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Hublot Hublot Opens 2016 New Basel National Tour Exhibition

Since the establishment in 1980, Hublot Hublot, a Swiss top watch brand known for ‘the art of fusion’, has integrated traditional craftsmanship and multiple innovations into the design concept of watches-never following However, it is leading the trend, outstanding and material-oriented, respecting tradition and insisting on innovation. On the tenth anniversary of the concept of ‘full black’, Hublot adheres to the belief of ‘no innovation, no future’ and revolutionizes the presentation of fully transparent watches. When the traditional watchmaking technology and the passion of green shade football merge, Hublot watches On the eve of the 2016 European Cup of France, the European Cup limited watch created for football. Recently, Hublot’s new Basel 2016 products have landed in Chengdu, Shenyang and Dalian in succession, starting a new masterpiece tour in China, sharing an extraordinary time feast with watch lovers.

In 2016, Hublot re-displayed its peak watchmaking skills-whether it is the ultimate interpretation of avant-garde philosophy or the all-round cooperation of top competitions, or the new interpretation of cross-border integration and the pinnacle of self-developed research and development. Demonstrate the brand’s unique spirit of innovation and fashion taste. The Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black watch interprets the fashion power of all black in a completely transparent way, reverses the laws of nature and flexibly uses transparent methods to pay tribute to the brand’s dialectical philosophy of ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’, as opposed to the Big Bang Unico sapphire The watch is pure and extremely transparent. The transparent design surpasses the limit of imagination. The Big Bang Unico retrograde chronograph watch · Europe Cup is the official watch of the 2016 European Cup of France. The cool design style complements the passionate football. Ignite the passion for the European Cup; The Big Bang Unico ‘Independent Italy’ camouflage watch with its camouflage pattern and innovative material Texalium® (aluminum-coated carbon fiber), confirms the free fusion of pioneering design and material breakthrough, becoming an upgrade interpretation of the brand’s cross-border cooperation; The Big Bang Fruit Linen Watch selects unprecedented new natural linen materials for the case and strap. The attractive colors are classic and versatile, and the fashion is sharp. The classic fusion Berluti watch is a fusion of the classic Venezia leather of the century-old Berluti brand in Paris. On the dial and strap, write extraordinary with ingenious craftsmanship Tune. In addition, Hublot is bold and innovative, presenting the Big Bang MECA-10 watch, perfectly equipped with the brand’s new self-developed movement-HUB1201 manual winding skeleton mechanical movement, a unique ‘building block’ style Free combination structure, 10-day power reserve with dual display function, let the imagination freely ride in the new fertile soil, it is amazing.
‘Hublot is a luxury watch brand that respects tradition and looks to the future. 2016 is Hublot’s trend of ‘all black’,’ said Loic Biver, general manager of Hublot Greater China. The tenth anniversary of the birth is also the year of the European Football Championship in France. As the third consecutive European Cup official timepiece and official watch, this year is even more significant for us! Through this tour, I also hope to let more consumers Feeling the diversified charm of new Hublot watches, let more watch enthusiasts who love life enter the brand’s distinctive philosophical world. ‘
Hublot’s new masterpieces will be presented one by one, the extraordinary achievements of the brand will soon be revealed, and the pioneering concept is destined to continue to write brilliant!

A New Interpretation of the Invisible Visible Philosophy
Big Bang Unico Sapphire Wrist / Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black Watch
Beyond the limits of imagination, HUBLOT combines advanced watchmaking technology and cutting-edge material technology to present an amazingly transparent watch for the world! Drawing on the natural inspirations of the vast universe, Hublot brings its material innovation to the fullest. In 2016, Hublot exhibited its pioneering spirit again, combining scientific research technology and modern aesthetics. After several months of research and development and millions of investment achievements, the entire sapphire was accurately cut. Finally, the Big Bang Unico sapphire watch was created and perfect. Preserving the unique and rare characteristics of sapphire, the world’s limited collection of 500 pieces.
The launch of the concept of ‘all black’ has gone through ten years. HUBLOT Hublot has created one new trend that cannot be missed. In order to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the birth of the ‘All Black’ concept, Hublot re-created a masterpiece with a pioneering trend, reversed the laws of nature and flexibly used transparent methods to interpret the dialectical philosophy of ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ in a new way. This time, the Big Bang watch clearly presents the ‘visible’ timepiece structure and exquisite movement with its ‘invisible’ all-black appearance. Through the wonderful fusion of materials, textures and details, the Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black Watch is ‘made of materials better than materials.’ Although it is cut and built from a single piece of sapphire, it is covered with metal and reinforced with black. Show its transparency in a delicate balance. It can be described as the ingenious, subversive interpretation of the fashion power of all-black design.

