Month: April 2020

Earl Tourbillon Watch Gorgeous Aesthetics

Piaget, who enjoys a high reputation in professional watchmaking, has superb skills such as ‘ultra-thin’, ‘hollow-out’ and ‘Tourbillon’ representing the highest level, showing accuracy and practicality It has the ultimate essence, and through the gorgeous jewelry inlaid decorative details, creating a visual luxury. Diamond palace
One of the most expensive tourbillon watches in the world, the Emperador series of top jewelry tourbillon watches ‘Diamond Palace’, shows the extraordinary bloodlines of Piaget’s top watchmaking craftsmanship and extraordinary jewelry setting; the first record in the world The ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon watch fully exerts Piaget’s innovative spirit of inheriting tradition and challenging the limit; Polo’s exclusive research and development process of Polo’s tourbillon watch is a new initiative that breaks through watchmaking technology and renews the history of Piaget’s challenge record. Adding a feat; the Emperador series skeletonized tourbillon watch with diamonds, with hollow engraving on the existing core, can better embody Piaget’s pursuit of the most exquisite gorgeous aesthetics in addition to the perfect watchmaking technology.
Tourbillon tourbillon between gravity and minutes
The tourbillon is known as the ‘king of the watch’ and represents the highest level in the field of mechanical watch technology. This innovative mechanical mechanism created at the end of the 18th century was born to eliminate the timing error caused by gravity to pocket watches. It is the most indexed invention of various institutions that improve the accuracy of timing.
When worn, old pocket watches were often bundled in their pockets in a vertical ground state. The balance spring was restrained by unidirectional gravitational force for a long time, which affected the isochronism of the concentric circles that were contracted. The tourbillon is a balance wheel and escapement system that controls the accuracy of time. It is placed in a set of rotating frames propelled by transmission gears. During the rotation process, the gravitational force is dispersed throughout the hairspring to offset the system against the gravity. Function to improve the accuracy of travel time. However, because the tourbillon mechanism is quite exquisite and mini, it requires a large number of parts to be built into the limited space. At the same time, it must be repeatedly adjusted before and after assembly, making it extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive, thus becoming the king-level indicator of the watch.
From the founder Georges Edouard Piaget, Earl’s founder, to the establishment of a watch studio in La Cote-aux-Fées in 1874, Earl has devoted all his energy to the development and production of complex mechanical functions. One of the manufacturing techniques of the tourbillon mechanism, and under the aesthetic note of the new Plan-les-Ouates factory in Geneva, the technology and artistic performance of the tourbillon were simultaneously upgraded.
Piaget Emperador White K Set T Tourbillon With Diamonds
Count Pi’s skill at combining jewellery with clocks has been fully utilized. Mysterious watch design, press the button next to the case, you will see the exquisite Piaget 600P tourbillon mechanical movement. The power reserve is displayed on the mother-of-pearl dial, and the time scale is inlaid with square-cut diamonds. Piaget makes the watch a unique and beautiful work of art, reaching the perfect state of perfection.
Piaget Emperador series white K inlaid with T diamond tourbillon watch, equipped with Piaget’s homemade 600P hand-finished tourbillon movement, power reserve is about 40 hours, 12 o’clock flying tourbillon device rotates once per minute, 18K white gold inlaid 779 Approximately 4 carats of beautiful diamonds and 34.2 carats of 225 T diamonds, with black alligator strap, Ref. G0A32246.
Piaget Emperador Coussin series ultra-thin automatic tourbillon watch
Piaget Emperador Coussin ultra-thin self-finishing tourbillon watch sets a new record for the world’s thinnest self-finishing tourbillon watch, with a thickness of only 10.4 mm. It showcases its advanced watchmaking technology with unparalleled modern style. At the same time, Piaget has set a new world record in its specialized ultra-thin movement manufacturing field, and also revolutionized the model of traditional watch manufacturing technology.
Piaget’s new 1270P self-winding tourbillon movement, which took three years to develop, inherits the high-quality features of Piaget’s two legendary movements: including the world’s thinnest 600P manually-finished rectangular tourbillon movement and the world’s thinnest equipped automatic The 1208P automatic refining movement of the pendulum and the Piaget’s first ultra-thin automatic refining tourbillon movement 1270P is only 5.35 mm thick, showing the brand’s proud technological and aesthetic innovation. Piaget also pushed its process technology to a higher level by making ultra-thin mechanical movements.
Piaget Emperador Coussin series ultra-thin automatic tourbillon watch, case diameter 46.5 mm, the world’s thinnest automatic tourbillon watch (calibre diameter 10.4 mm), 18K rose gold case laser-engraved sapphire glass Dial with see-through movement mechanism, pointed cone-shaped time scale radiating from the eccentric hour and minute hands center, equipped with Piaget’s self-made 1270P ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon movement, hours, minutes, small seconds, and power reserve Indication, eccentric hour and minute indication at 4 o’clock, eccentric tourbillon frame at 1 o’clock, platinum micro-disc at 10 o’clock, power reserve about 40 hours, mounted on the case back, 18K rose gold folding Buckle, brown alligator strap, Ref. G0A36041. Piaget Emperador Tourbillon Watch with White K Hollow Diamonds
The Piaget-made 600D hand-finished hollow tourbillon movement equipped with Piaget is not only the world’s thinnest rectangular tourbillon movement, it is also the first wrist in history to be set with diamonds on the movement’s splint and bridge. table. Under the planning of Piaget’s watchmaking masters and jewellery craftsmen, the movement is carved to the minimum required for the movement to work, and extra space is carved for grooves on the cutout plate for diamond setting. Reliable The precision of timing and the exquisite jewellery craftsmanship show how Piaget’s superb man-made jewellery spans both the horological and jewellery fields.
Piaget Emperador white K skeleton tourbillon watch, equipped with Piaget’s own 600D hand-carved skeleton diamond tourbillon movement, with a power reserve of about 40 hours, 12 o’clock flying tourbillon device rotates once per minute, 18K white gold Set with 329 beautiful diamonds of about 3.1 carats and 7 sapphire crystals of about 0.2 carats, with a black alligator strap, Ref. G0A30037.
Piaget Polo Series Tourbillon Watch with White K Diamonds
It is also equipped with Piaget’s own 608P hand-crafted relative tourbillon movement, but its luxury is even higher. The classic bright and matte polished segment case is replaced with finely set diamond finishes, and the three-dimensional gold rod-shaped hour markers retain the decorative details of Piaget Polo and the superb craftsmanship of the tourbillon. .
Piaget Polo Series Tourbillon Watch with White K and Diamonds, equipped with Piaget’s own 608P hand-crafted Relative Tourbillon movement, with a power reserve of about 70 hours. Flying Tourbillon: The central axis of the minute hand runs on the dial for one week per hour. The tourbillon frame is suspended at the end of the minute hand and rotates around the axis of the frame in one minute. The 18K white gold material is set with a total of 74 diamonds and about 2.4 carats, with a black alligator strap, Ref. G0A31148.

