Month: October 2019

Elie Bernheim Takes Over Raymond Weil

Elie Bernheim, grandson of the founder of RAYMOND WEIL, an independent watch brand, took over the management responsibility from his father Olivier Bernheim and became the new leader of the family business. This marks the third generation of the watch brand, and Elie Bernheim has been named the brand’s chief executive officer (CEO).

Elie Bernheim, grandson of founder of RAYMOND WEIL becomes CEO of the brand, bringing new life to RAYMOND WEIL

After graduating from the famous Hospitality Management School of Lausanne in 2006, Elie Bernheim joined RAYMOND WEIL. As the grandson of the founder of the brand, Mr. Raymond Weil, and the representative of the third generation of the family, Elie Bernheim is regarded as the guardian of the continuation of the brand heritage. In his eyes, professional watchmaking skills and adherence to brand values ​​are the foundation of this heritage .
Elie Bernheim started his career at RAYMOND WEIL, and this family heritage is the cornerstone of this watchmaking company’s decades of standing. In Elie Bernheim’s view, respecting the values ​​of the ancestors when they started a business is the foundation for the future of the brand, and this will be the key to his enthusiasm and confidence to lead the family company to success. With expertise in watchmaking, marketing and corporate management, Elie Bernheim has focused on the development and optimization of RAYMOND WEIL’s global strategy in recent years.
In addition to being analytical and pragmatic, she is also passionate about life, art and music. His love for music, inherited as the mother of a professional pianist, is also the source of inspiration for the current RAYMOND WEIL product development and market positioning. Taking over management duties from father Olivier Bernheim, Elie Bernheim becomes the new leader of RAYMOND WEIL. Olivier Bernheim joined the family business in 1982. In 1996, he became the global president and CEO of RAYMOND WEIL, and will continue to serve as chairman of the board and corporate advisor.