European Cup 2016
Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph · European Cup
In 2016, the UEFA EURO 2016 ™ will be held in France from June 10th to July 10th. This is the third collaboration between Hublot and the European Cup. This time, Hublot specially launched the official 2016 French European Cup watch. The Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph Watch · European Cup’s cool design style and passionate football complement each other, inspired by the iconic colors of France, the host country of the 15th European Cup, with a limited collection of 100 pieces. Its 45 mm diameter black ceramic case is equipped with a ‘One-Click’ quick-change strap mechanism. The movement uses the self-produced UNICO HUB1261 self-winding double retrograde central chronograph column-wheel movement to make it easy. Competent timing of football matches.

For the world’s first luxury watch brand to cooperate with football in all directions, HUBLOT has been committed to supporting and developing the football cause. As the official partner of the 2016 European Cup, Hublot launched the global promotion of ‘Your European Cup Moment’, inviting ten football legends to describe their European Cup journey, and passed Fred Merz (Fred Merz) ) ‘S lens records them, witnessing their respective glorious moments.

No fashion, no Hublot
Big Bang Unico ‘Independent Italy’ camouflage watch
Camouflage is a powerful attack, free interpretation of the fashion situation on the wrist. Hublot and Italian fashion accessories brand Italia Independent (Independent Italy) create another masterpiece, launched the second collaboration watch Big Bang Unico ‘Independent Italy’ camouflage watch. The two major brands, known for their unique materials and innovative styles, have joined forces to make this timepiece truly a ‘rebellious’ piece, making it a wristwatch choice for trendy people. The camouflage pattern with the innovative material Texalium® (aluminum-coated carbon fiber), the free fusion of pioneering design and material breakthrough, also shows a new interpretation of contemporary fashion.

Big Bang Fruit Linen Watch
After the two trendy elements of high-end embroidery and denim denim were applied to the watch, HUBLOT Hublot once again exhibited fashion and fashion, and specially selected natural linen to make exclusive watches for women! Linen is both classic and simple. This natural plant fiber is used not only for the strap, but also for the case and dial of the new Big Bang fruit linen watch. With its light texture and flexible and strong characteristics, it is an elegant symbol of nationalization and sustainability. Hublot uses a unique linen weaving technique to create a unidirectional weft of pure natural fiber, and then dyes it with light-transmitting composite materials to create an innovative case material that replaces carbon fiber-linen fiber. The material has the same mechanical strength, but is lighter and can be graded indefinitely. The strap is stitched with pure natural linen fiber into natural rubber, turning the monochrome linen fabric into a stylish piece for the wrist.

Classic fusion Berluti watch
HUBLOT is an ambassador of art and time, connecting the past and the future, integrating traditional and modern skills, and joining hands with the century-old Berluti in Paris to release the classic fusion Berluti Scritto watch and the classic fusion Berluti all-black watch. ‘The art of fusion.’ The two cooperative watches incorporate subtle watchmaking techniques while blending Berluti’s classic Venezia leather with the world-famous Patina craftsmanship. The two traditional craftsmanship are merged into one with ingenious skills, and they are ‘worn’ on the dial and the watch. Above the belt, the elegant writing of the elegant style creates gentleman elegance. The watch is carried in a collection box with a Berluti travel case and leather care items. Recording time while carving leather is like a sacred ritual, leading us on a journey to witness excellence.

