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Those Beautiful Watches

In the past, I thought that watches were simply round or square, with a single style, a tool for timing. After slowly learning about it, I found that the watch can also be beautiful, but some watches will make people fall in love at first glance. The Watch House has specially arranged three beautiful watches to bring you eyes.

Model: H4897
Domestic public price: 209800
Watch diameter: 37.5 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: 18k white gold set with 60 brilliant-cut round diamonds (approx. 1 carat)
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: chanel / 55603 /
Watch Reviews: As the leader of the fashion industry, the design and production of its watches are naturally exquisite. The black dial of this watch is decorated with a mother-of-pearl rotating camellia pattern. The case is made of 18k white gold with a diameter of 37.5 mm and is set with 60 brilliant-cut round diamonds. It is equipped with a black satin strap for comfortable wearing. The black and white colors of the entire watch are in sharp contrast, highlighting the luxury of the watch.
Bvlgari LVCEA Series 102514

Product Model: 102514
Domestic public price: 209000
Watch diameter: 23 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18k white gold with diamonds set with 35 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.6 carats
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: bvlgari / 43960 /
Watch comments: When mentioning these beautiful watches, I have to talk about Bulgari’s jewelry watches, which are simply not beautiful. This watch is mainly made of 18K white gold, with a total weight of 35 inlaid on the case. Approximately 0.6 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds echo the 12 diamond hour-markers set on the dial. The design of the strap shows the geometric aesthetics of the building, and each bracelet is seamlessly connected to become a feature. The crown is set with convex-cut pink gemstones and a diamond, revealing luxury in a stunning way.
Omega Constellation Series

Product model:
Domestic public price: 184200
Watch diameter: 27 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 8705
Case material: 18K red gold with diamonds
Water resistance: 100 meters
Case material: 18K red gold with diamonds
Watch details: omega / 52590 /
Watch Reviews: This watch can also make people feel enchanted at the first sight. At the same time that the chronometer movement has been tested by the Swiss official observatory, it also has to undergo strict tests from the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). It is attracted by its bright appearance, and it is even more impressed by its precision and excellent craftsmanship. The dial is made of mother-of-pearl, set with 10 diamond hour markers, and it dazzles with the diamonds on the bezel. The 18K red gold case and strap exudes a charming sheen. Who cares about such an elegant and luxurious watch?
Comments: Are these watches made of red gold and diamonds beautiful? Of course, the prices are also very beautiful. I’m afraid most people don’t spend a lot of money for a watch, but dreams are always there, what if it is realized?

Jiajia Women’s Diving Watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre 9 71 D automatic winding movement, power reserve 48 hours, ceramic case, black plated dial, rotatable bezel, date display window at 3 o’clock, 24-hour display at 9 o’clock At 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock, Arabic numerals are placed. The black rubber chain strap with metal structure is waterproof to 100 meters and the case diameter is 39 mm.
Recommended reason:
    You read it right! This is a female watch. In recent years, more and more examples show that women’s watches can also be ‘professional’. Although it can be ‘professional’, this does not prevent ‘she’ from exercising her right to ‘set diamonds’. Remember, women can also be “professional” —in any case.

Hublot Launches King Power Fc Bayern Munich Kings Bayern Munich Limited Watch

In line with the start of the 2012-2013 football season, Hublot launched the Bayern Munich Club exclusive limited edition King Power King Watch. As the official timekeeping partner of the German Football Champions Record Keeping Club, this watch developed for Bayern Munich has a central 45-minute timekeeping function designed to strengthen the close cooperation of the team for football matches.
The King Power FC Bayern Munich watch was launched earlier this week by Jean-Claude Beaver (Chairman of Hublot), Karl Heinz Rummenig (Bayern Munich Football Club) Board members) and some players of Bayern Munich FC (including Ribery, Boateng, Van Bitten, Gustavo, as well as new aid Sakiri and Pizarro).

Karl-Heinz Rumenig, left, attending the press conference with Jean-Claude Beaver

The King Power FC Bayern Munich watch is limited to 200 pieces, with a 48 mm titanium case and a titanium bezel covered with black rubber. Bayern Munich’s team logo is located at 3 o’clock on the sapphire crystal dial. At the same time, the dial design uses the club’s representative color (red and traditional Bavarian light blue and white), which makes the hour and minute scale circle more dazzling. This watch is equipped with HUB4245 automatic winding skeleton chronograph mechanical movement, which can provide 42 hours of power reserve.

