Month: April 2021

Keira Knightley Buys Her Husband A £ 40,000 Rolex Birthday Present

According to the British ‘The Sun’ report, British actress Keira Knightley has always been known for her thrift and thrift, but when buying a birthday gift for her husband, she was not so ‘cut’ and gave her husband Bought a 40,000 Rolex watch.

 Keira Knightley is usually a very economical and plain actress, saving to the point that you think she might go to a chain store to buy jewelry.

 However, her husband was about to celebrate his 30th birthday. Instead of buying an Elizabeth watch, she bought a Rolex watch worth 40,000 pounds (about 400,000 yuan).

 On Sunday, Kyla, who starred in the film ‘True Love’, presented her husband, the vocalist and keyboardist James Leiden as a precious birthday gift in front of the band’s friends, while the band was at the Royal Oak Bar in East London show.

 A source said: ‘Kayla wants to give her husband a special birthday gift. Although James is not a material person, he will not disdain Rolex watches. He loves this watch very much and is very moved.’

 Although Kayla is the top actress on the Hollywood pay list, she has always been cautious about spending money. Her company, Kck Boo Ltd, raised £ 1.5 million from movie and fashion big orders last year, but Kayla only offered herself a prize of £ 30,000.

 Recently, Kayla has just finished shooting the romantic comedy movie ‘Songs Change Life’, in which she partnered with comedian James Colden.

Video Real Shot Hermes New Aceau Series-fluo Hip Hop X2018sihh

Hermes’ art workshop adds a unique artistic texture to the Hermes Aceau series. In the small dial, it shows the dual charm of clocks and artistic creation, from enamel, straw inlay, and sculpture to More rare and cherished crafts make this series shine and present a rich theme.

Hermes ACEAU series
For more information on the latest Geneva watchmaking salons in 2018, please follow the watch house live feature:

Fined 9.1 Billion, The Watches Behind The Living Creatures Were Stained With Blood

In July of this year, the illegal vaccine incident of Changchun Changsheng Biological Company in Jilin Province caused uproar at home and abroad. Although it sounds as if it has nothing to do with our people, the damage caused by this incident is real. The child of the company’s colleague had received the illegal vaccine from Changsheng. The huge wealth and glorious life they have accumulated through the production of illegal vaccines is based on the suffering of countless children. Every watch they buy, even if it is beautiful, is stained with blood! After three months, today the State Drug Administration and the Food and Drug Administration of Jilin Province severely imposed administrative penalties on Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘Changchun Changsheng Company’) for producing rabies vaccine in violation of laws and regulations: 1 . Revoke the drug approval certificate of Changchun Changsheng Company for rabies vaccine (Sinopharmaceutical Standard S20120016). 2. Revocation of the issuance of a certificate of conformity for the biological product involved in the case and a fine of 12.03 million yuan. 3. Revoke its Drug Production License. 4. The confiscation of illegally produced vaccines and illegal income was 1.89 billion yuan, and three times the value of illegal production and sales was fined 7.21 billion yuan, with a total of 9.1 billion yuan in fines. In addition, fourteen persons in charge directly responsible for the case, including Gao Junfang and other persons directly responsible, were imposed administrative penalties that were not allowed to engage in drug production and operation activities. Anyone suspected of a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by the judicial organs according to law. Good and evil will eventually be reported. Tiandao good reincarnation, unbelief, look up.

Gucci Watch Jewelry Summer Product Recommendation

In the bright midsummer time, the lively creative design is a symbol of self-expression, condensed into a spiritual symbol, and painted a colorful summer. The abundance of passion, vitality and colorful gestures in nature spread into the flowing breath of life through exquisite products. Let your personality express your attitude, decorate your daily life, and let the unique and graceful creative inspiration bloom in your hands. Gucci watches and jewellery sincerely present the bright summer, interpret the fashion language, like an indulgent poetic charm.
GUCCI watches and jewelry presents summer

Gucci’s signature leather models are available in a variety of beautiful colors and come in 27 or 38 mm sizes. On the G-Timeless extension, the leather material presents a variety of different shades, and Gucci’s representative embossed leather is not only used for the strap, but also smoothly extends to the surface. The bee shape and Gucci logo are set at 12 o’clock.

The G-TimelessSlim has two new sizes that are perfect for women: 29mm and 36mm. The surface shines with a rich mother-of-pearl luster and is embellished with Gucci’s new iconic hour markers: delicate bees, stars and heart shapes. The case is made of stainless steel, one of which is decorated with PVD light gold. A simple stainless steel grid bracelet or a colorful lizard leather strap completes these dazzling, eclectic designs.

