Cartier Has Gone Up In Price.

It is not too late to get to the topic. A few days ago, I remember that on January 13th, a ‘Cartier price increase notice’ was widely reproduced among domestic watchmakers and notified each other. This notice, with the signature of Cartier China CEO and Cartier China’s Deputy Director of Distributor Business, detailed the price increase of Cartier. The original text said ‘Since the beginning of last year, the foreign exchange rate has fluctuated abnormally, so Cartier decided Reorienting some works and adjusting China’s suggested retail price. ‘ ‘This adjustment involves some non-precious metal watch works, including K-gold and stainless steel gold watches, and all-steel watches. There are more than 260 models, including works on sale and some discontinued works, with an average increase of + 3.8%. . The adjustment will take effect on January 23, 2017 ‘. Some watch manufacturers further stated that low-priced models will increase by 5%, and friends will buy and cherish them.

Not long ago, circulating price notifications were circulating among domestic watchmakers.
   In fact, before this announcement was issued, at the end of last year, through the domestic secondary market’s Cartier watch trading market, I already felt that the prices of various major models of Cartier watches were rising. The increase is in the thousands of yuan. And at the same time, the popular models have started to be out of stock. Cartier’s hottest blue balloons in steel shells have started to decrease from 42mm large blue balloons to 36 and 33 medium and small blue balloons. While Cartier raised prices, it was also difficult to find a table (some popular models were not greatly affected, and fewer people have always bought popular models). what is this? Cartier prices have risen, do we still buy them?

The blue balloon is Cartier’s hottest watch, especially the 42mm large steel case blue balloon, which is very strong and good value.

In the secondary market, there are more blue balloons in the middle gold than all steel, because more gold is more expensive, and more people buy all steel.
Does Cartier protect the value?

   To answer this question, I want to tell you a story first. About two or three years ago, this happened. An editor of a newspaper wrote an article that roughly reads: ‘The prices of Cartier watches and jewellery on the auction floor are very low. Cartier watches of 50,000 and 60,000 on the auction floor cost more than 20,000 yuan or even 10,000 yuan. If you can buy it, Cartier’s watches and jewellery are not valuable, and they do not maintain any value at all. ‘At the time, this article also caused some influence in the watch industry. When I saw this article, I felt very funny. This must be an article written by someone who did not understand the watch market and thought he saw the ‘truth’ for the first time when he saw the auction market. Friends who know the watch market and auction market know that Cartier is also a popular watch in the auction, and the value of the watch is relatively strong. Blue balloons of 40,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan were sold at the auction site for more than 20,000 yuan. In fact, they were very normal and the results were good. Many of Cartier’s auctions are comparable to Rolex’s. Rolex’s price is similar to Cartier’s. The transaction results are no different from Cartier’s, and more than 10,000 Rolex is also very common. You know, at the auction, more than 20,000 yuan Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin are available, as well as several thousand dollars Omega. Could it be said that Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, and Omega are not valuable or worth preserving?

The price of this platinum and blue balloon has actually exceeded many Rolex DAY DATE.
   For those who have been in contact with watch transactions all year round, everyone knows that Cartier’s mainstream style has always been the world’s most traded watch. Popular models, including blue balloons, have comparable Rolex prices and prices. Last year, a 42mm large blue balloon with an 18K white gold case was sold for 100,000 Hong Kong dollars at the auction site, worth about 88928 yuan. Everyone should know that this price is already the same as the full gold DAY DATE of the Rolex gold head gold chain. The entry price of the Rolex DD auction is about 70,000 yuan. The value of the blue balloon has exceeded the flagship DD of Rolex. The situation I have recently encountered is that the secondary market price of 42mm large blue balloons with steel shells has even exceeded 30,000. This price is more stable than Rolex 214270, 116570, and the previous generation, 36mm steel shells. DATE JUST and Omega AT8500, PO8500 hippocampus. A 33mm small blue balloon quartz movement also has more than 30,000 gold models. Even so, Blue Balloons are still out of stock and in short supply. What does this mean? It shows that people have a great demand for Cartier, and people love blue balloons. Driven by the blue balloon, Cartier Caribo’s market is also rising, but the increase is not as large as the blue balloon, but it has also increased by several thousand yuan. These figures are not my own, but everyone can find them. In the past year, there are two brands that have made me feel that the market is trending up. One is Rolex and the other is Cartier.

