single-seater vehicles, which also allows us to see the possibility of using this material to significantly reduce the density of our carbon fiber composites while increasing their resistance Sex.

   Convinced of the benefits of graphene, our engineers worked with colleagues at North Thin Ply Technology to integrate the practical application of this new material into TPT ™ carbon fiber.

   Known for its beautiful undulating stripes, TPT ™ carbon fiber is a composite of parallel microfilaments-up to 600 layers, with a maximum thickness of only 30 microns. They were injected into a graphene-containing supercharged resin, and then their fiber layers were knitted at 45 ° using a CNC machine. The composite was then solidified by heating at 120 ° C and a pressure of 6 bar. McLaren applied technology to countless control and verification tests, developed various solutions, and finally produced Graph TPT ™, a material exclusively used by RICHARD MILLE in the watchmaking field.

   At the production site of RICHARD MILLE, we are devoted to the research and development team of movement components and cases, devoting their energy to how to use Graph TPT ™ cleverly-a lot of time is used to create and program micron precision cutting tools.

   The three-part case obtained through the above design and manufacturing processes is unmatched in all aspects. It not only retains ergonomics and a unique stunning appearance, but also has ultra-high shock resistance and ultra-light characteristics.

   As far as parts are concerned, the movement with a weight of only 7 grams can be described as ‘super light’. The secret of being as light as a cicada is the use of grade 5 titanium alloy and TPT ™ carbon fiber to create the bottom plate and bridge plate, as well as the extremely hollow parts. Titanium alloy’s density, stiffness, and low thermal conductivity also make it the material of choice for McLaren’s Formula One engineering manufacturing design. Not only is it used to reduce and strengthen the frame and aerodynamic components, it is also used to produce transmission , Connecting rods and valve systems. Inspired by the McLaren-Honda Formula One racing car’s double wishbone suspension structure, we have carefully crafted a lateral cage using TPT ™ carbon steel attached to the watch ring to support the entire RM50-03 movement. There is no longer a need for a case lining. This unusual structure achieves a perfect match between the movement and the case. These technical solutions provide complex movements with outstanding resistance characteristics. In fact, in our watchmaking workshops, the case can withstand shock load tests up to 5000g-without any damage after the test.

   All parts of the movement are polished and satin-finished by hand, all embodying superb watchmaking skills. For example, every grade 5 titanium dial needs to be chamfered and polished for 3 hours in our watchmaking workshop to highlight the bright edges. Other parts, such as the barrel, minute hand wheel, large, medium and small gears, are double-sided rounded, manually chamfered and gold-plated before cutting.

   The RM 50-03 McLaren F1 is the perfect piece of a life-giving chronograph: it combines a tourbillon escapement with a two-second chase. This requires perfect energy transfer and friction reduction. We have achieved excellent balance torque and optimized results by improving the tooth profile on the mainspring teeth. The performance and energy transfer of the movement can be easily read through the color indicator, which indicates the 70-hour energy storage and torque display. The recessed button of the chronograph represents the intake duct of the McLaren-Honda racing car, and the shape of the crown is inspired by the racing rims used by this British company.
   The design of the new two-second chase hands and the research of a large number of fixtures have reduced the energy consumption of the chronograph by 50%, and also reduced the friction between the shafts. The 6-tooth column wheel device that controls the dual-second chasing hand function with different rocking axes is designed to guarantee perfect synchronic motion, good function lock and high stability.
   We are encouraged by the extraordinary properties of graphene, prompting us to carry out further research and development with the strap supplier BIWI S.A. to incorporate this nano material into the rubber strap of RM50-03 to enhance its elasticity and abrasion resistance. The application of all kinds of graphene represents a significant technical progress for RICHARD MILLE and McLaren-Honda.
   We will issue a limited edition of 75 pieces of RM 50-03 McLaren F1, only available at RICHARD MILLE stores. Each watch comes with a 1: 5 scale model of the McLaren-Honda racing car that Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne drove in 2017.

The Longest Love Confession Bucherer Edmar Series Offers Love520

If the parent who accompanies you the most during the first half of your life is the one who accompanies you the most during the second half of the life. 520, a confession day dedicated to love, don’t wait for it carefully, say your heart bravely. With the new ADAMAVI watch, Bucherer offers a blessing of love to all couples: Companionship is the best confession. Once you have it, you will be with you for life. Edelmar wrist watch will accompany you to listen to the story of love, let your exclusive love spread.

Edmar series Milan style mesh belt

  How much can a watch carry? The ADAMAVI series comes from the Latin word adamare, with the meaning of ‘loving something’. In the name of love, born for love, witness every moment of love. Implying a sweet declaration of love, is a great choice for 520 gifts. The ticking sound that rotates every second is like a heartbeat, accompanied by the pulse of love, conveying the thoughts of your heart.
  In the 130 years since the birth of the Bucherer brand, it has adhered to the spirit of first-class watchmaking craftsmanship, researching innovative technologies, and promoting outstanding traditions. The Edelmar series produced with the brand’s utmost effort is elegant in appearance, based on timeless and timeless design, showing Bao Qilai’s insistence on inheriting outstanding values, just like the company of lovers, is the longest confession. Perseverance persists, carrying the strongest feelings.
  Edmar’s 39mm and 31mm are equipped with CFB 1950 automatic movement and CFB 1963 automatic movement, which also have a practical date display function. The dial is equipped with bright silver-gray hands and time markers. -Style mesh webbing strap for a soft fit on your wrist.

