Month: September 2017

G-shock Releases New Dw-6900 Spring Color Matches, Crazy Color Wave

Recently, Casio proudly announced that the trend-setting benchmarking brand G-SHOCK family has added a new fashion member, DW-6900PL, with a new color announcement. The design of this watch is inspired by scientific experiments. When the strap is polarized by light, it can refract extreme colors. The DW-6900 series is a good interpretation of the perfect fusion of alternative new aesthetics and advanced technology. The latest fashion technology and new products are created with vivid and full colors, which will surely lead the new trend of science and technology.

 DW-6900’s impeccable design is matched with vivid and eye-catching colors. There are four colors for you to choose from, including glossy black DW-6900PL-1, refreshing white DW-6900PL-7 with energy, and eye-catching high-chroma purple. The red DW-6900PL-4 and the bright yellow DW-6900PL-9. The metal surfaces of the four watches are designed with straight lines to bring out the texture and shine a fine metallic luster. This feature also includes shockproof, 200 meters waterproof, electronic fluorescent lighting, multi-function alarm, stopwatch (accurate to 1/100 second), countdown and 12/24 hour format multiple practical functions.

 DW-6900PL will be listed in major Casio stores nationwide in March 2013.