Month: June 2021

2017 Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship Mika Brageot And His ‘skyracer’: The Breathtaking Flying Team’s Fantasy Combination

Young French pilot Mika Brageot piloted the beautiful high-performance aircraft ‘Skyracer’, representing Breitling Athletic Flight Team for the first time in the Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship Masters level competition. The new generation Breitling Athletic Flying Team officially set sail.

After representing Breitling in eight seasons and winning the 2014 Red Bull Air Race World Championship title, British ace pilot Nigel Lamb has retired in 2016. After he leaves, Mika Brageot from France will take his place and lead the Breitling Athletic Flying Team to continue the campaign.

Born in 1987, Mika Brageot is the youngest pilot of the French aerobatic team ever. With outstanding performances in France, Europe and international flight competitions, he quickly climbed the ranking of aerobatic pilot rankings. In 2014, he was selected to participate in the Red Bull Air Race Challenger Cup and won the championship in the second season. In 2016, he was selected to participate in a new sponsorship program, and became a ‘master’ of Nigel Lamb, through which he continued to improve his skills in the field of high-speed low-altitude competition.

In addition to being trained by a distinguished teacher, Mika Brageot was flying a NigelLamb high-performance aircraft that he had piloted many times in 2016. As a commemoration of a new starting point, this MXS-R aircraft was renamed ‘Skyracer’ and has been spray-painted as a whole. The fuselage shows original, bold, military-style design inspiration, whether in the air or on the ground Can make people shine. The aircraft is a combination of ‘retro’ and ‘old-fashioned’ style, and the fuselage and wings are rust-colored, making this aircraft equipped with cutting-edge technology seem to need a lot of trimming. This unconventional expression also pays tribute to the Breitling brand spirit from another aspect. At the top of the fuselage, the huge Breitling brand logo extends from one end of the wing to the other. At the same time, there is an oversized wing logo under the wing, which is very eye-catching. Present the best visual effects.

Mika Brageot and his MXS-R ‘Skyracer’: the two rising stars at the Red Bull Aerobatic World Championship.

Minimalist Charm Tasting Movado’s Special Museum Dial Men’s Watch

As a representative of the minimalist style of today’s timepieces, Movado’s classic museum dial has become the brand’s logo, and it has the most distinctive DNA. It is almost immediately recognizable that this brand will be the ultimate in simplicity. At the same time, continuous innovation and expression on top of classic designs always give new surprises to watch fans who love simple styles. At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2017, upholding continuous innovation in classic style, it coincides with the 70th anniversary of the birth of this legendary design. Movado introduced this special museum dial men’s watch at the watch exhibition, let’s enjoy it together.

   This classic dial design was derived from the hands of Bauhaus artist Nathan George Howett. As early as 1947, this special dial was shown to the world. A single dot at 12 o’clock represents The noon sun is hailed as one of the purest minimalist designs in watch history. In 1960, the Museum of Modern Art in New York collected the dials designed by Howitt into a collection of ‘Museum Dials’. Today, Movado watches have been collected by more than 20 well-known museums in the world.

   A 40mm round case made of PVD gold-plated stainless steel with a thickness of 6.3mm.

   The simple black lacquered museum dial is decorated with elegant golden rod-shaped hands and flat dots at 12 o’clock, revealing a sense of simplicity and simplicity.

   Equipped with Swiss quartz movement ETA 901.001, which guarantees the watch’s benchmark running time and adds charm to the watch.

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