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Bulgari Serpenti Fine Jewelry Art Continues To Show Off The World

On the evening of January 29th, in order to welcome the Chinese Lunar Year of the Snake, Bulgari Bulgari presented the exquisite jewellery art of SERPENTI on the 15-meter-high exterior wall of the north gate of Xinguang Tiandi, a fashionable landmark in Beijing. This oversized ‘fashionable display window’ of fashion art and elegance is presented by Bulgari. The exterior wall of the store is lined with a snake-shaped lamp decoration, which looks like a gorgeous necklace. The posture of the giant snake is like falling from the sky, and the pedestrian took a visual feast of psychedelic light and shadow to witness the charm of the brand.

Bulgari Serpenti’s Fine Jewellery Art Lights Beijing

Fifteen days after celebrating the grand opening of the Bulgari Bulgari Global Concept Store at the Hang Lung Plaza in Shanghai and launching the brand’s 2013 important global event, Serpenti’s exquisite jewellery lighting ceremony, this exquisite jewellery art presented in Beijing further demonstrates the brand’s interest in China Market attention and expectations. The first Serpenti fine jewelry art debuted on the 11th floor of the Bulgari Ginza Tower in Tokyo during Christmas last year, and then airborne to New York (see video below for details), Rome and Shanghai. This fine jewelry art concept is everywhere exciting. And appreciated.
Serpenti’s exquisite jewellery art presented in Beijing is 67 meters long and consists of 95,000 LED bulbs, with 62 exquisite and bright scales all over the body. The entire fine jewelry art was completed by 25 craftsmen in 40 days.

Mr. Lelio Gavazza, Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China, Mr. Alberto Bradanini, Italian Ambassador to China, Mr. Zhang Lizheng, Chairman of Hualian Shinkong Department Store (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Ms. Yang Ziqiong, a well-known international movie star, and Mr. Zhang Dongjian, a well-known Korean movie star The lighting ceremony of Serpenti’s exquisite jewelry art. That night, world-renowned movie star Ms. Michelle Yeoh wore the top jewelry necklace of the Serpenti series, which glowed infinitely under the light of the magnesium lamp.
After the light-up ceremony, nearly 200 ladies and gentlemen visited the Bulgari Serpenti Collection Jewellery and Antique Watch Exhibition together, and embarked on the journey of exploring the fine jewelry art that began in the 1940s. Experience Italian elegant jewelry culture.
At the event that night, Bulgari Jewelry presented the colorful designs of high-end jewelry series in recent years.
Serpenti’s fine jewelry art will light up the night sky of the capital from January 29th to February 19th, 2013.
Source: Bulgari

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Zhen Li Shi And The Legendary Resurrection Of ‘mikel Carlson And Brillio 11’

In 1909, Louis Blériot successfully piloted the Blériot XI on the first flight of a human over an air-heavy aircraft over the English Channel. This early single-engine aircraft in aviation history was unveiled at the AIR14 air show in Payena, Switzerland on Saturday, September 6. When the pilot took off, the Zenith watch on his wrist witnessed this glorious moment.

Hundred years of military aviation history is a century of epic with passion and discovery. To pay tribute to the greatest pilots of the past century, on Saturday, September 6th at 13:17, the Payana AIR14 air show staged ‘Mikael Carlson and Blair ‘Australia 11’ flight show, Swedish pilot Mickel Carlson presented this great moment in front of 110,000 viewers. This plane witnessed the birth of aerobatics, and it was on this plane that at the beginning of the last century Blairio completed his feat.

In the summer of 1909, competitors flocked to challenge the rewards offered by Lord Northcliff for successfully flying over the English Channel via the first daily flight by the London Post. Blairio brought his latest model, Blairio 11, to Les Barraques near Calais, France. At 4:15 am on July 25, 1909 and following a challenge to Hubert Latham who failed the reward, Bleriot set off on his journey across the English Channel. Witnessed by a Zenith watch on his wrist, in 37 minutes, he flew across 35 kilometers (22 miles), and Blelio completed this historic initiative.

In 1912, he once said, ‘I am very satisfied with the Zenith watch that I often apply. I can hardly describe its extremely accurate timekeeping.’ As early as the early 20th century, Zenith became the earliest manufacturer of flight instruments. One of the brands, especially the altimeter and flight watch, laid the foundation for the connection between these two dreamers.

Zenith CEO AldoMagada said: ‘Louis Blario and Zenith have many common values. We are committed to challenging the limits and setting new records. Both sides have the qualities of happiness, courage and reliability.’ Picture / text watch home Xiao Sen)

A New Maritime Observatory Watch In Athens. A Perfect Fusion Of Technology

Since the rise of international trade in the 19th century, Athens Watch has always been committed to the creation and development of nautical observatory timepieces, so that captains and their valuable cargo can always maintain accurate voyages. The UN-118 movement has been continuously improved since it was first introduced in 2011, and has become the core of the design of 2012 marine astronomical watches. The diameter of the case of the new marine astronomical watch is enlarged to 45 mm, the newly designed crown is easy to operate, and the rubber indentation makes the winding more comfortable. In addition, there are even more amazing innovations, such as the use of exquisite enamel dials hand-made by the globally recognized enamel dial expert and the latest member of the Athenian Watch Group, black Roman numerals and rough cherry red, and white The beautiful background colors are beautiful and beautiful. The bezel in 18K rose gold reinforces the precision of the timepiece.
   The UN-118 self-winding movement was entirely conceived and manufactured by Athenaeum, and is now used in marine astronomical watches. This movement continues to advance the use of new materials and technologies by Athenian watches. The standard anchor escapement in the UN-118 movement is made using the unique and innovative DiamonSil (the perfect synthesis of diamond silicon crystals, synthetic diamonds and silicon) of the Athenian watch, and promotes innovative cooperation with Sigatec. The UN-118 movement proves the perfect fusion of etching technology between silicon and diamond-coated silicon (DCS), becoming the first innovative series machine to accommodate the DiamonSil anchor escapement, and the Athens watch’s own balance wheel and patented spring. Core one. This movement has an excellent 60-hour kinetic energy reserve display and an oversized small seconds indicator, and the date is displayed at 6 o’clock. It also has the proudly set quick function of Athenian Watch, which can quickly adjust the date forward / backward.
   The 18K rose gold watch of the Marine Observatory is limited to 350 pieces worldwide; it is also available in a non-limited edition: including a two-tone titanium case with a gold bezel and crown, and a stainless steel or titanium case.

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Louis Vuitton Automatic Chronometer

In 2011, Louis Vuitton once again launched a new type-Voyagez Tambour automatic chronograph watch. Racing watches have long featured bezels and rings, and the numbers on the dial always look so cool.

   As always, the classic Tambour case, 44 mm in diameter, grey-red steel dial, black and white trim. This flamboyant appearance echoes the carbon fiber strap. The watch is equipped with a LV172 self-winding movement manufactured by Dubois-Depraz. Three small dials are designed in the middle of the large dial to represent 30 minutes and seconds. This watch is arguably the most creative looking chronograph of the year. Look forward to the debut of this Voyagez Tambour automatic chronograph in March. It will go on sale on June 11 and cost € 4,800.