Groundbreaking in-house movement
Big Bang MECA-10 watch
Splints, gear trains, pinions, levers … new fertile ground for imagination. The unique combined structure of the Big Bang MECA-10 watch creates a new possibility for the advancement of the micro-mechanical world of the watch, and for those who invest a lot of time and energy to build or dismantle the technical structure and explore the engineering world, the ‘future system’ Watch Master ‘tailored. The top Swiss watchmaking brand HUBLOT has invested two years of research and development and has continuously refined this new self-produced movement. The ‘block building’ -style free combination structure is amazing. HUB1201 manual winding skeleton mechanical movement, with a 10-day power reserve, the movement has a total of 223 parts. The 10-day power reserve has a dual display function: the gap at the 3 o’clock position gradually reveals a red dot on the last two days of the movement power, and the crown gear at the 6 o’clock position is marked with 0-10, which shows the remaining days of the power reserve.

Art Rhapsody
Classic Fusion Monkey King Watch
The first Chinese Zodiac watch released by HUBLOT Hublot watches presents traditional culture in an eclectic form. The classic fusion monkey king watch will subvert the traditional Sun Wukong’s magical imagination, once again showing the extraordinary “Dare to be the first in the world”. Boldness. The dial is set on a blue background, and Sun Wukong, who has a bright pink face, is laughing and seems to convey an optimistic and confident person who is not afraid of authority with an exaggerated expression. At 12 o’clock, a three-dimensional shape of the crescent moon is painted, which represents Sun Wukong’s master and apprentice Xitian to obtain positive results. The remaining five digital time scales appear in an irregular form: the time scales at 4 o’clock represent ‘four masters and apprentices’, and the Arabic numerals at 7 and 2 o’clock symbolize ‘Seven Wukong 72 Changes The 10 o’clock position and the 8 o’clock position more imaginatively represent ‘the eighteen thousand miles that the four students of Sun Wukong learned from the scriptures.’

Completely Convey The Two Craft Talents That The Brand Is Good At

Piaget’s 1 millionth watch was officially born. This uniquely limited watch fully conveys the two craftsmanships that the brand excels at: La Côte-aux-Fées The company’s ‘top-level watchmaking technology’ and the ‘top-level jewellery craftsmanship’ excelled at the Geneva plant are limited to 20 pieces in 2010.
   Piaget white gold diamond-shaped pillow-shaped perpetual calendar watches are all designed and developed by the Piaget La Côte-aux-Fées fine watchmaking workshop, and even the details are assembled by hand, without the help of others. La Côte-aux-Fées Fine Watchmaking Workshop is the cradle of the history of Piaget. From the very beginning, it devoted all its energy to the development and production of complex mechanical functions. To this day, it continues to advance Piaget’s fine watchmaking. Powerful heart advancing.
   Look at the exquisite jewellery inlay on the watch frame: it is made of 60 rectangular cut diamonds-each one indicates every minute-with the delicate layout and workmanship of the jewellery inlay artist, giving the watch a life and color and rhythm. The creation of the dial is also a pioneering work, with no less than 263 diamonds, 12-hour time stamps and 5 sub-dials in the square inch space.
   Piaget’s 1 millionth watch can be completed in more than 60 hours with the jewellery setting process alone. However, Piaget has pushed the aesthetics of the art to the limit and set 25 automatic diamonds on the automatic dial of the movement. The watch is endowed with luxurious touch like jewellery from the inside out, and can be clearly appreciated by the transparent back cover of the case back.
   This limited-production watch combines the two world’s most sophisticated watches-fine watchmaking and top jewelry-the 1 millionth watch produced by Earl Lai Qingzhi, showing the brand’s development trajectory, which also makes this A platinum watch with a diamond-shaped pillow-shaped perpetual calendar was doomed to its ‘top-level’ fate. Not only will it be produced in extreme quantities, but the watch factory will also deliver it every year.

