2019 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show Vacheron Constantin Presents A Surprise Feast For Connoisseurs Of Fine Watchmaking

[Geneva, January 22] At the 29th Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, which ended recently, Vacheron Constantin showcased its masterpieces of timepieces in a very creative way with the theme of emotions, allowing ‘the advanced system The beauty of the watch shines. Each of the brand’s new works is a collection of cutting-edge innovation, excellent technology and artistic craftsmanship.

情感 Emotionally themed display design

In the Vacheron Constantin showroom, each window showcases the rich emotional world inspired by the watches on display: the glare of the tourbillon, the thunder of the ‘Tiger’, the throbbing of the double core rate, the surprise of the minute repeater and the perpetual calendar, The vitality of the 14-day tourbillon, etc …. the characteristics of each piece are cleverly presented through the scenery settings.

Emotion-themed display design-‘falling in love’ in German in the ‘plane in the belly’

Emotion-themed display design-‘wrapped in honey’ in Russian is used to describe ‘desire’

Emotion-themed display design: ‘Love’ in French with ‘butterfly in the belly’

Emotion-themed display design: ‘Heart deer bump’ in Chinese is used to describe ‘violent heartbeat when excited’

Proud achievement in fine watchmaking

With the Traditionnelle inherited series of Twin Beat dual core rate perpetual calendar watches, the brand has written another legendary chapter in the history of watchmaking innovation. This watch has two vibration frequencies that can be freely switched by the wearer. It can guarantee a power reserve of more than 65 days when in standby mode. So when the watch is not worn, neither the time display nor the perpetual calendar display will be affected. Two technological innovations in this watch are pending patent applications.

The first self-winding tourbillon watch launched by the Overseas Series has also demonstrated excellent watchmaking technology. This watch is equipped with an ultra-thin edge-type rotor in a stainless steel case with a power reserve of 80 hours. In addition, this one-of-a-kind Les Cabinotiers minute repeater perpetual calendar watch has also become another glory in the brand’s complication timepiece.

独一无二 The unique watch masterpieces from the ‘Mécaniques Sauvages’ theme series from Les Cabinotiers artisans show the extraordinary arts and crafts that the brand cherishes. This series of watches is equipped with the 2460G4 movement. The original design of the window time display surrounds the dial, leaving ample space to fully display the hand-carved and fine wood inlay technology in the center of the dial.

Finally, the Patrimony heritage series and Fifty six® Wulu series also introduced new blue dials, and according to the characteristics of different series, the color rendering and polishing process have been individually customized.