Immortal Legend: Kunlun Golden Bridge Automatic Watch

Since the first introduction of the mechanical movement of the Jinqiao watch in 1980, it has enjoyed a great reputation in the watch industry and aroused widespread response. More than 30 years ago, this original long-handed refining movement structure also rewritten the historical title page in the history of fine watchmaking. In 2011, Kunlun will launch a new movement structure that is self-finishing and equipped with a linear sliding pendulum for the first time. This modified Golden Bridge watch is also available in white gold and rose gold. This is the world’s first The birth of a limited-production automatic alchemy bridge movement also announced the new and unique new era of Jinqiao.

In the history of fine watchmaking, it is rare to have a mechanical movement that can have such a huge impact. This legendary Golden Bridge movement was first introduced by Kunlun in 1980 and has since promoted the brand to show its unparalleled appeal. This one was born from La Chaux-de-Fonds’ impressive long bar movement. All the parts are arranged in a straight line. It requires not only superb and extraordinary watchmaking technology, but also absolute Is the most fabulous timing device. In 2009, the Golden Bridge series launched a titanium bridge watch that is extremely contemporary in design and incorporates complex technological performance, giving the classic Golden Bridge rectangular movement a new look. In 2010, the first Golden Bridge Tourbillon movement of its series was launched. In 2011, the advent of the Jinqiao automatic refining movement of the linear sliding pendulum will inevitably make this legendary classic series move to a whole new generation.
After more than four years of continuous research and development and more than 1,000 hours of testing in the laboratory, Kunlun launched this unique new Caliber CO 313 movement this year; Strictly tested long bar automatic winding movement. This Golden Bridge movement is equipped with a platinum sliding linear pendulum pendulum, a double-sided transparent case, and a sliding spring system. It also has a 4Hz vibration frequency (28,800 vibrations per hour) and a 40-hour power reserve; This movement, which is composed of 194 tiny parts, is equipped with a variable inertia balance wheel that can ensure accuracy for a long time, and a smooth-faced miniature barrel that prevents damage to the vertical mechanism. Among them, the main splint and bridge are made of 18K yellow gold (the same material as the case), and are decorated with the theme of straight carved patterns to emphasize the design concept of the vertical sliding upper.
This Claiber CO 313 movement is one of the unique linear sliding upper refining movements in the altar. The precious and precise platinum material is used to create this automatic pendulum with a weight of 4g and a length of 1cm. Before the ‘damping’ situation, the gasket system can play a good role, providing a certain amount of kinetic energy required to maintain the movement of the movement. The complex technical performance of this connotation also firstly solved the inherent continuity problems of this type of movement.
Kunlun Caliber Co 313 movement research and development of the main principle is to provide a suspended linear sliding sliding pendulum. The horizontal axis itself is made of stainless steel and coated with PTFE (polymer of tetrafluoroethylene) Teflon coating. In addition to the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high stability and no fear of acid and alkali, the surface smoothness is improved. The fixed seat that carries the automatic pendulum between the rails is made of beryllium copper, which is also highly corrosion resistant and not affected by magnetism. At the same time, the combination of these two materials produces excellent efficiency. The kinetic energy is obtained by the inverter system running through the frame fixed to the pendulum to ensure the unidirectional upward refining and loading of ceramic ball bearing shafts without lubrication.
In order to complement this unique movement, the new Jinqiao automatic movement uses a rose gold or white gold gold barrel case with a size of 37.2×51.8 mm, which is larger than the previous Jinqiao watch style to increase wearing The comfort of the time; the surface decoration with forged surface and matte surface polishing treatment, and the transparent sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare treatment on four sides, not only from the dial and the back of the case, but also from all angles easily Appreciate the beauty of the automatic movement on this linear sliding pendulum. Kunlun launched a new gold bridge automatic watch in 2011. There are two types of black and gray dials to choose from. The materials are limited to 130 in rose gold and 70 in white gold.