Edmar series Milan style mesh belt

  Bucherer Edmar watch technical specifications

Edmar automatic winding style

  Technical specifications: Edmar automatic winding style (39 mm)
  Model: 00.10314.08.13.21
  Movement: CFB 1950 self-winding movement, diameter 26.2 mm, thickness 4.6 or 4.8 mm, 25 or 26 stones, power reserve 38 hours
  Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds
  Case: stainless steel, sapphire crystal, sapphire crystal case back; water-resistant to 30 meters (3 atm), diameter 39 mm, thickness 8.77 mm
  Dial: silver dial
  Strap: Milanese mesh chain strap, stainless steel folding clasp
  Technical specifications: Edmar automatic winding style (31 mm)
  Model: 00.10320.08.13.21
  Movement: CFB 1963 self-winding movement, diameter 20 mm, thickness 4.8 mm, 25 stone, power reserve 38 hours
  Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds
  Case: stainless steel, sapphire crystal, sapphire crystal case back; water-resistant to 30 meters (3 atm), diameter 31 mm, thickness 8.3 mm
  Dial: silver dial
  Strap: Milanese mesh chain strap, stainless steel folding buckle

Vacheron Constantin’s ‘one Of Not Many’ Tour In Xi’an Skp Wonderful Debut

[November 2018, Xi’an] Swiss high-end watchmaker Vacheron Constantin presented the “OneofNotMany Outstanding” national tour exhibition in the historic city of Xi’an, a new commercial landmark. Vacheron Constantin created a new exhibition hall with a new concept. With a casual and elegant design style, a modern and unique display design, and a lifestyle-experienced experience setting, it displayed the rich connotation of the brand’s new promotional theme “OneofNotMany. Lovers and taste connoisseurs provide a unique space to appreciate timepieces. The exhibition starts on November 2 and runs through November 6.

Looking at the global watchmaking industry, only a small number of timepieces can meet the high standards of fine watchmaking every year. Vacheron Constantin, whose annual output is extremely scarce, has become an outstanding representative of low-key elegant high-end watches because of the outstanding quality, exquisite design and superb craftsmanship of each timepiece collection. This year, the brand launched a new promotional campaign ‘OneofNotMany’, and launched creative collaborations with four talented young talents. Through their works and personal charm, they demonstrated the consistent pursuit of excellence and openness to the world, consistent with the brand. And an inexhaustible passion for innovation.

As an offline extension of the brand’s brand new promotional event ‘OneofNotMany’, the national tour exhibition in the ancient capital showcases the creative connotation of ‘OneofNotMany’ in a unique exhibition hall.

The first area of ​​the exhibition hall is music-themed, linking the brand’s new Fiftysix® series with music. The exhibition hall is full of refreshing band instruments, vintage vinyl records, headphones and other musical elements. It also displays ads shot by the artist Benjamin Clementine and musician and songwriter James Bay in collaboration with the brand Picture, guests can experience the elegance and elegance of the modern metropolitan series of watches from the Fiftysix® series. The classic watch series represented by Patrimony heritage series and Tradtionnelle heritage series are displayed in the second area of ​​Yongyong Modern, showing the brand’s extraordinary control over simple design and superb watchmaking skills. OraIto’s advocating design concept-‘simpleplexity’ works in the same way. The travel and adventure-themed area, fearless explorer and photographer Cory Richards, interprets the openness and tolerance of Overseas’s vertical and horizontal series with unique charm, explores the unknown travel spirit, and leads guests into the world of travelers. The brand also brings Xi’an watch enthusiasts the Métiersd’Art master series, high-end jewellery and high-complexity watches that combine outstanding watchmaking skills and aesthetics. In addition, there are bands at the event to present wonderful performances to the guests, with wonderful music to add a unique style to the ‘OneofNotMany’ tour.

After the “OneofNotMany” national tour exhibition in Xi’an Station, Minjiang Shidanton will be presented in Shenzhen, Chongqing, Beijing and Hangzhou. Watch connoisseurs will have more opportunities to appreciate Vacheron Constantin’s extraordinary timepiece masterpieces and explore the rich connotation of ‘OneofNotMany.’

“OneofNotMany Outstanding” National Tour Exhibition Xi’an Station
Time: November 2nd-November 6th, 2018
Location: Atrium, SKP, Xi’an

“OneofNotMany Outstanding” National Touring Schedule of Minjiang Shidanton
Shenzhen Vientiane City
5December 5, 2018-December 11
Chongqing Vientiane City
14December 14, 2018-December 25, 2018
Hangzhou Vientiane City
日 January 5, 2019-January 11
王 Beijing Wangfu Central
11January 11, 2019-January 15, 2019