Month: June 2020

Regaining Good Memories Those Classic Masterpieces On The Wrist

There is an old seagull in my desk, which is my best memory. Speaking of watches, I still can’t help but talk about my father. He is a watch-loving person. Although he bought a few pieces in his lifetime, it means different things to him.

   My father was a man who had the courage to think hard. He didn’t meet a few times a year when he was young. He always felt that he was in a hurry. Later, I heard my mother tell me that when I was very young, if anyone could have a radio, sewing machine and watch, it was already a good family. At that time, my father bought these for my family. My father later told me that the first watch he bought was an old-fashioned mechanical watch, not a well-known brand, but it needed to be wound every day, but it was still very enviable at the time. Later, when I was in preschool, my father went out once and brought me an electronic watch. At the time, I was one of the few children of my age who could bring a watch. My friends were very envious. I like it so much that I want to take it with me when I sleep. However, after taking it for a while, it is not very accurate. Now it seems that it is a child’s toy watch. Unfortunately, that watch has long been unknown where I was thrown away. When I was in elementary school, my father added a new watch to him. It was an old seagull that was more popular at that time. His old machine was gloriously retired. Due to the long time he wore it, the surface glass had been polished. It’s not accurate when leaving. When the time was up when I was going to junior high school, my father gave me a new watch in order to encourage me to say that if the test scores were good, I worked very hard to get into the middle school which was pretty good at home, and my father gave me Only Citizen, this watch has been with me for many years and has many memories. Later, with the mobile phone, it completely replaced the role of watches in life, and never bought a new watch. Six years ago, my father left us because of an accident. Later, my mother gave me my father’s old seagull. I regard it as a treasure. It is not only a watch, but also a family heritage.

   There are so many trivial fragments about love and memory, but it is not so easy to really pass on this spirit. Having said so much, I actually want to say that for the inheritance of love, it is not so precious. As long as the truest emotion is present, it is the best continuation of life. The same is true for brand stories. Those classic wrist crystals will become more precious in the passage of time. Today I will introduce you to several old brands with a century-old history.

   The first thing to say is the earl. This old brand was founded in a small village in Switzerland in 1874. It started with movement manufacturing and currently belongs to the Swiss Richemont Group. ‘Always do better than required’ is the motto of the Earl of Georgia. Since the 1960s, Piaget has devoted itself to the research of complex movements while developing the design of top jewelry. Today, Piaget has many series of watches, becoming a contemporary classic legend brand.
   The Altiplano series is synonymous with Piaget’s pursuit of excellence. This Altiplano series of ultra-thin hollow-out watches is Piaget’s leap forward to professional teaching. It not only shows Piaget’s unique ultra-thin movement manufacturing skills, but also the Piaget sculpting master. Innovation breaks through the limits of artistic expression. This watch is currently the thinnest self-winding skeleton watch, the thickness of the watch is 5.34 mm, and the thickness of its automatic winding movement is only 2.40 mm. I can only use this ‘beautiful’ to describe this watch, I think having this watch is believed to be the dream of many men. In addition to the shallow movement, the superior carving art is also amazing. Exquisite carving and hollowing on the thin movement is truly amazing.
Details of the models: Let’s talk about Rolex. Rolex has been highly praised by many people who know how to love watches. It can be said that it has become an art of living. This watch brand, which originated in Switzerland in 1905, has continued to this day in a solemn, practical, and not flashy style after more than a century of development. On the occasion of Father’s Day, Rolex launched the Cellini series of watches to show his respect for his father.
   The new Cellini watch case is made by Rolex’s exclusive foundry and is available in 18ct white gold and eternal rose gold. The classic round dial with a diameter of 39 mm, detailed shape of the ears, the double bezel dial and the crown-type crown show Rolex’s exquisite aesthetics and extraordinary skills. This watch uses Rolex’s self-winding mechanical movement, and all the movements are certified by the Observatory. The straps are made of bright black and brown crocodile leather and equipped with 18ct gold buckle, which can fully show the gentleman Elegant style.
Watch details: The Tudor brand to be mentioned next, it was born to become a popular version of Rolex products. Because Rolex was expensive at the time, it was difficult for ordinary people to own. Quality, but at a price that ordinary people can accept.
   The Tudor Style series is a model of Tudor watchmaking technology and tradition. The style is retro and fashionable. It is equipped with a polished and frosted double outer ring. At 12 o’clock, there is a famous ‘rabbit tooth’ double time scale. The watch logo is fitted with a sapphire crystal. The screw-down crown is adorned with a tudor pit pattern. It is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement with a power reserve of 38 hours. Available in 28mm, 34mm, 38mm, and 41mm.
Watch details:

   The Portofino series is a watch series produced by IWC in 1984. The watch designs in this series are introverted and low-key. It may be due to the red and purple colors of its Portuguese and Darwin series, which made many people forget the once classic Portofino series. This watch introduced to you today is a classic version of Portofino, which not only highlights the thin visual sense, but also has the characteristics of elegance and restraint.
   This Portofino self-winding watch uses a very classic three-pin design with a diameter of 40 mm and a calendar window at 3 o’clock to improve practicality. The watch uses a classic willow leaf shape The hands and round case are equipped with a 35110 self-winding movement with a vibration frequency of 28800vph and a 42-hour power reserve.
Watch details: Omega’s seahorse series has always had many followers. As a classic brand series in diving watches, the seahorse also enjoys a reputation in the world. The conspicuous blue dial and bezel represent its deep connection with the ocean. This 2531.80.00 watch is a classic of the real hippocampus series.
   The Omega 2531.80.00 watch case is made of stainless steel, the mirror is made of sapphire glass, the bottom cover is made of stainless steel and the bottom is designed. The crown is made of stainless steel. The bracelet is also made of stainless steel. The dot scales are covered with a fluorescent coating to ensure water resistance to the depth of 300 meters required for diving. The helium exhaust valve at 10 o’clock, the angular rotating outer ring, the wavy dial, the hollow dots and the triangular arrow hands give a clear and pure feeling. In addition, this watch is also equipped with a very practical calendar function in life, taking into account both leisure and diving, it is really a wrist watch boutique.
Watch details: The last brand to be said is Longines, which was established in the 1830s. It is one of the oldest watchmakers in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Now it belongs to the Swiss Swatch Group. Longines focuses on technical research and excellence. . As an old watch manufacturer with a history of more than 100 years, Longines has always insisted on making the best quality, and has always been adhering to the spirit of continuous innovation in time and craftsmanship.
   This watch is Longines’ entry-level watch with a simple and elegant design and a unique white wheat grain dial. Blue steel hands, strap with tri-fold safety clasp and push-opening device, the back of the clasp is engraved with Longines’ exquisite LOGO. At 6 o’clock is a fan-shaped power reserve display. It is equipped with an L602.2 automatic winding movement, which has a power reserve of 42 hours and a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour.
Watch details: longines / 1176 /
Summary: Time is precious and frightening. It always quietly takes away many emotions that cannot be separated. In the face of parents who are getting older, we always have the regret that we can’t say and cannot say. Shou Shou is the best possession. Father’s Day is here, please give him a blessing and hug whether you are good at expressing it or not.