Montblanc And The Maritime Museum Of Lisbon, Portugal Launch A Digital Version Of The Vasco Da Gama Logbook ‘roteiro’

Famous Portuguese navigator, Vasco da Gama, the world’s first European to travel from sea to India, recorded the voyages recorded during 3 overseas expeditions The log ‘Roteiro’ has been on display in the Portuguese Maritime Museum in the Portuguese capital. With the development of science and technology, Montblanc has recently sponsored the Lisbon Maritime Museum to digitize the Vasco da Gama logbook. It is expected to launch a limited edition of 1,500 Portuguese and English editions in September 2015 to keep the world in mind. Great navigator.
   Under the designation of the King of Portugal, Vasco da Gama began searching for sea routes to India on July 8, 1497. After many obstacles, the fleet finally bypassed the Cape of Good Hope and arrived in India near Caricut on the Malabar coast on May 20, 1498. It brought back a wealth of spices for Portugal, thus opening up Portuguese overseas trade. path of. This time, Montblanc and the Lisbon Maritime Museum displayed Vasco da Gama’s sailing journey to all people in the world. While letting the world understand this explorer, he also expressed his right The high respect of Vasco da Gama.
   Inspired by Vasco da Gama’s pioneering spirit and nautical technology, Montblanc has specially created several well-designed and exquisitely produced new watches-Montblanc heritage Chronométrie series, which perfectly integrates Portuguese explorers’ precision Obsession and the essence of fine watchmaking. The special edition watches in this series are named after Vasco da Gama, in order to pay tribute to this world-renowned explorer, to praise his adventurous spirit of opening up Xinjiang and to promote the course of history Great contribution.
   Montblanc has always been committed to sponsoring art and cultural activities, paying extensive attention to artistic and cultural activities such as classical music, fine arts, and theater, and encouraging the combination of tradition and innovation to integrate perfectly with the Montblanc brand concept. At the same time, Montblanc continuously promotes and sponsors a number of cultural and artistic activities worldwide, and calls on and encourages more outstanding people and companies to join the ranks of cultural and artistic sponsorships to promote the vigorous development of culture and arts.
About Montblanc
   Since the establishment of the brand, Montblanc has persisted in creating each product with traditional heritage and perfection for more than 100 years. The uncompromising design and quality have enabled Montblanc to successfully create classics that can be passed on to the world. The Montblanc hexagonal white star symbolizes the top quality that the brand is pursuing. Can be reflected in the atmosphere and eyewear products. The Montblanc Workshop explains the commitment to continuous pursuit of excellence while promoting the development of the cultural field. Montblanc, rooted in the field of writing culture, has always played an important role in the field of culture. Through different types of international activities, the brand has continued to write magnificent chapters in contemporary cultural undertakings, and has occupied a place in the world’s culture.

Sara Foster, Yuanyuan Power

She is an outstanding defender of the Swiss national women’s ice hockey team. Ice hockey is an endurance sport that requires an endless supply of power. Welcome the award-winning and energetic Sarah Foster to join the Le Méridien family.

   Hockey was originally a male-dominated fierce sport, and Sarah Foster, 26, is one of the outstanding female athletes in this sport. ‘This is a sport that has strict physical and speed requirements. Women need to make a name for themselves. Although we have not yet obtained the status of professional athletes, the love and passion for this sport has always led us to continuous improvement ‘The Swiss national women’s ice hockey guard explained.

   And this magnificent ambition also impressed Stéphane Waser, the general manager of Le Méridien, ‘Sara is a woman fighter! She has demonstrated a modern and open worldview with her determination and efforts. This striving to achieve The courage of personal goals deserves encouragement. Le Méridien treasures such talents and is happy to help them achieve their goals. ‘

   For Sara, working with Le Méridien is a natural occurrence. ‘Before, I had the honor to work for a brand and take this opportunity to understand the design and production steps of a watch. It is the mastery of the watchmaker’s mastery. The skill and enthusiasm for innovation make me even more proud when wearing my AIKON 35mm watch! ‘During the tour of the watch factory, she was impressed with the development of the AIKON series.’ I have witnessed the release of this watch series, but it is full of sights. The design of the watches still amazes me. And these watches are designed for ordinary customers, and each one wants to be treasured carefully! ‘

