Month: September 2018

Tag Heuer Ambassador Nishikori Wins The Japanese Open Championship

Sunday, October 7, 2012, Tokyo-Japanese professional tennis player and TAG Heuer brand ambassador Kei Nishikori won the Japanese Open Championship. Kei Nishikori defeated Canadian player Milos Raonic 7-6 (5), 3-6, 6-0 to win the championship. This is his second championship on the professional ATP Tour and the first Japanese player to win the championship in 41 years. The audience was enthusiastic and excited to be able to witness this moment in person.
‘I am very happy to win the championship in Japan.’ Kei Nishikori said after the game.
At the age of 22, Kei Nishikori, ranked 17th in the ATP, became the ambassador of TAG Heuer’s Japanese image in 2012, and has been wearing his love watch ever since. Holding the Japan Open trophy, Kei Nishikori proudly boasted the love watch he won with him: the Tag Heuer Formula 1 chronograph.

TAG HEUER FORMULA 1 (F1 Series) Chronograph 42mm
Co-designed with McLaren and tested by Jenson Button in a racing environment, each timepiece is equipped with TAG Heuer’s ‘six important features’: 1/10 second display, fluorescent hands and time scale, 200 Water-resistant depth of meters, ‘easy to operate’, screw-in crown, double safety folding clasp, sapphire crystal.

Blancpain Presents World Oceans Day New York United Nations Presents Underwater Photography Exhibition

June 8, 2013, New York, USA-‘Know and love, love and respect’, adhering to the brand’s long-standing heritage of supporting marine protection, Blancpain and the United Nations General Manager of Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea The United Nations Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea of ​​the Office of Legal Affairs, and the website jointly presented the ‘Oceans’ photography exhibition on the sea floor. The festival is held at the United Nations in New York and will run until August this year.

 In 2008, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution deciding to designate June 8th each year as ‘World Ocean Day’ from 2009. The proposal was issued as early as 1992 by the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro. Since then, many countries have begun celebrating World Ocean Day.
 The UN’s official establishment of ‘World Ocean Day’ helps to awaken humankind’s attention to the ocean issues that currently plague the international community. The marine environment is fundamental to human food safety and is closely related to the health and survival of the earth’s organisms. It dominates global climate change and also plays a vital role in the biosphere. The pressure of public opinion makes marine protection imminent, and there is no shortage of hope in this area, such as the establishment of marine nature reserves. Fishing is banned in the protected area, allowing marine life to rest and thrive. The photo exhibition will be open to the general public, explaining the regenerative ability of the ocean with attractive and exquisite pictures, and spreading the idea that a healthy marine environment is beneficial to social and economic development.
 This photo exhibition includes the best works of 16 reputable photographers. They are all closely related to the Edition Fifty Fathoms. This Blancpain special issue is published once a year. It presents the dreamlike underwater world to the readers with exquisite pictures. The works published are award-winning works by 50 elite divers and photographers from all over the world.
 During the photo exhibition, in addition to the subtle picture display, two exclusive video clips were presented. The short film gives a vivid introduction to several major scientific expeditions supported by Blancpain. The original intention of these projects was to assess the status of the marine environment and resources and to study marine life. In the short film Laurent Ballesta’s ‘Projet Gombessa’ project, visitors can explore the most important twentieth century through preview revelations of coelacanth expeditions Zoological discovery one. And National Geographic’s ‘Pristine Seas Expeditions with Blancpain’ video clip is full of thrilling and fascinating scenes. The ‘Primitive Ocean Expedition Plan’ integrates exploration, research and media promotion, and is committed to finding, investigating and helping to protect the last pristine waters in the marine world.

Blancpain and the Underwater World
 Since its establishment in 1735, the brand spirit of continuous improvement and courage has driven Blancpain to make unremitting progress. In 1953, Blancpain created a classic diving timepiece for the French Navy, the Fifty Fathoms. Since then, the watch giant has become inseparable from diving sports. The masterpiece of this mechanical watch is named for its water-resistant depth of 50 噚 (approximately 91.44 meters), and once it came out, it became an excellent example of diving watches. Today, this watch series has perfectly integrated the top watchmaking craftsmanship and extreme safety standards, and has firmly established itself in the noble position of the industry benchmark.
 With deep feelings for the underwater world, Blancpain is committed to helping more people have a glimpse into the vast and mysterious underwater universe. Blancpain knows that only real understanding can inspire people’s enthusiasm, thereby respecting and protecting the blue ocean of humanity. Following this principle, Blancpain supports the National Geographic’s ‘Pristine Seas Expeditions’, which combines exploration, research, and protection, and issues the Fifty Fathoms ) To highlight the beauty of undersea science and adventure, this special issue also stands out from similar publications for its exquisite photography. In addition, Blancpain established a partnership with Gianluca Genoni, a free diving record holder, and became the first World Ocean Summit held in 2012 by Economist. Oceans Summit).