Baoper Releases China Dragon Caruso Commemorative Limited Tourbillon Watch

With the increasing importance of the Chinese market to global luxury consumption, major top brands have launched top customized products for Chinese consumers. As the Year of the Dragon draws near, they naturally will not let go of this ‘dragon totem’ concept, which is very special and important to the Chinese. Switzerland’s top watchmaker Blancpain produced a limited edition of the Chinese Dragon Carlo Russell watch a few months ago. Blancpain China Long Car Russell Limited Edition priced at RMB 1,392,500
LANBLANCPAIN This Carussell watch is both a carrousel and a tourbillon. The watch critic Mr. Zhong Yonglin praised the BLANCPAIN 1-minute coaxial car Russell watch as a great masterpiece beyond the tourbillon. The design of the dragon totem on the back of the pendulum is carved in K gold. The dial follows the design of the yin and yang dial of Carnol in 2008. In 2008, Blancpain launched Carsol, a complex movement that belongs to itself, completely breaking the embarrassing situation of the tourbillon without breakthrough, and unveiling the decades of Carrussel controversy The mystery — Carrousel can be coaxial, and it can also make a circle in 1 minute, which was usually only achieved by tourbillons in the previous hundreds of years.
This is a landmark event in the history of world watches. After that, Carloso’s watch was made into the only contemporary watch from the Palace Museum.
For five thousand years, the descendants of Yan and Huang worshiped the dragon as a fetish. Until today, the Chinese are still full of deep and inexpressible emotions to the dragon. It can be said that the dragon has evolved into a symbol of the spirit of the Chinese nation. Status sign.
The gold dragon engraving is used for the dragon totem on the pendulum on the back of the Chinese Dragon limited edition Caruso watch presented this time. The dial follows the design of the yin and yang face of Qian Kuangsu. 43.5mm red gold case, Cal.225 automatic Carrussel movement, 262 parts, 100 hours power reserve. The back of the case is numbered in a limited edition. The quantity of 50 pieces in the world is even more precious.