Immortal Legend: Kunlun Golden Bridge Automatic Watch

Since the first introduction of the mechanical movement of the Jinqiao watch in 1980, it has enjoyed a great reputation in the watch industry and aroused widespread response. More than 30 years ago, this original long-handed refining movement structure also rewritten the historical title page in the history of fine watchmaking. In 2011, Kunlun will launch a new movement structure that is self-finishing and equipped with a linear sliding pendulum for the first time. This modified Golden Bridge watch is also available in white gold and rose gold. This is the world’s first The birth of a limited-production automatic alchemy bridge movement also announced the new and unique new era of Jinqiao.

In the history of fine watchmaking, it is rare to have a mechanical movement that can have such a huge impact. This legendary Golden Bridge movement was first introduced by Kunlun in 1980 and has since promoted the brand to show its unparalleled appeal. This one was born from La Chaux-de-Fonds’ impressive long bar movement. All the parts are arranged in a straight line. It requires not only superb and extraordinary watchmaking technology, but also absolute Is the most fabulous timing device. In 2009, the Golden Bridge series launched a titanium bridge watch that is extremely contemporary in design and incorporates complex technological performance, giving the classic Golden Bridge rectangular movement a new look. In 2010, the first Golden Bridge Tourbillon movement of its series was launched. In 2011, the advent of the Jinqiao automatic refining movement of the linear sliding pendulum will inevitably make this legendary classic series move to a whole new generation.
After more than four years of continuous research and development and more than 1,000 hours of testing in the laboratory, Kunlun launched this unique new Caliber CO 313 movement this year; Strictly tested long bar automatic winding movement. This Golden Bridge movement is equipped with a platinum sliding linear pendulum pendulum, a double-sided transparent case, and a sliding spring system. It also has a 4Hz vibration frequency (28,800 vibrations per hour) and a 40-hour power reserve; This movement, which is composed of 194 tiny parts, is equipped with a variable inertia balance wheel that can ensure accuracy for a long time, and a smooth-faced miniature barrel that prevents damage to the vertical mechanism. Among them, the main splint and bridge are made of 18K yellow gold (the same material as the case), and are decorated with the theme of straight carved patterns to emphasize the design concept of the vertical sliding upper.
This Claiber CO 313 movement is one of the unique linear sliding upper refining movements in the altar. The precious and precise platinum material is used to create this automatic pendulum with a weight of 4g and a length of 1cm. Before the ‘damping’ situation, the gasket system can play a good role, providing a certain amount of kinetic energy required to maintain the movement of the movement. The complex technical performance of this connotation also firstly solved the inherent continuity problems of this type of movement.
Kunlun Caliber Co 313 movement research and development of the main principle is to provide a suspended linear sliding sliding pendulum. The horizontal axis itself is made of stainless steel and coated with PTFE (polymer of tetrafluoroethylene) Teflon coating. In addition to the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high stability and no fear of acid and alkali, the surface smoothness is improved. The fixed seat that carries the automatic pendulum between the rails is made of beryllium copper, which is also highly corrosion resistant and not affected by magnetism. At the same time, the combination of these two materials produces excellent efficiency. The kinetic energy is obtained by the inverter system running through the frame fixed to the pendulum to ensure the unidirectional upward refining and loading of ceramic ball bearing shafts without lubrication.
In order to complement this unique movement, the new Jinqiao automatic movement uses a rose gold or white gold gold barrel case with a size of 37.2×51.8 mm, which is larger than the previous Jinqiao watch style to increase wearing The comfort of the time; the surface decoration with forged surface and matte surface polishing treatment, and the transparent sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare treatment on four sides, not only from the dial and the back of the case, but also from all angles easily Appreciate the beauty of the automatic movement on this linear sliding pendulum. Kunlun launched a new gold bridge automatic watch in 2011. There are two types of black and gray dials to choose from. The materials are limited to 130 in rose gold and 70 in white gold.