Month: October 2017

Mxgp World Motocross Championship … Return!

The engine is roaring and howling, and the racer is ready to go. MXGP 2017 season begins! The most demanding motocross race in the world is now returning with an honor. This weekend, various masters gathered in Qatar and are about to compete on the track.

Wild circuit
   Over the past four years, Qatar’s Russell circuit has hosted several top-level events-each time we make us more eager for the arrival of new events. There are many technically demanding tracks on the field, and even the highest level drivers feel pressured. Predicting the title before the end of the season is an impossible task at all; because on the Russell circuit, it is unexpected and reasonable. No one has ever won the championship twice in this challenging loop.
A season of endurance and determination
   In the past four years, the winners of Qatar’s first weekend competition have reached the world championship throne, but only once. To maintain enough points in the two-round championship tournament for a total of 18 weekends, there must be great pressure resistance. Drivers must demonstrate their dexterity, agility and endurance, as well as their ability to control the victory. This is a fierce race for them to challenge themselves and race against time.
2017 season: the pursuit of excellence
   The 2017 lineup is very exciting. About thirty experienced drivers responded to the call and worked hard this new season. Tim Gajser, the young driver who strives to defend the ‘World Championship of Off-Road Motocross’, will face tremendous pressure from multiple challengers.
   In the first weekend, Antonio Cairoli, who won the MXGP World Motocross Championship for the sixth time, became the winner of the Russell circuit. The Italian driver successfully surpassed last year’s champions Tim Gajser and Belgium’s Clément Desalle; Romain Febvre from France, although trying to regain the lost championship, ended up finishing fifth.
   To excel on the track, riders must exercise restraint and demonstrate impeccable driving skills.

Luxury Watchmaking + Silicon Valley Technology Louis Vuitton Launches The First Luxury Smart Watch

Smart watches can be said to be one of the most discussed topics in the watch circle in recent years. Today, luxury watch brand Louis Vuitton has released its first luxury smart watch, luxury watch plus Go Silicon Valley Technology. I believe that everyone is no stranger to smart watches, but as a high-end Swiss luxury brand, the first luxury smart watch launched will still attract everyone’s attention. Today, I will join you to learn about Louis Vuitton’s first luxury smart watch. Watch.

The new luxury smart watch launched by Louis Vuitton can better play the role of ‘accessories’. You can choose straps with different materials and technical colors on different occasions. The biggest feature of the watch is that the watch has a one-second change The function of the strap can be changed at any time and anywhere, which is very convenient.

On the side of the watch frame, there is an elegant curve that is concave like a crescent moon. The wearer can choose from 60 different styles of interchangeable straps-30 women’s models and 30 men’s models-let Tambour Horizon Easily adapted to the needs of different occasions.

The watch case has a unique recessed design, and the watch has unlimited personalization options, and an exclusive dial design. This watch is a re-exploration of the brand’s personal pursuit, allowing the wearer to experience the extraordinary experience on his wrist every day.

    The watch is linked to your phone via Bluetooth. When your phone receives a WeChat message, you can remind you through the watch’s screen. This is an ideal watch designed for contemporary travellers. As a new member of the Louis Vuitton family, it has been ensured from the beginning of creation that it has the world’s best design, craftsmanship and technology: the original idea was completed in Paris, France The craftsmen of Louis Vuitton’s Swiss watchmaking workshop carefully created the watch case, and finally equipped with technology developed from Los Angeles Silicon Valley-Tambour Horizon, which spans the world in the process of creation, will also become the first without Obstacles apply to smart watches in various countries and regions around the world, including China.

    Since its inception, Louis Vuitton has been inextricably linked to travel. The Tambour Horizon smartwatch is no exception, with a number of unique travel-related features, including My Flight and City Guides. And when you have an incoming call, it can be displayed directly on the watch screen.

Summary: The watch case diameter is 42mm, which is simple and compact for a smart watch. In addition to the different strap options, the watch also has three case materials to choose from: brushed steel and polished steel case styles, the public price of 15,100 yuan; black coated case styles, the public price of 18900 yuan RMB. Then, according to the strap that you match, the price of a complete watch is between 17700-21500 RMB.