Fashion And Timelessness Low-key Luxury Room Gold Watch

Pure gold shows the perfection of the material with sincerity; K gold shows the charm of jewelry with regrets; inter-gold shows the luxury of the watch with a measure.
Twin brothers of 表 Steel Watch
In the watch industry, when it comes to ‘popularity’, it is inevitable to put quotation marks. For example, in recent years, tourbillons have become popular. Watchmakers do tourbillons without knowing what to do; watch editors write tourbillons when they ca n’t think of a topic; customers buy other tourbillons when they do n’t think about it— In terms of production, tourbillon watches actually only occupy a small share of the entire watch market. Although it is popular, the product itself is never popular.
Everything that can be popular is either a new thing that quickly disappears after infinite scenery, or a classic that never goes out of style. Although I am not an expert in the history of watches and clocks, I can also judge that gold watches are not in the former category. According to my personal experience on the auction floor, the earliest inter-gold watches can be traced back to the 1940s. It was the era when men’s watches were gradually shaped and the contemporary features of watches began to show. At that time, there were a large number of manufacturers of gold watches. Among them, the most influential and the most impressive production was Rolex’s Ref. 2940 three-pin watch and Ref. 3372 three-pin watch. They used Rolex’s iconic ‘Oyster’-oyster case and ‘Bubble Back-‘ the case back, plus the gold design that was later called ‘Rolesor’ by the factory, it can be said that It’s hard not to be a classic. It is very likely that it is precisely because of Rolex’s efforts that the gold watch is enduring.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Calendar Price 92,600 yuan
According to the thinking habits of modern people, it is easy for us to preconceive the gold watch as a product of the combination of steel and gold watches, thinking that it will appear very late. However, in fact, the gold watch and the steel watch appear on the front and rear feet. They are all juniors of the gold watch. Even if they are related, they are only cousins, not father and son. Stainless steel entered the stage of history at the beginning of the last century. It was not patented and mass-produced until 1916, and it will take several years to make watches. Some people say that stainless steel is the greatest invention of the 20th century. It makes Europeans not have to eat rice even if they ca n’t afford silver tableware. Its significance is far better than today’s touch screen phones, Android systems, and somatosensory games.
Raymond Weil 2010 new Parsifal watch priced at 40,000 yuan
Cocktail theory
Since the 1930s, stainless steel has begun to enter the field of watchmaking. To be precise, it has entered the field of watch manufacturing, and pocket watches have been permanently sealed in the memory of K gold. The transformation of stainless steel to watches is just like today’s high-tech ceramics. It is slow and firm, and there is a gradual process of adaptation. Compared with the K gold material, which has a history of thousands of years of application, stainless steel is a completely new thing. It was born from a high-speed industrialized society. People who are also in the process of industrialization have not neglected it because of this, but highly appreciated this novel and unique material. The huge advantage in terms of price and output eventually completely changed people’s aesthetics. Stainless steel also replaced K gold and became the preferred material for the manufacture of watches.
In addition to pure stainless steel watches, there is also a style of stainless steel and K gold materials used also won praise. At that time, there was no so-called ‘Assemblage’ concept in the clothing industry, and there was no sign of it. Therefore, it must not be said that watches were influenced by the clothing industry. However, the popularity of the golden watch is not without trace. A beverage that is rapidly heating up in social occasions is regarded as having some kind of internal connection with the popularity of the golden watch. This kind of beverage is ‘cocktail’-a cocktail.
Literally understand the meaning of ‘cock tail’. When people truncate the tail of a hybrid horse to make it look like a cock tail, the cocktail also has the meaning of a non-pure horse. This mixed drink is also named after it. Before the 1920s, the word cocktail represented ‘degrading pure materials with impurities’, which is by no means ambiguous; after the 1920s, the situation changed dramatically and people began to appreciate the processed Treated articles, artificial products with other substances added to natural materials are considered more fashionable. This concept has led to the popularity of artificial pearls, cosmetics and cocktails, and the awareness of gold watches has increased dramatically since then.
Tudor Junya series calendar watch priced at 33,000 yuan
The temptation of real gold and silver
As mentioned before, the gold watch has appeared more than half a century ago, and it is still one of the most popular varieties in the market today. Despite the continuous emergence of various high-tech materials in recent years, the style of Jianjin has continued to increase, especially in the Chinese market.
Generally speaking, those who choose to use gold are all popular classics from well-known brands. That is to say, after a series of stainless steel models are launched, there is still potential to be tapped. The market gap left by the spread of the K gold series. I don’t want to say that readers can guess that the most skilled companies that run this seemingly non-technical method are still Rolex. The same style and the same movement do not need to add any complicated functions. As long as the precious metal material is added, the grade of the product naturally increases by a ladder, but the price is much cheaper than the gold watch.
Longines master craftsmen’s series price is only 21800 yuan
注意到 I noticed that there is no corresponding word in English and French for ‘Jianjin Watch’ or ‘Jianjin Watch’. In other words, this expression method different from ‘Gold and Steel Watch’ is unique to the Chinese, as well as ‘gold and silver’ between gold and stainless steel and ‘steel king’ with platinum in the outer ring of the case, which have Chinese cultural characteristics All the names are in accordance with the principles of Sindaya. The emphasis is on gold, not steel. Even if only a small amount is used, the gold watch is more inclined to gold watch in terms of aesthetics and connotation, and its value is by no means comparable to ordinary steel watches. This is probably the main reason for its popularity in the Chinese world.
At present, the common gold watches on the market are still those brands: Omega, Rolex, Cartier, Longines, Tudor, plus new models launched by TAG Heuer and Raymond Weil. These works are all self-winding models, with complicated functions but annual calendars. The pricing is basically below 100,000 yuan, which is suitable for matching with less casual clothing. Although not necessarily designed for the Chinese market, the Chinese will definitely be tempted when they see it. If you’re still hesitating about choosing a day watch, you might want to check out the style you like.