Month: August 2017

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Richardmille’s New Tourbillon Watch Sharp Bilu

RichardMille launched a number of new ladies ‘watches to celebrate the arrival of the ‘Ladies’ Watch Year’. Richard Mille’s long-term cooperation with the famous Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh has been fruitful. This year, a new jewellery watch RM51-01 Tiger and Dragon-Michelle Yeoh tourbillon watch was launched.

  The new watch celebrates the release of Michelle Yeoh’s new movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II in 2014. In the film, Michelle Yeoh plays the household name Yu Xiulian again.

  Richard Mille’s cooperation with Michelle Yeoh can be traced back to the RM051Phoenix Tourbillon Phoenix Tourbillon watch launched in 2011. Michelle Yeoh actively participated in this symbolic timepiece concept. This time, Michelle Yeoh made a fresh review of the internal shape and construction concept of the movement, introducing the aesthetic elements of ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, and the tourbillon movement is surrounded by dragons and tigers. Both dragon and tiger are made of 3N red gold and are hand-carved and embedded in the movement. To this end, the brand customized special tools to meet the needs of high-end craftsmanship. In order to make animal images come to life, the artisans have gone through a difficult and long manual detailed drawing process, and even the invisible parts of the naked eye have carefully carved dragon and tiger patterns.

  Dragons and tigers have deep images of Asian culture. Tigers are considered ‘yang’, a symbol of male and domineering, and an animal that drives out evil spirits. The soldier’s shield and weapon have a tiger pattern because it represents courage. The dragon is a very common totem in China. It has a complex shape and can represent a group or even a symbol of national unity. Today, dragons are considered to represent prosperity and happiness.

  This watch has a power reserve of 48 hours, and a red line indicates between 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock. The 5th grade titanium alloy band limits the torque of the crown to prevent the crown from being overwound.

  The RM51-01 Michelle Yeoh Dragon Tiger Tourbillon Watch is limited to 20 pieces and is available in 18K white and red gold.

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