Geranium represents extreme romance, and the beautiful flower phrase ‘Meeting by chance, happiness is right by your side’, interpreting graceful poetry. The new G-Timeless series is made of GG high-grade artificial leather, with colorful geranium printing, PVD gold-plated case, diameter 38mm, pressed bezel engraved with bee logo, and ebony canvas panel decorated with pink Geranium print with iconic bee at 12 o’clock. There are also bracelet models that show modern style.

This collection of watches perfectly integrates the elements of graffiti, and complements the silver jewelry of GucciGhost series, inspired by the recent collaboration between Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele and American artist TroubleAndrew. The series adopts vivid hand-painted patterns, the overall tone is youthful, full of vitality, and has a strong sense of artistic graffiti. As a natural extension and extension of the collaboration with TroubleAndrew, the new watch collection launched this time proves the talent of Gucci jewelry-that is, the ability to perform creative interpretations of different eras.

The design elements of the GucciGhost series of silver pendants and pendants include not only the main elf, but also various colorful shapes such as stars, rainbows, skulls and slogans-all products are made of 925 silver and decorated with colored enamel. TroubleAndrew’s original interpretation of Gucci’s various logos-the ‘RealGucci’ slogan with drip paint effect or hand-painted skulls-runs through the entire series, bringing a fresh and refreshing urban style to Gucci’s unique letter combinations and other design elements.

    The GGRunning series has re-interpreted the GG logo, thereby making the brand’s gold jewelry series more fashionable and fun. Sophisticated necklaces, single or multi-ring rings, extra long earrings or earrings, and crisp and modern bracelets-each one reveals the neat lines and vivid colors of this latest GGRunning collection. All of these new jewellery pieces are crafted in 18K yellow, rose, or white gold with diamonds or brightly colored gems. The GG shape of the multi-ring ring is made of precious precious stones in vivid colors, making the well-known double G shape exude an eclectic atmosphere.

Asia Limited To 200 Grand Seiko 2014 New Seiko Models

I am optimistic about the development of the high-end watch market in Asia in 2014. As the watchmaking leader of Japanese watch brands, SEIKO (Seiko) is launching a brand-new 2014 for its top watch series Grand Seiko Watches, limited to 200 pieces in Asia.

 The 2014 Grand Seiko new watch, which is exclusively launched for the Asian region, uses GS classic ocean blue as the overall face color, symbolizing the vast ocean world, allowing wearers to see the blue world from a macro perspective. Blueprint; In response to the uniqueness of Asia’s limited edition, the faceplate is designed with diamond-shaped lines and wavy lines interlaced, delicately delineating the luxurious atmosphere that sparkles like diamonds. In addition, the brand’s lion logo, which represents the king’s breath, is more rare On the diamond-shaped face plate, the reflection of light and shadow is swinged between the wrists, so that the sleeves can be elegantly presented with the ultimate and timeless taste.

 The Asian limited edition Grand Seiko model launched this time uses the classic GS blue as the overall face color. The face plate uses diamond-shaped patterns and wavy patterns, symbolizing that Grand Seiko shines like a diamond on the world stage; and has the flavor of a king The lion logo is decorated with delicate lines and embossed on the cross-lined face plate, showing the ultimate and timeless taste.

 Continuing the traditional style of ‘Seiko Style’, the metal of the bezel and the body is specially matched with matte and mirror textures to present a multi-layered three-dimensional texture. Both the hands and the time are made with multi-angle delicate carvings, and the 12 o’clock scale is in accordance with the classic and unchanged tradition. It is doubled in size compared to other times, highlighting the beauty of conflict and contrast. To improve visual recognition.

 As one of the few watch factories in the world with 100% movement capability, Grand Seiko is one of the few watch brands in Asia that can keep pace with Europe and is also one of the few watch factories that are continuously improving the basic movement. This limited edition model is equipped with a 9S85 movement. It is a high-speed frequency movement that can vibrate up to 36,000 times per hour (10 times per second). ‘36,000 revolutions’ is the ‘balance wheel’ that determines the accuracy of mechanical watches for 1 hour. The number of vibrations strongly blocks external interference by high-speed vibration, suppresses the difference in accuracy caused by posture changes, and achieves more stable high accuracy.

 In order to achieve this goal, Grand Seiko uses the latest technology MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems) ‘Micro-Electro-Mechanical Casting Technology’ developed exclusively by SEIKO for many years to improve the surface smoothness and hardness of the parts; and creates a special storage on the escape wheel. Oil grooves, so more gear oil can be stored, which solves the problem of oil retention that is difficult for general high-speed mechanical watches. In addition, the escapement fork and escape wheel use hollow-out technology to achieve a lightweight design of 25% of parts, which greatly improves the efficiency of power transmission. Grand Seiko watches exceed the basic requirements of high specifications, making the movement more flexible, showing more stable accuracy, the new Spron material spring makes the released torque more average, energy is more abundant, so under high vibration conditions It still maintains a 55-hour power reserve, and only with the quality and precision of parts can the high frequency technology be demonstrated.

