Cartier Taichung Taiyuanbai Store Launched A New Independent Watchmaking Area

The Cartier Taichung Taiyuan 100 store is undergoing renovations. It has created an exclusive high-end watchmaking area, displaying exquisite works, and presenting it to collectors and consumers who love Cartier’s high-end watchmaking series.

 Cartier specially changed the color and texture of the wall surface to show the uniqueness of the high-end watchmaking area. At the same time, a new set of sales tables have been added to allow guests to enjoy Cartier’s exquisite works. At the same time, a number of complex performance models of Cartier were displayed on the scene, including Skeleton skeleton watches, annual calendar watches, chronographs, perpetual calendars and tourbillons. Cartier also plans to implement the concept of the high-level watchmaking area to Cartier. Taiwan-wide specialty stores.

 Cartier Taichung Taiyuan 100 store for renovation, specially dedicated to the exclusive watchmaking area, focusing on exquisite works

 Cartier Taichung Taiyuanbai Store was opened on February 7, 2012. The new Cartier Store costing tens of millions of dollars. The new exterior wall of up to three floors is Cartier’s first store design in the world. The number of specialty stores is nearly 100 pingping, which is also the largest Cartier specialty store in Taiwan, creating a new landmark for China and Taiwan. On the opening day, Cartier also specially invited Jolin Tsai to cut the ribbon for the first time for boutique brands, and Xu Xuefang, the general manager of Dayuanbai, to cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony. There were also famous models Akemi, Ruisha, Lin Weiru and Li Xiaohan performing elegant shows.

 Cartier Taichung Taiyuan 100 Store’s independent high-end watchmaking area, with different colors and materials on the wall, showing the uniqueness of the high-end watchmaking area. At the same time, a special sales table has been added to allow guests to enjoy Cartier’s exquisiteness. works.

 The radial outer wall of up to three floors is specially designed by Cartier’s team. The LED light is used as the bottom and the surface is covered with specially cut giant glass. Each glass has a different cutting size. It is specially customized to be brought to Taiwan by air from abroad. The three-month assembly time lit up the night sky in Taichung. In the specialty store covering an area of ​​nearly 100 pings, there are four major areas such as complete planning and various products with independent shopping spaces, including jewelry, watches, accessories and custom wedding rings that are popular among Taiwanese consumers. So that VIPs can enjoy appreciation and consumption freely, and have more comfortable and spacious consumption space.

The three-storey exterior wall of Cartier’s Far Eastern Department Store showcases style

 At the same time, in order to be considerate to consumers, Cartier Taichung Taiyuan 100 stores have arranged multiple trading tables and sofas, so that consumers can have a comfortable rest space while browsing beautiful jewelry watches. The appearance of the store maintains the elegant image of Cartier’s global direct-operated stores that have always blended modernity and romanticism. The light is drenched with the refraction of French crystal lamps and reflects the jewellery and watches in the display cabinet. Delicate and welcoming every distinguished guest.

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