The auction price of this Rolex 118339 is 106,250 Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 93,612, which is not much different from the platinum and blue balloons in the front. Everyone notices that this Rolex DD is still set with diamonds, and 4 lugs have diamonds.

The transaction price of this Rolex 18238 is not as high as that of the platinum blue balloon. 18238 is also the most popular DAY DATE on the auction and secondary market. The value of Cartier is evident.
Why can I buy it after the price rises?

   Again, let me share a story with you first. This is the story about the green water ghost. Everyone knows that Green Water Ghost is the most popular watch in the bezel. Lushui Ghost has a working price of 70,000, but the specialty store has been out of stock for a long time. The secondary market of this watch is around 50,000 yuan and 60,000 yuan. It can be seen that the gap with wages is very small. When the green water ghost was at a low level, the secondary market price once reached below 50,000. With the rise of Rolex prices, it quickly reached 50,000, 52, 52, 3, and in short, rose slowly. Some people want to buy a green water ghost, but they always feel that the price will come down, but slowly find that the price goes up little by little, the more expensive the more, the better it is better to buy early.

Driven by the rise in Cartier’s market, Cartier Caribo’s market also went up.

Tank MC using Cartier’s own 1904MC movement is also one of Cartier’s popular models.

   Why Cartier and Green Water Ghost are the same. Because for these watches that are in great demand in the market, they are not like niche watches, and few people buy them. The price of a watch is very high. When no one buys it for a long time, the price itself drops. However, watches like Cartier’s popular models, especially blue balloons (steel case) from small to large, are popular watches around the world. Many people are waiting to spend a lot of money to buy watches. In the face of such a consumption environment, prices may be lower Are you here? This situation has created a stable market for blue balloons comparable to Rolex. You won’t buy a ‘very cheap’ Rolex, nor will you buy a ‘very cheap’ blue balloon.

This Santos with a size of only 35×23.5 is still a quartz watch and can take 10,000 Hong Kong dollars, which is actually quite normal.
Why is Cartier so energetic?

   Power comes from strength. One thing I did before was to get the price of each brand below 100,000, and to find the most popular watches in the secondary market and wear them one by one (I will not talk about specific brands and specific watches, all major brands have ). Do n’t know, do n’t know. The difference between the similarly priced watches is surprising. Some watches with a price of 100,000 do not show a grade of 100,000, but some watches that are not too expensive show a sense of superiority beyond the level. I later found out why. The treatment of the case greatly affects the sense of luxury of the watch. Some more expensive watches use a titanium case to brush the case. The matte effect formed by the brushing makes the watch lose some of the sense of luxury. On the contrary, the curved case of the Cartier blue balloon has caused a very good reflective effect on the watch case, which greatly increases the sense of luxury of the watch and is very beautiful to use. So I always think that Cartier’s watch does not need to look at the movement at all, because what I bought is a century-old classic and timeless shell, which is enough.

If you have to say that Cartier’s watch is relatively weak, it is that Pasha and sports cars are not as hot as blue balloons, Santos, and tanks, but this large Pasha is also very beautiful.

Cartier’s jewelry is also popular.

Including this bracelet, when did Cartier’s value drop?
   It makes sense that Cartier watches are loved by people all over the world. High recognition, high level of sense, reasonable pricing, strong stored value ability, and stable market. Even if the price rises, it is better to buy it late than to buy it later. The price will continue to rise after buying early. Who have seen luxury watches getting lower and lower? The general trend of the price of luxury watches is only possible to rise, it is impossible to fall. Buy it early and wait for it to continue to rise.