Month: May 2017

Looking At The Moon – Panarai Mid-autumn Festival Special

‘Mid-Autumn Festival Moon Reunion’, since ancient times, Mid-Autumn Festival has always been a traditional custom in China. The moon’s gloom and clearness affected the poet’s joy and sorrow, and also witnessed the sorrow and joy of the people. From Shuo to Wang, from self-profit to loss, no matter what the shape of the moon is, it cannot control people’s love and dependence on it.
  Panerai is also aware of the boundless charm of the moon, and in 2018 SIHH launched the new L’Astronomo-Luminor 1950 Tourbillon Moon Phases Equation of Time GMT 50mm tourbillon moon phase time equation two places time watch (PAM00920 ).

—50mm Tourbillon Moon Phase Time Equation Two Time Titanium Watch (PAM00920)
  Combining new creativity and superb watchmaking skills, this watch is Panerai’s first masterpiece with a moon phase display. The moon phase function is interpreted in a different way, and its accuracy can be maintained for a century. The P.2005 / GLS movement of the new L’ Astronomo watch is equipped with a day and night display on the back, and the moon phase is clearly displayed through a mechanical system composed of two overlapping turntables.
  The upper dial indicates the 24 hours of the day by small external hands fixed on the movement, and the day is indicated by the sun and the night is indicated by the starry sky. A small circular window is set in the center of the starry sky to appreciate the lower turntable. The auxiliary disk associated with it realizes a rotation of about 6.1 ° per day according to the actual profit and loss cycle of the moon phase (average 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 3 seconds). The precise operation makes the turntable located in the lower layer present a moon shape profit and loss change.

  Because the watch movement is made according to the latitude and longitude of the region selected by the wearer, the moon phase display is also consistent with the moon phase seen in that place, and it varies according to the northern and southern hemispheres. Same as the moon phase display, the sunrise and sunset time display is also associated with the home time zone selected at the time of customization. If the city where the wearer is located is in a different time zone from the home city, the sunrise and sunset time in the home time zone will still be displayed , And home time is indicated by the two time hands.

  The watch has a linear equation of time at 6 o’clock, showing the time difference between actual time (true solar time) and universal time (flat solar time). The time difference varies throughout the year, from 15 minutes to slow 15 minutes.

  The new L’ Astronomo watch showcases Panerai’s outstanding professional watchmaking technology, and at the same time, thanks to the talented astronomer Galileo for his great contribution to human exploration of the universe. The isochronic law and conceived pendulum clock that he proposed also brought earth-shaking changes to time measurement.
  The first Panerai L’Astronomo watch was released in 2010, coincided with the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s invention of the astronomical telescope and the observation of astrology. The Luminor 1950 Equation of Time Tourbillon Titanio – 50 mm tourbillon time equation titanium wrist The watch (PAM00365) has a complicated technology such as a tourbillon with a time equation, a sunrise and sunset time display of the selected city, and a night sky mirror of the city displayed on the bottom cover of the watch. Limited production of 30 pieces.
  Through Sapphire crystal glass, you can admire Panerai’s exquisite P.2005 / G homemade movement. This movement is based on Panerai’s P.2005 homemade movement, and has been improved to add new features. The P.2005 / G machine is composed of 375 parts. Through the case back, you can admire Panerai’s unique tourbillon adjuster. It rotates perpendicular to the balance wheel’s axis and rotates twice a minute. The watch is equipped with a manual winding movement, three barrels ensure automatic operation for 4 days, and the power reserve is shown on the case back.

Luminor 1950 Equation of Time Tourbillon Titanio
—50mm Tourbillon Time Equation Titanium Watch (PAM00365)

  The same timepiece that pays tribute to Galileo, the Lo Scienziato-Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT Titanio – 47mm Tourbillon Time Titanium Watch (PAM00767) is newly presented this year. This watch uses direct metal laser sintering technology and is 3D printed into a titanium case. The hands of the watch are blue, which harmonizes elegantly with the metallic tones of the titanium case. The stitching of the black leather strap also echoes blue, emphasizing the sporty style and complementing the innovative technology used in the watch.
  The lightweight design of the new Lo Scienziato watch is outstanding, but it also has multiple functions, including hours, minutes, small seconds, two places with day and night display, six-day power reserve display on the back of the watch, and equipped with Flywheel device. The secret of extra lightness comes from the sophisticated case and exquisite P.2005 / T movement created by the exquisite design of the Laboratorio di Idee of Panerai Chateau. Light and delicate, it also has the classic characteristics of Panerai.

Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT Titanio
—47mm Tourbillon Time Titanium Watch (PAM00767)

Boer Watch Basic Freehand Submersible King Accurate And Comfortable

Engineer Master II Diver
BALL watch In September 2006, a limited edition of 2006 Guillaume Engineer Master II Diver TMT was specially launched. This watch can measure the ambient temperature, ranging from minus 35 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius. The movement is a Cal. 9018 modified by itself, and a special movement oil is added so that the temperature will not affect its accuracy.
There are no wrist issues with the timing buttons.
Engineer Master II Diver is the basic version evolved from the submerged king, but still retains its own secret weapon: it can withstand the impact of a one-meter obstacle, that is, pass the 5000Gs impact test; 41 built-in rotating timing rings on the surface Self-luminous miniature gas light, the first 15 minutes on the chronograph circle, in addition to taking one minute as a scale, it is also equipped with green, orange or gray display to improve the ease of reading.
The self-luminous miniature gas light with built-in rotating timing ring is closely arranged and easy to read under the dark water.
Each crown on the Engineer Master II Diver also has a different shape, the advantage is that each button can be touched by fingers in the dark; many chronographs also have this design, even if the watch is placed between the wrists, the comfort is still very good Well, definitely worthy of praise.