Chanel–when Watchmaking Meets Jewelry

Première Flying Tourbillon is an outstanding and poetic representative of the perfect combination of superb watchmaking and fine jewelry. The 228 diamonds (about 7.7 carats) set in the 18K white gold case and bezel are shining, highlighting the simple lines of the Premiere series. As we all know, its shape is inspired by the geometric structure of Fontaine Square and the stopper of the famous Chanel No. 5 perfume.

However, the unique geometric structure can be seen on both levels of this jewelry watch style. Above the central body is a bezel that surrounds the black ceramic dial. The oblique cut edges make the edges clear, adding vitality and gloss to the watch. The double case structure also creates many possibilities for gem setting. The lower half of the case can be set with vertical rectangular long stepped diamonds, the corners are dotted with square-cut diamonds, and the side of the bezel can be set with round diamonds. Alternatively, the bezel can be set with baguette-shaped diamonds, or decorated with diamonds and other gemstones to mix their brilliant light and create a new and harmonious combination. The forms and combinations are almost endless. On the edge of the case, the large crown is also set with baguette-cut diamonds and round diamonds.

The meticulously carved jewellery radiates a bright light, which sets off the rotating flower carving on the dial. This floating tourbillon is presented in a camellia pattern, staggered petals are made of metal precision, and the center of the diamond is surrounded by a translucent fine-mesh grid, which further embodies the delicate texture of the flower. The camellia floating in the sky rotates once every minute, and the rotating petals show the flow of every second. Off-centre hour and minute hands are placed above the black dial, which is also decorated with diamonds. Considering the size of the diamond and the slender gold hands, this process is not easy in itself.

This is not only a fine jewelry, but also a top watch. This poetic and mysterious camellia is actually a floating tourbillon. Although it includes the adjustment mechanism of the watch (that is, the escapement, balance and hairspring), because there is no upper bridge, its frame can rotate freely as if without weight. This watch, developed in collaboration with Swiss craftsmen, engineers and watchmakers from Audemars Piguet’s high-tech research and development base Renaud & Papi (APRP), is truly a masterpiece.

With the advent of the Première Flying Tourbillon floating tourbillon, Chanel presents women with a truly complex and multifunctional mechanical watch, which proves that its unique method and flashing poetry can coexist.

Material interaction

Another amazing combination of materials is the combination of high-tech precision ceramics and diamonds. At first glance, it seems unlikely. High hardness, smoothness and strong corrosion resistance, this high-tech composite material combined with diamond formed by carbon precipitation over a long period of time has produced wonderful results. With the support of diamonds and gems, Chanel’s representative (and for the first time, high-tech precision ceramics shined with noble beauty) J12 watch’s balanced and elegant structure is more vivid, and further strengthens the easily identifiable design.

Whether it’s simply bezel-set diamonds or radiant pavé diamonds, J12 clearly shows its diversity. It always appears in different appearances, but it never loses its true color.The design of the body and bracelet is unchanged, allowing high-tech precision ceramics, white gold, gold, round diamonds or baguette-cut diamonds, and emeralds, rubies and The various versions of sapphire are wonderful.

组合 The representative of this combination is the new J12 watch made of 18K white gold, Cognac (or pink) sapphire and high-tech titanium ceramics. The unique color and luster of the high-strength anti-scratch material is added to the ceramic and polished with diamond powder. The light from 36 Cognac (or pink) baguette-cut diamonds (6.1 carats) inlaid on the bezel is set against the unique soft luster of precision ceramics.

On the dial, twelve diamonds represent the hour scale. This J12 watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement with a case diameter of 38 mm and 33 mm. Water-resistant to 50 meters, the back cover and triple-fold buckle are made of titanium. Another subtlety is the 18K white gold crown set with Cognac (pink) sapphires. Number: Pink sapphire model is H3125, Cognac sapphire model is H3295 and another J12 high jewellery watch is an 18K white gold watch set with 1018 diamonds (about 11.9 carats). The effect is strikingly dazzling. This watch, all covered with pavé diamonds, significantly enhances the powerful and simple lines of the J12 case, bezel, dial and soft bracelet.

