Boer Watch Basic Freehand Submersible King Accurate And Comfortable

Engineer Master II Diver
BALL watch In September 2006, a limited edition of 2006 Guillaume Engineer Master II Diver TMT was specially launched. This watch can measure the ambient temperature, ranging from minus 35 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius. The movement is a Cal. 9018 modified by itself, and a special movement oil is added so that the temperature will not affect its accuracy.
There are no wrist issues with the timing buttons.
Engineer Master II Diver is the basic version evolved from the submerged king, but still retains its own secret weapon: it can withstand the impact of a one-meter obstacle, that is, pass the 5000Gs impact test; 41 built-in rotating timing rings on the surface Self-luminous miniature gas light, the first 15 minutes on the chronograph circle, in addition to taking one minute as a scale, it is also equipped with green, orange or gray display to improve the ease of reading.
The self-luminous miniature gas light with built-in rotating timing ring is closely arranged and easy to read under the dark water.
Each crown on the Engineer Master II Diver also has a different shape, the advantage is that each button can be touched by fingers in the dark; many chronographs also have this design, even if the watch is placed between the wrists, the comfort is still very good Well, definitely worthy of praise.