Continuous Originality, The Direction Of The Core The Grand Opening Of The Xi’an Boutique Witnesses The Splendid Appearance Of The Limited-edition Watch With Limited Movement In China

The Glashütte Original Boutique officially landed in the ancient city of Xi’an, injecting original power into the charming capital, and radiating the German watchmaking art style from 1845. On July 16, Glashütte Original held a grand opening ceremony at the SKP mall in Xi’an, heralding the beginning of this extraordinary time journey. In addition, the brand’s new limited-edition watch specially launched for the Chinese market also made a stunning debut at Xi’an SKP, leading everyone to experience the charm of original timepieces full of unique craftsmanship.

Xian SKP Glasutti Original Store

  Constantly original
  Xi’an SKP boutique is the fifth boutique opened by Glashütte Original in China, and is another important milestone for the brand’s global development. Whether it is the movement pattern decoration on the outer wall of the shop that promotes the original and excellent craftsmanship of Glashütte, or the classic and simple German color and design in the shop, it creates a harmonious atmosphere of pure German precision. The mysterious time and the mystery of the original spirit come to everyone.

Xian SKP Glasutti Original Store

  Movement Inverted Ten Years of Glory
  With the opening of the boutique, the new limited-edition movement watch for the Chinese market also appeared as the protagonist. Back in the journey, the inverted watch with calibre was launched in 2008. It is equipped with the brand’s self-developed manual winding movement 66, which turns the proud double gooseneck fine-tuning device on the dial. The inherent beauty of the mechanical watch is thus Show off. The movement of a fine watch is complex and meticulous. The overall structure of the movement needs to be redesigned and remodeled with the main plywood, three-quarters plywood and gear train rebuilt. The layout of the panel must also be re-conceived to ensure the harmony of the display proportions while giving the visual focus of the double gooseneck fine-tuning device. The watch with upside-down movement inherits the brand’s original essence. It combines rigorous and exquisite German craftsmanship and original design into the details of the watch. It is a masterpiece of the brand. In the past 10 years, it has been widely recognized by the market and has received rave reviews from collectors.

