Explore The World Of Montblanc Watchmaking Artisans

A long time ago, people believed that if an object was touched, he would form a contract with people and become a part of human soul. Nowadays, this idea sounds ridiculous … but until China Luxury enters the hall of Montblanc watch master craftsman with you.

 Breathable works

Although Montblanc’s exquisite timepieces can help you record good times and tell stories in life, in fact, they also have life and represent themselves. The actual internal parts-its column wheel, dial and movement-are like the ‘organs’ that have experienced plenty of vitality under the ‘skin’-and the ‘skin’ is stainless steel or sapphire Case.

Since the birth of the hand of the craftsman, every part of the Montblanc watch has maintained a harmonious and precise operation. The soul of the watch joins all parts, allowing the body to breathe, run and wait to become your good companion, to follow you Walked the journey of life together.

 Creator of art

目 Eyeglasses are firmly worn on his eyes, and the Montblanc watchmakers who cleverly crafted their timepieces with rich experience and careful attitude; the slightest flaws or defects can’t escape their eyes. They believe that the enthusiasm and painstaking effort put on every part will pour out their soul on every screw.

The soul of the watchmaker has been incorporated into the newly created work, and the entire process takes 300 hours. Witness the birth of a miracle. Finally, the balance of the mechanical movement was loaded, and it immediately began to vibrate. Broken cocoon new life-a pure, breathable, flawless work of art.

 Leglock-a tradition for generations
Montblanc watches are produced in the mountains of Jura in Switzerland above 1,000 meters above sea level, away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Although this is the home of time, time still has to stand still here: Leloc is the cradle of the traditional Swiss watchmaking industry and has been the birthplace of high-end watchmaking in the world for centuries.

Calico is also the headquarters of Montblanc Montblanc Montre S.A. All timepieces were made in a picturesque, modern village that was built in 1906, which also happened to be the year of the foundation stone of Montblanc.

The world of Montblanc’s top-level watches is like an endless starry sky, but you can’t touch the edge, but everyone has witnessed its efforts and achievements in the watchmaking industry for many years. Whether it is the Nicholas Kaiser series that is popular with men, or the Princess Grace jewelry series from Monaco that is popular with women, every product is not just a watch that reads time, but a pursuit of perfection artwork. The editor thinks that this is also one of the important factors for Montblanc’s consecutive consecutive months in the top ranking of luxury watch brands in China!