Month: February 2021

Grey Goose Winter Ball Charity Dinner & Labrinth’s Raymond Weil Watch Auction

In November 2012, Kevin Spacey and David Furnish hosted the sixth Grey Goose Winter Ball Charity Dinner in the Battersea Power Station Auditorium, one of the most iconic buildings in London. The two chefs of the Michelin restaurant gave us a feast. After Helen Durrose, the auction ushered in a climax. Labrinth stepped onto the stage and stood next to the auctioneer Charlie Ross. Several items that cannot be measured with money, including his own Raymond Weil Limited Edition BRIT Awards watch, Labrinth’s own single and a dinner at his Mosaica restaurant.
Raymond Weil Brit Awards Timepiece 2012 Limited Edition
     Even before the auction, Raymond Weil’s other partner, Jay Kay (in front of Jamiroquai), jumped onto the stage and bid £ 50,000 for this lot. People then bid for it, and it eventually sold for £ 180,000-a record for the Grey Goose Winter Ball Charity Evening. A total of £ 690,000 was raised that night.
Jay Kay, Labrinth and Charlie Ross at the 2012 Grey Goose Winter Ball Charity Dinner
     The funds raised by the Grey Goose Winter Ball charity evening will be used for the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which was established 6 years ago to raise funds in the UK and worldwide to prevent and treat HIV and HIV AIDS. The Grey Goose Winter Ball charity dinner has so far raised 3 million pounds.

Rigid And Soft Colors Are Bright And Classic And Elegant

When the tough metal pieces and the soft silky satin complement each other, it is like the choppy waves and the breeze blowing the seasons; those bright and vivid colors and lines are better than all gorgeous packaging Is the best companion of gifts …
Van Cleef & Arpels les voyages extraordinairestm

    les voyages extraordinaires has opened up another magic country for us, once again highlighting the classic style of the brand. The lively fun of polar bear works and their series attracts collectors and lovers of vivid art.
Cartier cpcp watch

    In 1998, Cartier launched the collection privee cartier paris for the first time.
Cartier Creative Panda Diamond Fashion Women’s Watch

    The diameter and thickness of this watch are 4.2cm and 0.8cm respectively. The Swiss high-precision non-handle quartz movement, solid stainless steel frosted case, precision mechanical inlaying Czech diamonds, and the panda’s unique design are ladies’ favorite.
Cartier roadster watch

    Cartier, inspired by the world’s super luxury sports cars, has developed the roadster watch series, which is dedicated to successful people who seek speed.
Baume & Mercier Hamilton Classic Women’s Watches

    Polished stainless steel, set with 28 diamonds, stainless steel, triple folding buckle strap, mother-of-pearl dial, set with 8 diamonds, rhodium-plated Arabic numerals, 30 meters waterproof.
Baume & Mercier Collection

    Moon phase, central hand date display, day and month display, 24-hour indication, black crocodile strap, adjustable triple folding buckle, sapphire case back, 30-meter water resistance.

Glasutti Original Launches The Parliamentary Excellence Perpetual Calendar Watch Bulgaire Blue Special Limited Edition

Glashütte Original joined hands with Bulgari to pay tribute to the German watchmaking process and launch a special edition of the Bulgari blue watch, a parliamentary watch with excellent perpetual calendar, limited to 50 pieces. In addition to displaying the big calendar, week, month and leap year, the watch also has a separate window to display the moon phase, creating a harmonious whole. The dial is specially designed for Bulgari with an iconic blue color, while the rubber strap is embossed with a pattern that highlights Bulgaire’s founding year of 1888.

   This year marks the 20th anniversary of the introduction of this advanced complication in the perpetual calendar. Glashütte Original adds the new timepiece to the Bulgaire Blue Special Edition series to celebrate the long-term partnership between the two parties. This exclusive model features a sapphire crystal caseback, which not only provides a perspective to appreciate the sophisticated movements, but also shows the exclusive limited number of each watch from 1 to 50.

   As early as 1999, Glashütte Original displayed the perpetual calendar for the first time with an elegant and simple window. This design was revolutionary 20 years ago, and its modern style is still impressive today. Even with a highly complex mechanism such as a perpetual calendar, the parliamentary excellence watch successfully meets customers’ requirements for outstanding legibility and intuitive practicality. Since 2017, Glashütte’s original perpetual calendar watch is equipped with the breakthrough Calibre36 movement. With a 100-hour power reserve, anti-magnetic silicon hairspring, and an innovative bayonet mount, this movement meets the needs of modern life.