New limited-edition movement

  Ingenuity only for China
  The new limited-edition movement inverted watch released this time inherits the iconic movement inversion process, and condenses the precious expectations of the tenth anniversary in the dial design. The faceplate with three quarters of splint as the background is decorated with traditional watchmaking elements of Glashütte town, and the gold sleeves and blue steel screws are even more dazzling against the column-shaped silver splint. On the other hand, the specially designed sapphire blue scale circle, which surrounds the hour, minute display and small seconds display, is placed on the left side of the surface in accordance with the golden ratio, and the two circles overlap to show a gourd shape. ‘Lu’, harmony is a blessing, wealth is a lu, which contains longing for a bright future. The delicately polished blue-steel pointer at the top right slides past the power reserve display, making it clear at a glance. The double gooseneck trimmer called ‘butterfly’ on the lower right of the dial is inlaid on the hand-carved balance wheel splint, and the balance spring swings regularly underneath. The beauty of movement is present in front of her, indicating that the power is endless and the original is endless.
  This limited edition watch with an inverted movement is specially made for the Chinese market, and the 38-piece limited release plan also contains the brand’s ingenuity and good expectations for the Chinese market: not only because of the 66 on the watch The diameter of the movement is 38 millimeters, which is also the third and eighth place in the alphabet corresponding to the letters ‘C’ and ‘H’ in ‘CHINA’.

New limited-edition movement

New limited-edition movement

  Looking back on history
  The movement inverted watch has the iconic double gooseneck fine-tuning technology, which shows the brand’s persistent pursuit of time accuracy. Tracing back to history, the traditional craftsmanship of Glashütte’s local watchmaking has been using the gooseneck fine-tuning mechanism since 1888. By turning the adjustment screw on the gooseneck spring, the travel time is adjusted. This unusual precision adjustment system became Germany for a time. A major feature of watchmaking. Glashütte’s original goes one step further. In 2002, it adopted the double gooseneck fine-tuning on the 65 movement for the first time. A gooseneck spring was added to the original basis to achieve a more accurate adjustment of the frequency and speed of the balance wheel. . Later, after 6 years of painstaking efforts, Glashütte Original turned the double gooseneck to the dial in 2008, and launched the watch with an inverted movement. In 2018, China’s limited-edition watch with limited movement, carrying 10 years of glory and honor, set sail and paid tribute to the original.

New limited-edition movement

  In order to show the history of the gooseneck fine-tuning mechanism completely and vividly, the brand will prepare a small antique movement exhibition in Beijing APM, Beijing SKP shop and Shanghai Nanjing West Road shop, so that watch enthusiasts can feel Glashütte up close Originality, as the guardian of time, gives the vitality of time and the endless original spirit of the brand.
  Exhibition Information:
  July 24 to July 28, Beijing APM Boutique
  No.138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
  July 29 Beijing SKP Boutique
  Shop D1004, SKP Mall, No. 87 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
  July 31 to August 5 Shanghai West Nanjing Road Boutique
  1049 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai

Big News Swatch Group Withdraws From 2019 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show

According to the Swiss newspaper NZZ am Sonntag, Switzerland’s largest watch and jewellery show, Baselworld, will bid farewell to its largest exhibitor, the Swatch Group, next year.

 Mr. Nick Hayek, CEO of Swatch Group, told NZZ am Sonntag that the watch business has gradually become ‘more transparent, faster and more spontaneous’, and the significance and role of Baselworld is weakening. In criticizing Baselworld, Mr. Nick Hayek pointed out that ‘we are not here to share the expensive construction costs of Herzog & de Meuron.’ The current Baselworld exhibition center was built by this famous Swiss architectural firm and was established in 2013. Opening of the year.

 The Swatch Group has 18 watchmaking brands, including heavyweights such as OMEGA, Longines and Tissot. Each year the Swatch Group participates in Baselworld with a budget of approximately 50 million Swiss francs (including transportation and accommodation), making it the exhibitor with the highest budget for participation. The departure of Swatch Group will be a heavy blow to Baselworld host MCH Group (which also owns the franchise of Art Basel), because Baselworld is the most profitable project of MCH Group.

 In 2018, the number of Baselworld exhibitors dropped sharply to 650, and many exhibitors complained about Baselworld’s high fees and poor facilities. Except for the Swatch Group, other major exhibitors such as Rolex, Chopard and LVMH have not indicated plans to leave the show.
 In addition, as of now, the Swatch Group has not released an official announcement, so the accuracy of the news has yet to be verified. Let us continue to pay attention to developments.