Hublot King Power FC Bayern Munich

In the 2011-2012 UEFA Champions League final, Bayern Munich lost to Chelsea and another football club supported by Hublot Hublot, Manchester United, lost to Barcelona in the finals of the previous season (official timing: Seiko), there is no doubt that Mr. Beaver hopes that the two clubs will create better results this season.

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Apart From The Budget, What New Watches Can I Buy This Year? (One)

At the moment of posting, the rabbit has finished all the schedules of the Geneva watch exhibition, sneaking to the brand factory (as for which one you will know later), stealing the lessons, but this does not prevent me from serious Let’s plan this serious matter of how to spend New Year’s money. In the past, we always said ‘how to buy watches in XX budget’, but this year I want to break the shackles of money. After all, rabbit fans are similar to ‘100,000 budget watches go out, 500,000 watches can be bought home.’ It’s better to demand yourself. Audemars Piguet: The newly upgraded Royal Oak Bunny wrote in a previous prediction that it would be a big hit. Audemars Piguet will have a new Royal Oak 15500 this month, using a new cal.4302, replacing the entry-level big Explosion 15400. At first glance, it doesn’t seem to be much different from the 15400, but a comparison reveals the details. 15400 (left) and 15500 (right) 15500 diameter 41 mm. The date display window is further away from the center of the dial, and the width of the hour markers is increased. The minute scale is no longer printed on the ‘Grande Tapisserie’ large grid, but instead Satin-finished dial on the bezel. In addition to the blue version, there are dark gray and black dials. There is also a very obvious change. The word ‘Automatic’ on the 15500 dial has disappeared. It seems that the entire dial is more concise and easier to read. (Some people say that this may make people think it is quartz. Watch, the rabbit wants to say what watch he bought is unclear, why should others think it?). These two pieces are dark gray and black. I still maintain the previous judgment-15500 will replace 15400 and become a big hit. After all, in the market today, as the entry model of Royal Oak, 15400 is hard to find. Even if there is a difference between the two who are better after the update, there will still be fire if there is no choice. At the same time, Rabbit tried a special Royal Oak “Jumbo” ultra-thin watch at the scene. The 39 mm diameter dial looks quieter (photos are not taken, I reflect). This watch is to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Royal Oak series in 1992. For the first time, Audemars Piguet decorated the dial with a rose gold-toned ‘Petite Tapisserie’ small satin-finished 18K white gold case and strap. In addition, among Royal Oak’s many new models, the rabbit has favored the 26313 purple cream gold model. This limited automatic chronograph with a size of 200 is 41 mm, which is slightly larger for me, but the value is too high. I ca n’t take care of it anymore (when I saw the real thing on the table lying quietly and unattended, I jumped forward and picked it up and put it on my hand). Except for the price, everything is very friendly, about 460,000 yuan (of course, it may just be unfriendly to me …). Montblanc: Minerva can not be absent. In fact, at the SIHH in 2018, I was amazed at the green-faced 1858 series single-button chronograph at that time-high value and Minerva movement. Montblanc’s strengths. This year, the first 1858 series came with several hard goods, two self-winding watches, an automatic chronograph and a Geosphere world time watch. All are khaki green dials, which is obviously another breaking point. The self-winding 40mm, all-bronze case, the previous models were a steel case and a bronze bezel, while the chronograph model was a 42mm rabbit who used the Geosphere world watch on the spot to show everyone the actual effect. The prices of these three pieces are around 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. The important point is that this year’s new heritage series has a doctor’s watch (pulse chronograph, which can be used to detect heart rate), a more special disk color, using a Minerva movement. Speaking of Minerva Watch Factory, I believe watch friends are like thunder. It was a watchmaking workshop founded by Charles-Yvan Robert in the small village of Saint-Miles Valley in 1858. Later, because of its reputation in the production of chronographs, Minerva Watch Factory gained global watchmaking. Industry recognition. In 2007, Richemont was used by Montblanc after the acquisition of the Minerva watch factory by Lifeng. As I mentioned last year, Minerva is very important to Montblanc. This is a reflection of the brand’s professional watchmaking status. In the past, Montblanc did not seem to focus too much on Minerva watches (of course, this The series price is relatively high), the Chinese market has not done much publicity, but from this year, Montblanc clearly realized that this is not only