Collection-level’ Luxury Watch Shuangan Shopping Center International Luxury Watch Festival

From August 10th to August 12th, Shuang’an Shopping Center’s “Zhenpin · Brilliant” International Watch Festival will be on fire. At that time, there will be several million luxury watches appearing in Shuangan Shopping Center for luxury exhibition sales. . Shuang’an Shopping Center joins hands with many top international watch brands to offer consumers a beautiful feast of light, and appreciate the classic charm of ‘collectible’ luxury watches with consumers. Glasutti
Julius Assmann 4J. Assmann Glashütte 155th Anniversary
    The elegant 18K gold hollow galvanized dial shows the charming Cal. 46 movement. The tourbillon is fixed on both sides of the movement by bridges, and sometimes the needle retrograde function. The exquisite cutouts and ornate carvings on the surface and the barrel make these 25 movements unique works of art, and once again confirm the high requirements of Glashütte Original on watchmaking. Whether it’s a rose gold bracelet as a pocket watch or a watch to wear it, Julius Assmann 4 is undoubtedly the most luxurious accessory for outstanding men. Following the tradition of the Assmann commemorative edition, Julius Assmann 4 is a masterpiece of master watches, limited to 25 pieces.
Official price: RMB1,496,500
    The event is located in Xinyu Sanbao Shuang’an Shopping Mall, and the event will run from August 10th to August 12th. During the event, 10% off some brands in the store, you can get a surprise gift when you buy the watch.
    According to reports, in order to cope with this famous watch festival, Shuangan Shopping Mall not only specially planned a million good watch exhibition sales event, but also specially set up a watch culture lecture, and introduced brand culture and characteristics analysis, imported Swiss watch error proofreading, degaussing And a series of thoughtful and thoughtful service items such as free addition and subtraction of straps, so that you can buy with confidence, wear comfortable.
TAG Heuer Monaco V4
    Platinum is limited to 150 pieces in the world (the last 50 pieces). The world’s first patented mechanical watch movement with a belt to transmit power. The complex and precise structure is sapphire crystal glass front and back, and the blue hour hand shines. Point position: blue second hand, blue “V4” layout, blue TAG Heuer logo layout polished
Platinum case, case diameter: 39mm.
Official price: RMB790,000
    In addition, there are high-end watch shops with many internationally renowned watch brands including Glashütte, Chopard, Omega, Radar, Longines, Hamilton, Certina, Tissot, Tag Heuer, Le Méridien, Frederique Constant, etc. The new outfit is unveiled to appreciate the happy moments with you.
New ‘Freak’ Tourbillon in Athens
    Watch Ghost-Dr. Oklin’s Freak Seven-Day Caruso Tourbillon. The biggest feature of this watch is the absence of hour and minute hands, no face plate and crown. The movement shows the time through the movement of the movement. The two splints on the movement rotate along the central axis to display hours and minutes. The upper bridge of the Athens two-way escapement is revolutionized. It rotates once per hour and is used as a minute hand. The lower splint is rotated once every 12 hours and has the function of the hour hand. Whimsical Freak 7-Day Tourbillon, another outstanding feature is that it moves the central axis of the movement directly from the surface of the crystal glass, which is an unprecedented bold design, which also proves the creative watchmaking process of the Athens R & D team. .
Official price: RMB737,700
    In recent years, more and more internationally renowned watch brands have attracted more and more people’s attention. The qualitative changes in life and the expansion of the public’s spiritual demand have indirectly stimulated the rapid development of the watch industry in China. More and more collection-level boutique watches have attracted everyone’s attention. With its complex functions, luxurious materials, scarce production and memorable significance, it has become an essential choice for most high-end people who pursue life taste. In this era of demonstrating personality and not following the trend, on the occasion of the 18th birthday of Shuang’an Shopping Center, Shuang’an International Watch Festival will send the most fascinating ultimate goal for every watch fan, and create more happy lives for customers. Experience and consumer experience, also share these happy feelings with customers attentively.