Month: June 2017

Champion Grand Prix De Monaco Historique Chrono Chronograph

The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique chronograph is a true racing watch in terms of material, function and color. The latest design and matt titanium case, new yellow color and racing strap pay tribute to Formula One antique racing cars. Powerful and reliable, technical and comfortable, this watch is designed to be a complete navigation instrument.

 The Chopard brand has been the sponsor and official timepiece of the Monaco Antique Car Competition for 7 consecutive times. On May 10th and 11th, 2014, the roar of Formula 1 antique cars such as Lotus, Cooper or Lola will be heard in Monaco, with the help of Ferrari, Bugatti and other antique cars. According to tradition, the Chopard brand launches a chronograph for antique car races held every two years. This year, Chopard decided for the first time to develop a new watch series called the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique (Monaco Antique Car Competition). The chronograph will be the first model of this series to be introduced first.
New look

 The case has a new ergonomic design, and the lugs are more tensioned. Its diameter is widened to 44.5 mm. The dial has been completely redesigned, with grooves engraved, just like the vibrating rod device at the turn. The hour-marker ring looks like a brake disc. The arrow-shaped hour markers are coated with super-fluorescent paint, using the new features of the Chopard classic racing series. The most striking part is the new apricot-colored countdown dial, which sounds the alarm for riders who are speeding at over 250 km / h at the exit of the Monaco Tunnel. In fact, the classic event was a test of energy, danger and smoke. The Formula 1 races of the 1930s and 1970s each had their own powerful cars, without anti-skid devices and without guidance systems. Their brakes and suspensions belonged directly to another era. The cockpit made of aluminum screams like the V8 of the Brabham series, hung high on a steep suspension, and must be able to read the watch time as freely as at the rest station.

 Light and sturdy enough to stand any test

 Technology must serve the needs of the driver, whether it is for a car or a watch. The Chopard brand strictly demands its impeccable functionality, in addition to having a strong and unique appearance. It is this mutually restrictive relationship between shape and function, appearance and inner (if there is lead gasoline) that has shaped the characteristics of the 2014 Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Chrono. The anti-slip function of the chronograph button made of titanium comes from its large engraved surface, imitating the racing piston. The dial uses contrasting colors to improve readability. The chronograph section uses yellow hands, and the hour, minute and second hands are coated with black fluorescent paint. Everything at a glance on the silver or black dial. Lightness and sturdiness are essential to the car, and are easy to operate and use. The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique chronograph meets these two elements, using a fine-grained titanium case. The bezel and caseback are made of polished steel. The back cover is engraved with the logo of the organizer, Monaco Racing Club.
The driver’s seat in the cockpit is a prime requirement for safety and comfort. Unlike the racing four-point seat belt, this watch features a titanium folding buckle and a black calfskin strap with large perforations and yellow stitching, imitating the style of the 1960s racing. An optional NATO woven nylon strap is also available. With black as the base and yellow as the ribbon, it has the style of a Ford GT40 or Shelby Cobra Daytona. The integrity of the opening is also a necessary condition for driver safety. The titanium crown is screwed in and protected by a particle-polished shoulder guard. Finally, the reliability of the engine determines the ranking. If broken before reaching the finish, even the best cars driven by the best drivers won’t help. Chopard uses an automatic chronograph movement that has been tested for reliable performance. Its travel time accuracy has passed the test of the famous COSC Swiss official observatory.

 The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique chronograph is a true racing watch in terms of material, function and color. This is not nostalgia, nor old wine in new bottles, but real contemporary creation. Learn and pay tribute to the legendary Formula One features, always ready to go.