Henry Moser H. Moser & Cie Elegant Smoked Blue Charm Little Three Needles

When it comes to simplicity and elegance, no one beats H. MOSER. Its smoky dial has become the new darling of the famous collectors market. Undoubtedly, many people think that the smoky dial is the best in the watch market. The round case is a three-piece design that H. MOSER & CIE is good at. The moderate size is more suitable for stable business people. Any occasion.

Unique H. MOSER & CIE watch, rare rose gold case with exclusive handmade smoked blue dial

The most attractive aspect of the Endeavour small three-hand watch is also the deep watchmaking skills contained in the Cal.HMC321.503 manual winding movement. The structural design of the Cal.HMC321.503 manual-winding movement presents the sharp and highly functional pragmatic features of Germany. The transmission gear system of the Cal.HMC321.503 movement uses Moser’s special chamfered edge manufacturing technology, which not only makes the winding process smoother, but also significantly reduces parts wear and extends the wear life of the watch. The movement continues the distinctive plywood design. The finely polished Moser exclusive wide and narrow interphase ripples on the main splint exude the noble taste unique to top watchmaking. Equipped with a detachable double-level hairspring escapement developed exclusively by H. MOSER & CIE, the escapement can be disassembled separately, which improves the convenience of maintenance and maintenance of the movement, and also reduces the time required for maintenance. In order to avoid the sudden release of spring power after the escapement wheel is disassembled, a stopper is installed below the movement plate to lock the fourth wheel to prevent the gears of the train wheel from being damaged due to high-speed rotation. In order to reduce the problem of parts wear and tear that may occur due to frequent operation of the escapement, H. MOSER & CIE uses unique hard gold to create the escapement fork and escape wheel in the escapement, which can extend the life of the movement. This is also the only practice of top watch manufacturers.

 Endeavour watch design has a warmth in the sensibility and elegant in the slim

The small second dial of the Endeavour small three-hand watch has a slightly larger size design, which echoes the large hour and minute hands of the large willow leaf. The unique hand-smoked blue panel exudes classic elegance, while showing the characteristics of returning to the true. It also echoes the market trend of classic watches now strongly returning to the mainstream. The simple and lively line design of the Endeavour small three-hand watch exudes infinite and profound charm.

Calm and handsome Endeavour small three-hand watch in platinum smoked blue