a complex, but also a manifestation of strength. The single-button chronograph movement MB M13.21, with a diameter of 40 mm, is very suitable for wearing. As for whether the salmon color looks good, it is completely determined by personal preference (after all, it belongs to the two series, this piece is still different from last year’s green-faced melamine style). Cartier: Tonneau dual time zone watch pays tribute to the CPCP series Cartier still has an important new model in the Santos series this year, Santos need not say more, I like to buy. Today I want to push willfully a special-looking watch-the Tonneau watch of the Prive series, with a barrel-shaped design. This series sounds strange, but it was born very early. In that year, it was a watch with a unique style. One of Cartier’s characteristics is that there are a lot of product lines. There are many models that seem to be silent for several years. On a certain day, they suddenly return to the field of vision in a surprising state. For example, the Crash watch of that year has always made me miss. My personal favorite is the dual time zone watch, which is divided into rose gold and platinum editions, each limited and numbered for sale. The rabbit got the platinum version on the spot, because it is hollow and leather strap, in fact, the watch is very light. It is also worth mentioning that this dual time zone is also a tribute to the long-discontinued CPCN Paris Collection Tonneau XL dual time zone watch (to help you gossip, Liu Tao wore this private collection in ‘Ode to Joy 2’ table). The difference is that this year’s Tonneau uses a movement to drive two disks. It is interesting that the very distinctive CPCP series had no signs of fire at that time, but after the shutdown, many watch friends looked around and sighed, showing the importance of ‘timing’ to the market. Fortunately, Cartier will give us a chance to reflect on it again. As for the price, the platinum version I wear is 590,000 yuan and the rose gold version is 515,000 yuan. RM: To maintain a girl’s heart, you must also have (economic) strength. I have never praised Richard Mille like this year. Although I have always admired the marketing capabilities of RM, I have always looked at its products and labeled it ‘Billionaire’s Tickets’. Although there are many RM watch owners in the rabbit powder group However, they basically do not have too high ‘in-group status’. They only blame the group owner for being too poor and buried huge wealth … Yesterday, the pavilion encountered an old friend and heard a very funny evaluation of RM: Obviously it can rely on technology , I just played the face value, people feel extremely strange. But from the moment I saw the lollipops in the museum, I felt that RM played this step this year. In the words of RICHARD MILLE’s MM, after all, participating in SIHH in the last year can make everyone more fun. BONBON series launched ten watches this time, based on RM07-03, RM16-01 and RM37-01 three automatic winding watches, each of which is limited to 30 pieces. This collection is completely inspired by fruits and desserts. It uses colorful ceramics, Carbon TPT carbon fiber or Quartz TPT quartz fiber material overlays, and colored gems to create a rich color and look. Among the four models of the Sweets series are two-tone ceramic cases. The rabbit got a piece of marshmallow for everyone to feel. The Fruits series of watches is available in six flavors, paying tribute to dessert fun: Citron and Fraise (RM 16-01), Myrtille and Litchi (RM 07-03), Kiwi and Cerise (RM 37-01). Made of colored Quartz TPT and Carbon TPT materials. Similarly, the rabbit grabbed a few pieces to try on, and first showed you the actual effect, which can be said to be very delicate. This is Kiwi. This is Cerise’s last concern. The price of this series is between 1 million and 1.2 million this year. I personally think it will capture the hearts of a bunch of girls (but who will pay for this problem? Worth thinking about). Forget it, according to the rabbit’s inquiries, it’s all sold out, so save it. The report on the Geneva watch exhibition is far from over. The effect of the first article today is to refresh everyone. After all, the year-end awards are almost out of the bag, and there should be new plans for the new year. It is not a bad thing to have long-term goals. Rabbit will push everyone more affordable watches next week, which can be entered into the purchase list of most people. Many people are deteriorating the market, including not optimistic about the economic situation, but in my opinion, the love of beautiful things will not change due to environmental changes. As I said before, buying a watch is a long-term plan. It can be rooted in your heart. It may take four or five years to finally achieve your goal, but this is also fun. Don’t let yourself lose your ability to hobby, keep your sensitivity and enthusiasm, this is the ultimate trick to resist any environment. Because our best investment is always ourselves. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!

