Glashuti Sport Shockproof Chronograph In June

The four-year feast of global sports enthusiasts-the 2012 London Olympics is about to kick off. Demanding and precision-designed watches also shined in the fiery June.
Sports shock chronograph
     This sports shock-resistant chronograph has a unique shape. The black dial is dotted with a little bright red. The chronograph abacus is also particularly prominent with bright colors. The strong color contrast is very sporty. The bar-shaped hour markers and hands are coated with SuperLumiNova, making it easy to read time at night. The red number around the face plate highlights the seconds for precise countdown. The bottom cover is made of concave sapphire crystal to fit the wearer’s wrist. Through the sapphire crystal case, you can see Glashütte’s unique movement details, such as gooseneck fine-tuning, openwork rotor and three-quarter splint.
Sports shock chronograph
     When you are on the golf course, you don’t need to worry about the impact of the club on the watch. The Glashütte watch factory works with the Fraunhofer technology research and development team in Stuttgart, Germany to develop the ideal material for shock-resistant components. The four cushioning elements made of this elastic material are placed between the movement and the case, absorbing at least 60% of external impact, and because of this shock absorbing system, the movement can be ensured even in the event of a strong impact Stable operation and precise travel time.
    With its exquisite and meticulous design and superb technology, the Glashütte Sports Shockproof Chronograph will share the carnival of the London Olympics with you and share the smoothness of sports.