The black dial is surrounded by diamonds, with twelve black diamonds representing the hour scale. The crown is set with 12 diamonds (approximately 0.07 carats) with a pointed onyx gem. Water-resistant to 50 meters, this J12 high jewellery watch is equipped with high-quality quartz movements, which are available in diameters of 38 mm, 33 mm and 29 mm. Number: H2919

Discover the secrets of the Mademoiselle Privé watch

The ‘Mademoiselle Privé’ logo hanging on the door of Ms. Chanel’s studio is the inspiration for Chanel’s name for the new series. These pure and simple watches are paired with exquisite dials that evoke the highest creativity.

经典 Mademoiselle Privé’s classic round case has no lugs and is integrated with the strap. The clean lines are best suited for snowflake-encrusted diamonds, but also allow some other processes to be done on the dial of this new series.

装饰 Inspiration of this decorative work comes from the famous Coromandel Chinese ebony lacquered screen that still decorates Ms. Chanel’s apartment. The French brand handed over the responsibility of Da Minghuo micro-painted enamel to reproduce some exquisite oriental ebony lacquered screens to Anita Porchet, who is the most well-known expert in the field of watch enamel. Porchet covered a thick, black enamel on a pre-carved dial. This task requires not only superb artistic skills, but also mastery of the secrets of micro-painting of enamel by the Great Fire. This work means that she can only apply one color at a time, because the colors will change during operation, so each color has a specific baking time and temperature. At each step, a small mistake in the baking process can cause all hard work to go to waste.

Because the design is made from Coromandel’s Chinese ebony lacquered screen, the names of each scene are carved on the gold back of the case, so each watch is unique.

The perimeter body is covered with white snowflake-shaped diamonds, giving the watch a silky feel, with a black American alligator leather strap. There are two simple hollow hands on the dial. The dial is beautiful and elegant, with outstanding features. It is truly a work of art.

Symbolic thinking

完美 Mademoiselle Privé’s perfectly round dial fits all forms of poetic and jewellery design. Constellations, comets, planets, camellia, feathers … so many patterns are inspired directly by Ms. Chanel’s symbolic thinking, so clever to find unique expressions, so many different ways to highlight the overall thinking of Chanel Superb craftsmanship involved in the series. In this regard, La plume (feather) is a tribute to Ms. Chanel’s ‘Bijoux de Diamants’ diamond jewelry collection. This series of imaginative freedom and modernization came out in 1932. It was in this series that the pattern of feathers was first presented in the form of a luxurious brooch.

The hollow, sexy, and ready-to-fly feathers, just like other boldest boutiques, are full of unlimited imagination. Here, on the black ceramic dial of the Mademoiselle Privé series is a stunning feather motif made of 18K white gold, decorated with diamonds and pink sapphires set in grain and invisible methods, showing subtle tone changes. The pink lacquer on the top of the feather highlights its beauty. The 18K white gold case has a diameter of 37.5 mm and is covered with snowflake-set diamonds and pink sapphires. The Mademoiselle Privé feather watch uses a self-winding mechanical movement with a 42-hour power reserve, a black Mississippi alligator leather strap, and a diamond-set buckle.

As the favorite flower of Gabriel Chanel, Camellia also appears elegantly in another watch design that combines gem setting and mother-of-pearl engraving. This camellia composed of more than a dozen different elements is carved with mother-of-pearl, and the shapes of the petals carved by hand are different. Exquisite inlaying and stitching, these petals of camellia are reminiscent of the smoothness and softness of real flowers.

娇 This beautiful camellia blooms on a black onyx dial with seven diamond hour markers, making the watch exude a breath of life and feminine charm. This magnificent watch is crafted in 18K white gold and diamonds and features a high-precision quartz movement. Two completely hollowed out flower-shaped hands complete this artistic work. This Mademoiselle Privé watch comes with a black satin strap and a diamond buckle.