   Glashütte’s original experts have created a unique blue hue in their own dial studio that has not been seen in other collections. Combined with a stainless steel case, a timepiece with a classic business feel has been created, and its elegant and casual appearance has been upgraded immediately. In addition to the special color matching, Glashütte’s original designers also created another exclusive feature for Bulgari: the pattern of the sporty and stylish rubber strap is reminiscent of the number 1888, which is also the year that Bulgari was founded.

   It is reported that the original special edition of the Glashütte Original Perpetual Calendar Watch Bulgaire Blue Special Limited Edition is exclusively sold by Bulgaire boutiques and online channels, with a list price of 19,800 Swiss francs, equivalent to about RMB 140,000. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Wearing These Guys Makes You Never Out Of Date

Among the watches that people can wear daily, men’s watches from Rolex, Zenith, and TAG Heuer are closest to boldness. Why Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual watches can sell well for decades without major changes to the design. Some people say that it is because of its exquisite craftsmanship and accurate time, and others have noticed the unique temperament that is not controlled by the times. Even if you wear a Rolex diary watch decades ago on your wrist, you will only feel that the dial is slightly smaller, rather than outdated. The Zenith and TAG Heuer watches both use bold design to create a bold feel. It seems that the eastern aesthetic concept is not mysterious. As long as it is realized by heart, even the most fashionable watches can surpass the barriers of Eastern and Western culture.

Kunlun Watch Launches Jinqiao Women’s Watch White Ceramics

‘Golden Bridge is my greatest happiness. The process of creating the Golden Bridge made me feel not only a watchmaker, but also an inventor.’ Watchmakers and Independent Watchmakers Association (AHCI) member Vincent Calabrese said.
   The Golden Bridge watch came out in 1980, at a time when Kunlun had not expected that this design would be one of the brand’s pillar series and eventually become a symbol and logo of Swiss fine watchmaking. 2015 is the 35th anniversary of the legendary Jinqiao movement. Kunlun specially produced the black ceramic model of the Jinqiao women’s watch to commemorate it. It was released at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show this year, injecting new vitality into the 11 Jinqiao series created.
   The rectangular gold bridge movement is 33 mm long, 3 mm wide and 5 mm thick. It is assembled from 140 parts. The unique design shows the excellent micro-mechanical technology of Kunlun watches. This month, Kunlun Watch launched the Jinqiao Women’s Watch White Ceramic. The watch case measures 43 mm x 21 mm x 11.19 mm. It is equipped with a CO 113 manual winding movement, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour, and a 40-hour power reserve.

Bucherer Once Again Supports American Friends Of Lucerne Festival

May 4, 2015, New York. American Friends of LUCERNE FESTIVAL is committed to working with the famous Swiss LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY to promote and strengthen international music exchanges. This year, Swiss watch brand Bucherer is again sponsoring the event.

   Music is a valuable cultural asset that connects people around the world in a common language. For thousands of years, the fusion of music with tradition has always been an artistic expression of human emotion and talent. With support for the American Friends of LUCERNE FESTIVAL, Bucherer provides a valuable opportunity for talented American newcomers to learn from the masters of the music industry.
   In early May, American Friends of LUCERNE FESTIVAL invited guests from all walks of life to participate in the charity music evening held at Four Seasons Hotel in New York. Former chairman Klaus Jacobs attended the evening event as an honorary guest. After 12 years of unremitting efforts, Klaus Jacobs has significantly increased the fame and reputation of the festival. In particular, Bucherer presented him with an exquisite Manero AutoDate watch engraved with the words ‘American Friends of the Lucerne Festival 2015’ in recognition of his extraordinary contribution.

   During the dinner after the cocktail party, musicians and guests exchanged their insights and experiences, and outstanding graduates from LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY played wonderful music live.
   The charity concert that night raised as much as possible to donate to LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY, helping newcomers from around the world to better understand the fascinating world of modern classical music. Under the guidance of international musicians Matthias Pintscher and Pablo Heras-Casado, learn performance techniques, enhance musical tastes, and explore the country of music from a new perspective.