The Return Of Tantalum Metal – Omega Released The Hippocampus 300m Diving Watch Titanium Tantalum Limited Edition Watch

In 2018, Omega’s iconic 300-meter diving watch from the hippocampus returned strongly with a completely new design and leading innovation in watchmaking technology. Today, the Omega Seamaster Series 300m Diving Watch Titanium Tantalum Limited Edition is officially on the market. This watch continues the extraordinary design while inheriting the unique material of the prototype model-tantalum metal.

Omega Seamaster 300m Dive Watch Titanium Tantalum Limited Edition
 In 1993, when the first 300-meter professional diving watch of the hippocampus series came out, Omega creatively incorporated tantalum metal into it. Tantalum is commonly used in the manufacture of electronic devices and medical devices. This blue-gray metal is rarer than gold, harder than steel, and extremely resistant to corrosion. Because of these characteristics, the processing technology of tantalum metal is very difficult, so the use of this metal element in the watchmaking industry is also extremely rare.


Omega Seamaster 300m Dive Watch Titanium Tantalum Limited Edition
 At that time, the unique color of tantalum metal complemented the revolutionary design of the first 300-meter professional diving watch in the hippocampus series. Once launched, it was highly respected by watch lovers. Today, Omega has once again used tantalum to create a limited-edition titanium and tantalum watch for the 300-meter hippocampus diving watch, with a limited edition of 2,500 pieces worldwide.

Omega Seamaster 300m Dive Watch Titanium Tantalum Limited Edition Watch Box

 The innovative use of Sedna® 18K gold is also a feature of this limited edition watch. The crown, scale ring, helium exhaust valve, bracelet, hour scale and hands are made of Sedna® 18K gold. In addition, there is a Sedna® 18K gold plate on one side of the case, engraved with a limited number.

 The watch’s transparent back is printed with Omega’s iconic hippocampal motif and brand logo. Omega’s NAIAD lock technology ensures that the lettering and patterns are neat and elegant. Through the sapphire glass case back, the movement beauty of the Omega 8806 Zhenzhen Observatory is clearly visible. The entire watch and movement have passed the rigorous approval by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) to the Astronomical Observatory certification test, which meets the higher standards of watchmaking in terms of antimagnetism, accuracy and overall performance.

2019 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show Vacheron Constantin Presents A Surprise Feast For Connoisseurs Of Fine Watchmaking

[Geneva, January 22] At the 29th Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, which ended recently, Vacheron Constantin showcased its masterpieces of timepieces in a very creative way with the theme of emotions, allowing ‘the advanced system The beauty of the watch shines. Each of the brand’s new works is a collection of cutting-edge innovation, excellent technology and artistic craftsmanship.

情感 Emotionally themed display design

In the Vacheron Constantin showroom, each window showcases the rich emotional world inspired by the watches on display: the glare of the tourbillon, the thunder of the ‘Tiger’, the throbbing of the double core rate, the surprise of the minute repeater and the perpetual calendar, The vitality of the 14-day tourbillon, etc …. the characteristics of each piece are cleverly presented through the scenery settings.

Emotion-themed display design-‘falling in love’ in German in the ‘plane in the belly’

Emotion-themed display design-‘wrapped in honey’ in Russian is used to describe ‘desire’

Emotion-themed display design: ‘Love’ in French with ‘butterfly in the belly’

Emotion-themed display design: ‘Heart deer bump’ in Chinese is used to describe ‘violent heartbeat when excited’

Proud achievement in fine watchmaking

With the Traditionnelle inherited series of Twin Beat dual core rate perpetual calendar watches, the brand has written another legendary chapter in the history of watchmaking innovation. This watch has two vibration frequencies that can be freely switched by the wearer. It can guarantee a power reserve of more than 65 days when in standby mode. So when the watch is not worn, neither the time display nor the perpetual calendar display will be affected. Two technological innovations in this watch are pending patent applications.

The first self-winding tourbillon watch launched by the Overseas Series has also demonstrated excellent watchmaking technology. This watch is equipped with an ultra-thin edge-type rotor in a stainless steel case with a power reserve of 80 hours. In addition, this one-of-a-kind Les Cabinotiers minute repeater perpetual calendar watch has also become another glory in the brand’s complication timepiece.

独一无二 The unique watch masterpieces from the ‘Mécaniques Sauvages’ theme series from Les Cabinotiers artisans show the extraordinary arts and crafts that the brand cherishes. This series of watches is equipped with the 2460G4 movement. The original design of the window time display surrounds the dial, leaving ample space to fully display the hand-carved and fine wood inlay technology in the center of the dial.

Finally, the Patrimony heritage series and Fifty six® Wulu series also introduced new blue dials, and according to the characteristics of different series, the color rendering and polishing process have been individually customized.