Omega Omega Disc Coaxial Chronograph Introduction

The true meaning of love is eternal, and so should the gift of love. Chocolate is sweet and delicious, but it will soon be enjoyed and then forgotten. The flowers are indeed beautiful, but they will soon wither and be abandoned. Omega carefully selected a number of gifts, not only suitable for Valentine’s Day this year, but its light will continue to shine year after year.

  She will cherish this feminine co-axial chronograph forever. Dynamic and elegant, this watch combines Omega’s technologically concentric coaxial technology with outstanding design. The bezel is tiled with 42 diamonds and has a full range of timekeeping functions, making it the perfect watch for a contemporary fast-paced lifestyle.

  If she already owns an Omega watch, you can also send luxurious jewelry of the Constellation Griffes series. Containing this series of rings and pendants, its permanent design is inspired by Omega’s famous constellation watch series.

  And he will also like this disc flying ‘Four small dials’ coaxial chronograph. The four small dials are arranged on the dial, which is extremely eye-catching. From left to right are the small seconds dial, 7-day chronograph dial, 12-hour chronograph dial and 30-minute chronograph dial. The day of the week window is located above the center of the dial. This Swiss-Observatory-certified watch is the same as the disco coaxial female chronograph, showing elegance and charm without losing its dynamic style.
  Omega Omega Disc Co-Axial Chronograph will make Valentine’s Day an eternal memory. Even at this time next year, it will continue your feelings (flowers and chocolate are inferior because of this).

Jacques Droz Jaquet Droz: Dedication, Time Is The Evidence

At the time of the 7th Only Watch Charity Auction, Jaquet Droz presented and sold an outstanding Grande Seconde Off-centered watch Proceeds are used to study the cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

The true meaning of time is generosity. Jacques Dro has always adhered to this creed and actively participated in the biennial Only Watch charity auction. This auction brings together many unique watch pieces, and the auction results will be used for the study of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a serious muscle and heart disease. Jacques Dro is convinced that the disease will eventually be cured and is committed to contributing to it. With this, Jacques de Loire launched a unique eccentric large second hand watch to help the event.
The classic eccentric large seconds model is unique with its number 8. The number 8 is a symbol of endlessness and eternity, and it is also one of Jacques Dro’s brand symbols. This watch uses a hematite dial to reinterpret the classic eccentric large seconds hand series. This copper oxide-rich ore was discovered in the mid-19th century and its pleasing appearance is reminiscent of Mars, inspiring reveries of cosmic astronomy. The bright red symbolizes the passion for the timepiece and the Only Watch project.

The cutting of ore dials has extremely high technological requirements, and Jacques Droe is an industry leader in this regard. Every single inclusion, every texture, and every detail on the dial underlines the uniqueness of this watch. However, this large seconds watch is not limited to this: the two dials traditionally set at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock have adopted an eccentric design, giving the simple and pure dial a new vitality. The delicate gold inlaid dial ring complements the slender hands and the graceful central seconds hand. The winding crown moves to the 4 o’clock position, adding a touch of delicate beauty.
This large second hand watch not only brings visual enjoyment, but also uses a self-winding movement with a silicon balance spring and a pallet fork to ensure that the timepiece is accurate and reliable. Silicon is not only resistant to impacts, temperature changes, and high pressures, but it is also not affected by magnetic fields and is stable in nature. This eccentric large second hand watch has a 68-hour power reserve. The ochre red sapphire dial, the shiny 43mm red gold case and the deep black crocodile leather strap blend in harmony. This eccentric second hand is engraved with the inscriptions ‘1/1’ and ‘Only Watch 2017 Cuprite’ by hand. It will be released at the Monaco Yacht Show at the end of September. Then it will participate in a watch connoisseur and enthusiast The international touring exhibition finally appeared at the auction held in Geneva on Saturday, November 11.
‘Some watches tell time, some tell a story.’

Off-center large second hand
Red hematite dial.
18K red gold case.
Mechanical self-winding movement.
Power reserve is approximately 68 hours.
43 mm diameter.
Limited edition of 1.